Release Your Resistance

Release Your Resistance

So many of us are going through life on default, reacting to what happens to us and assuming that’s how it is and how it will always be. And so many of us are aware that something different, or better exists.. But we might not be aware that the different or better existence is available to us- RIGHT NOW! Or, even if we are aware.. We might not take action towards it, or believe it’s available to us because of our resistance. Over the episodes in this podcast I’ll teach you how you can release your resistance. By doing this for myself, I have become valued and respected by myself and in my relationships. I’ll tell you how I found my purpose, how I’m happy, and why I feel more self-sufficient now than ever before. Right now, there may be a barrier between you and a relationship with yourself and life that you love and appreciate, but that barrier is self-created resistance and totally optional. This podcast will show you how I broke through that barrier, and how you can too! I’ll show you how you can release your resistance.


July 23, 2021 21 min

Are you experiencing a Summer Slump?

How about a pep talk?

But, instead of some generic encouragement, I have 2 specific suggestions for you in this non-traditional pep talk. 

Listen 🎧  to today’s episode to hear:

🎉  Why I think now is the perfect time for a pep talk (for you and me)

🎉  A fun metaphor for cognitive dissonance

🎉  Ways you can identify specific thoughts you are thinking

🎉  Ques...

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Do you get nudges that you can’t explain? Are you guided to take action by your intuition?

What happens when you do take that action?

What happens when you don’t?

Today I’m sharing my theories on Inspired Action and a few of my own personal life-changing examples.?

I’ll be curious to hear if you can relate and if you want to try the suggestions with me.?

Listen 🎧? to today’s episode to hear:

? Why Inspired Action might be t...

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July 9, 2021 25 min

What do kitchen cabinets have to do with mind management?

Maybe nothing… unless you’re willing to entertain a metaphor!

In today’s episode I share some updates about our renovation project - but really, I created an elaborate metaphor that I love so much, so I couldn’t wait to share it with you. 

Listen to hear

🏡  How are kitchen cabinets like thoughts and beliefs

🏡  What you could do if your cabinets are too small


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July 2, 2021 23 min

Are you celebrating the completion of the first ½ of 2021?

How will you reflect on what’s happened so far?

What intentions will you set for what’s still to come?

Listen to today’s episode to hear:

🍾  What I’ve started, stopped and continued so far in 2021

🍾   My word of the Year 

🍾  The surprise gift that just keeps getting better and better

🍾  What my next topic of research might be

🍾  How y...

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June 25, 2021 22 min

What are your options when things are terrible?

Do you immediately try to change the situation? Do you wait for it to work itself out?

I have a better option for you!  Listen 🎧  to today’s episode to hear: 

😟 What to do when you feel regret, shame, or resentment

😟 What is the Terrible Triad?

😟 The risks of each of the troubleshooting options 

😟 The story of my terrible morning 

😟 Whic...

Mark as Played

What do you know about Mercury in Retrograde?

...any of the ill-effects of the planet in reverse?

Do you know about the positives that come along with this astrological event?

Today, my friend and astrological advisor, Sheridan Caprisecca joins me on the podcast again to discuss all things Mercury in Retrograde. 

Listen to the episode to hear:

🌌  What is Mercury in Retrograde

🌌  What to expect during this season


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June 11, 2021 26 min

How do you think about what you’re thinking?

How do you decide what you have to think? 

Or should think? 

How do you know what thoughts you can ignore or replace?


Listen to today’s episode to hear all about


👋🏻  A synchronized group charades situation that prompted this topic 

🙌🏽  The Model and motions to remember it

🤲  Some tips and reminders for how to use the model for self coaching


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June 4, 2021 24 min

Do you have some preferred methods when you want to learn something new as an adult?

What have you learned? Or what do you want to learn as an adult?

Listen to today’s episode to hear all about

💎 What is the Adult Learning Theory

💎 A Venn Diagram with my Favorite Learning Methods

💎 Specific ways I dive deep into new topics

💎 Why I like to have a project for or teach what I’m learning

💎 Questi...

Mark as Played
May 28, 2021 24 min

Why would someone who creates journals and promotes journaling encourage you NOT to journal daily?


Listen to today’s episode to hear:

✍️  Common reasons people give for not journaling every day

✍️  Benefits of Journaling 

✍️  Possible Downsides of Journaling 

✍️  What is sporadic journaling

✍️  What is periodic journaling 

and so much more!


