Happy Doc Student Podcast

Happy Doc Student Podcast

Feeling alone, frustrated, confused? Thinking of throwing in the towel? Founded on the belief that you can realize your dream of becoming a doctor with your sanity, health, and relationships intact, the Happy Doc Student Podcast delivers weekly inspiration through academic wisdom and esoteric insight. It's no secret the doctoral journey is a difficult one, but you're not alone; join us and put more JOY in your journey!


May 29, 2024 47 mins

In episode #128, Dr. Deborah Carpenter shares a technique she created during her doctoral process that helped her eat the elephant one bite at a time. 

This reflective exercise would be useful to ANYONE with the desire to accomplish a goal, because when you have a strong mind, strong body, and strong heart - you can do anything!

Ask yourself: What am I intentionally doing to strengthen my...
1. Mind?
2. Bo...

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In  episode #127 I chat with Dr. Bijoy John, the founder and medical director of Sleep Wellness Clinics of America and  founder of Sleep Fix Academy which offers online courses, podcasts, and other resources to improve sleep quality.

Are you ready to make sleep a priority?

Connect with Dr. John

Support the Show.


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In episode #126 Ann Swanson, author of Meditation for the Real World, chats about the fascinating science behind meditation, how it can positively impact your relationships, and walks us through some practices – one that can double as a fun party trick!


🤔 Party Trick Wisdom: A fun way to learn how to trust your gut when you’ve got a tough decision. 

🧠 Mindful Misconceptions: Meditation isn't about controll...

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🎙️ In episode #125, we dive deep into the fascinating world of one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE topics: gut health. Listen in as Josh Dech explains why your gut health is more important then your DNA!

👉 Gut Health Basics: Your gut health affects your productivity, emotions, mental clarity, ability to learn, quality of sleep, and more.

🧠 The Gut-Brain Connection: The gut influences the brain and vice versa, making it a crucial aspect of...

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In episode #124 chat with William Wadsworth, a memory and productivity psychologist, author, and host of the Exam Study Expert podcast.


1.     If you feel overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated – you are likely simply cognitively overloaded. 

2.     When you understand Cognitive Load Theory you can combat procrastination and be a more effective learner.

3.     Optimize intrinsic load by breaking tasks into manageable compone...

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Aesha Tahir reveals the link between better posture and a pain-free life, less stress, and improved self-confidence. She is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and movement specialist who provides trainings on posture and wellness. Her best-selling book “Unhunched: Discover Wellness Through Posture.”

If you want visuals watch this on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/50Hoi4NInMY


1.    Good posture is ...

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On this show I chat with Adam Baldy. Adam holds an MA in East Asian Studies and is a PhD student at the University of Arizona. As a Senior IT Systems Analyst at Pima Community College, he blends his in-person and online teaching experience with ed tech management.


·      Starting a doctoral program is a big decision (perhaps the biggest decision you will ever make). If at any time you feel pressured to start a program, que...

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Let's go on a little adventure and explore what rest means to you.

If you haven't already heard my thoughts on self-care as a secret weapon and the role of self-love...check them out here:

Unleash Your Genius: The Secret of Self-Care

100 Guests Changed My Life (will they change yours?)


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This conversation delves into the profound impact of love on personal well-being and its potential to create a more loving world.

In this episode I chat with Paul Zolman, a speaker, educator, veteran, entrepreneur, and author of the book "Role of Love: The most effective way to demonstrate love every day." Paul shares his inspiring journey from a childhood filled with abuse to adopting a mindset that allows him to love fre...

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In this episode I welcome back Dr. Allen Roda, author of PhDone. We chat about everything from topic generation to oral defense.


  • Don't get married to your research method - changing your method is not the end of the world (we promise!)
  • Being flexible is part of the doctoral process - learning how to respond rather than react is a life-skill that will benefit you beyond your program 
  • Alignment is often a ...
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In this episode I welcome back  Swami Netyananda , spiritual leader and teacher at Awake Yoga Meditation (known as Dr. Juniper Ellis at Loyola University, Maryland).

We dive deep into her book "Awake, the Yoga of Pure Awareness" that delivers a message of hope, resilience, and practical tools for finding inner clarity and peace in challenging times.

Get it here: https://amzn.to/41cKtRL


  • It is important...
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In this short but reflective and empowering episode, I invite you to give yourself permission and brace the power of intention to set the tone for a transformative 2024.

I was surprised my word: Listening.

My mantra for 2024 will be: I am listening. What's yours? email me at: info@expandyourhappy.com.

If you enjoyed humming with me, be sure to bookmark episode #54 and hum with me anytime you need to...

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In this episode I welcome back Dai Manuel to chat about the "2% Solution" for self-care. We discuss the importance of dedicating 30 minutes daily to personal wellness through movement, meditation, and positive input.  Emphasis is placed on the power of small, consistent actions in self-improvement and mental health, while cautioning against the time lost to screen usage. The conversation also touches on the value of intui...

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#115 Catie is the founder and head editor of CS Phares, a company dedicated to helping academics turn their research into engaging content. 


1.    Engaging writing is valuable currency!

2.    Story telling is having a renaissance – it is a way to engage your audience so that your ideas can get out there (everyone loves a story)

3.    Academics aren’t taught how to use storytelling to present their research (straight facts a...

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#114 with Lauren Saunders, PhD.

Lauren is the Vice President of Editing and Research for Dissertation Editor, where she previously served as an editor and managing editor.


·      Publishing your dissertation as a book and/or article(s) is a worthwhile endeavor - get your work out there (don’t kid yourself that people, beyond grad students, are going to read your dissertation as is).

·      The dissertation is a very specif...

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#113 with Vinnie Stergin 

Vinnie is a musician, artist & educator. Over the past 20 years he has taught, coached & inspired hundreds of students from all walks of life to explore their creativity and experience the transformative power of music and specifically “The Mindful Ukulele Method”


·      Playing music and practicing mindfulness allows for a deep experience that taps into the mind-body connection.

·      Mus...

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In episode #112, I invite back Dr. Paul Shaw .Paul is a professional musician, who earned his Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Humanities and Culture and a certification in Creative Writing.  His new book: The Women’s Music Movement: Music as Feminist Praxis 1973-1980, was published in 2023 by Brill Publishing.
Our previous conversation is here: #37 The Paul Shaw Story: From Jazz Musician to PhD (Part ...

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September 27, 2023 27 mins

On episode 111, I welcome Swami Nityananda. As Dr. Juniper Ellis, she is Professor of English at Loyola University Maryland. As Swami, she is the spiritual teacher and spiritual leader at Awake Yoga Meditation, a meditation community located physically in Baltimore that reaches listeners in many geographical areas.


1.    Each human has a natural connectedness – to find yours, ask yourself where do you feel alive, at peac...

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September 13, 2023 36 mins

In episode 110, I chat with Samaya. A Chicago firefighter, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Integrative Medicine.


1.    Any kind of misalignment (fear, worry, pain, disease, etc.) is simply a frequency imbalance.

2.    You are more than our physical body; you are energy (everything is energy!) - understanding the power of frequencies is important to living a life where you thrive. 

3.    Energy outside your body moves ...

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In episode 109, I chat with Dai Manuel. His passion is helping others navigate change to create sustainable, healthier, and happier lives. 


1.    Being consistent with small shifts will change your life – Ask “What one SMALL thing can I do every day with will put me on a path to health and happiness?”

2.    We all struggle with the juggle -  Accept that this struggle is part of being human – BUT ask yourself “Are all the ...

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