Mark as Played
May 21, 2021 29 min

This is how you do something - to get something - instead of just talking or just thinking about it.

Listen to today’s episode to hear:

✨ What massive action is and why It’s magic!
✨ Examples of massive action in my life
✨ Common Themes in taking massive action✨ So many benefits of massive action

And so much more!  Read the rest at 

Mark as Played
May 14, 2021 19 min

Here’s the 2nd part of the discussion about qualities and how to develop them.

Listen to today’s episode to hear: 

👍 5 suggestions to develop qualities for yourself

👍 Which one of those suggestions is the most important!

👍 Specific examples of ways you could implement the suggestions

👍 What to do about negative qualities

👍 Questions for you to consider about how you measure qualities

And so m...

Mark as Played
May 7, 2021 20 min

Looking for some book recommendations? Want to hear 4 mini-book reports in about 20 minutes?

On today’s Release Your Resistance episode I share my review of 4 books about Strong Women in history. 

You’ll hear:

📖 An introduction to a few strong women in history from different time periods

📖 What these books have in common

📖 Why I like reading historical fiction

📖 Why some people didn’t care for these ...

Mark as Played
April 30, 2021 25 min

How much do you think about the qualities you like about yourself and in other people?

Listen to today's episode to hear:

😍 ? What my favorite qualities in myself are

😍? My favorite qualities in my friends

😍? My favorite qualities in my husband

😍? Which qualities are nice to have, but not mandatory

And so much more!


Mark as Played
April 23, 2021 18 min

When do you give yourself credit?

I've been practicing giving myself credit and I think you should too!
Listen to today's episode to find out:

➕  Why giving yourself credit is so important
➕  What’s wrong with discounting yourself
➕  The funny things I thank myself for
➕  How to develop an intentional habit of gratitude
And so much more!


Mark as Played
April 16, 2021 20 min

Would you believe there is something even worse than mansplaining?

Today I share my theories about all different types of explanations (or “splanations”) that we get to hear - plus- the worst kind of all!

Listen to find out

  • What is mansplaining exactly and why am I even bringing it up
  • What you can do if you find yourself being ‘splained to
  • Why other people might be ‘splaining to you when you’re the expert
  • This thing that’s worse than ...
  • Share
    Mark as Played
    April 9, 2021 18 min

    I took a deep dive into thinking about expertise. In today’s episode I share my thoughts and questions with you. 

    Listen to find out

    💥 Why I think you’re probably an expert

    💥 Why (maybe) we don’t consider ourselves experts

    💥 Is using the label expert helpful or important

    💥 When it’s ok to use a made-up definition of expertise

    And so much more!

    Mark as Played
    April 2, 2021 19 min

    Hear examples of how some bright ideas and brainstorms made it into reality, including

    💡 The creation of an amazing podcast

    💡 The formation of a wildly successful study group and community

    💡 A journaling prompt to give yourself credit

    💡 Also, some ideas that weren’t so hot -like a Woo and Wines Workshop

    Learn how you can develop your own bright ideas and brainstorms by asking yourself questions. Trai...

    Mark as Played
    March 26, 2021 23 min

    Do you love making playlists? I make them all the time and I make them for a lot of different reasons. 

    Here’s what you’ll hear in today’s episode: 

  • what kind of playlists I make
  • why I make playlists
  • how making playlists has improved my life
  • the playlists that help me get exactly what I want!
  • Listen and read more at 

    Mark as Played
    March 19, 2021 45 min

    Are you into astrology? Or don’t know much about it?

    Or, do you just love hearing people talk about topics they truly love and know?

    In this episode you get to hear a fun conversation from an astrology expert to learn all about:

  • How and why she got into studying astrology at a very early age 
  • How astrology benefits her in relationships and work today
  • Why she doesn’t need (or desire) to convert anyone to believe in astrology
  • How consid...
  • Share
    Mark as Played
    March 12, 2021 20 min

    On today’s episode I share some personal behind-the-scenes examples of how I forgot my own work and advice. And then how I remembered it!

    Listen to find out what made me 

    🛠  forget that I need to recognize resistance

    🛠  suffer with an immature and mismanaged mind

    🛠  finally embrace messiness

    🛠  gratefully admit I was wrong

    🛠  decide to no longer say certain words and phrases

    Read more at htt...

    Mark as Played

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