Single Parent Super Power

Single Parent Super Power

How do I build my network marketing business? How do I make money online? How do I build a business from home so I can be a present parent? How can I create passive income? How do I market my business? How do I automate my network marketing business? And the biggest questions of all…can I REALLY support my children on my own? Can I REALLY have a successful network marketing business? Whether you’re a dreamer, have your network marketing as a side hustle, or you want to grow an empire for you and your family, this is the show for you! The Single Parent Super Power Podcast is a live workshop-style business and marketing podcast packed with actionable, step-by-step tips that have helped thousands of people just like you, build the home business they want so they can live the live they deserve. Tune in weekly and subscribe so you can train with me and other industry experts on how you can build a solid Network Marketing business, that pays you a residual income month after month, year after year, all from home, so you can be a present parent. CONNECT WITH ME Facebook: Instagram: SINGLE PARENT SUPER POWER COMMUNITY SHOW NOTES:


May 11, 2023 37 mins

How To Achieve Financial Independence Through Network Marketing for Single Parents: 10 Common questions asked and answered 

10 common questions that get asked when learning how to start a network marketing business. 

  1. How can I balance the demands of my family and my network marketing business?
  2. What skills do I need to develop to succeed in network marketing?
  3. How can I build a strong network of customers and distributors?
  4. W...
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Crush Your Goals: How to Work Your Month Like a Pro

Episode 32


  1. Maximizing Your Monthly Earnings and Impacting Lives (00:00 - 05:23)

2. Leveraging Your Time For Maximum Duplication and Profit (05:24 - 10:44)

3. Unveiling the Benefits of Setting up a Subscription Order (10:44 - 15:42)

4. Maximizing Bonuses and Rank Advancement During the Last Five Days of the Month 

(15:43 - 20:41)


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Staying Motivated and Positive: How to Push Through Difficult Times as a Single Parent Entrepreneur

Episode #031


Today, we’ll be discussing how to stay motivated when things are not going your way in either your personal life,  business life, or even both, at the same time are making you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

It happens. There was a time when the company I was with changed their compensation plan, again, ...

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The Power of an Accountability Partner

Episode #30

One of the many advantages of building a network marketing business happens to also be one of the things that makes it so appealing to parents, especially single parents.  

That is…you are your own boss, and you set your own hours.

No one looking over your shoulder with deadlines and project due dates. No one checking your time sheet to see if you arrived late or left...

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Million Dollar Income Through Network Marketing

Episode #29

Brief description:

This episode explains that having three to five solid leaders on your team is essential to becoming a Million dollar earner in network marketing, and emphasizes that “rich” is not a bad word. Additionally, it is highlighted that having a higher income can help others, and reveals two 90 day plans will set the path to becoming a millionaire. Moreove...

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Introduction: As the old saying goes, “What gets measured, gets accomplished.” When it comes to building your network marketing business, this rings truer than ever. It’s not enough to have a vision for your business—you have to break that vision down into achievable goals and track your progress along the way. To stay motivated and on track, I like to break my goals down into bite-size chunks: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, ...

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Pursuing a Better Life: The Power of Network Marketing for Single Parents

Episode #27


This episode of My Single Parent Superpower podcast inspires single parents to pursue success in network marketing. It features the story of a father who took a chance and sacrificed his own happiness for the sake of his family, ultimately creating a better life for them. The podcast provides resources and support for those in...

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Building your Network Marketing Business doesn't have to be confusing

Episode #26

Before I dive into this weeks Single Parent Super Power Episode, can you please do me a favor? Will you please share this episode and the Single Parent Super Power Podcast with anyone you know who would like to have a successful career in Network Marketing. I make sure to pack these weekly episodes with valuable content that will help make you...

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“Why Aren’t My Customers Reordering?”

Episode 25

Do you have customers or even distributors that come in and order one time and never order again?

Are you wondering why people aren't reordering month after month. I mean after all you did get involved in Network Marketing so you can build up your residual income. You know the products work. So why aren't they ordering again?

Well, I’ll tell you exactly why, there's a couple...

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Is Your Excitement Turning Into Frustration?

Episode #24

Hello my Network Marketing friend.

We all start our Network Marketing career with the same level of enthusiasm.

When we first get started in the industry we are so excited!

We're like a kid in the candy store or an excited puppy, only not peeing everywhere… 

When we first get started, the possibilities seem endless! 

We have big dreams and big goals....

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Is Network Marketing right for you? Episode #23

Is Network Marketing right for you?

Answer is…Who in the heck knows…

What I do know and can tell you are the attributes, or qualifications if you will, that you need to posses in order to have any hope of having success in this industry.

Based on that, you’ll then know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, if Network Marketing is right for you and if you are right for Network ...

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Best way to Win in 2023 - Interview with Jeff Weisberg - “The Hero of Network Marketing”

Episode #22

Well I have a very special treat for us for all of us. 

We are kicking our year off with advice and wisdom from a dear friend of mine Jeff Weisberg. 

He is an entrepreneur, a dad, a life changer, influencer, travel enthusiast, and the hero of network marketing. 

Jeff's career, in this industry, b...

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If you had an unwavering amount of confidence, how would that impact your life? #21

If you had an unwavering amount of confidence, how would that change your life?

I have asked a handful of people in our community this question and here were their responses:

Kelli - Take greater relationship risks

Lisa - I would fire my boss and build my network marketing business full-time 

Beth - Start more businesses


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December 22, 2022 17 mins

Want to Speed Up Your Results? #20

There is 1 thing that will create real speed in your business and it’s probably not what you think. 

It’s not the latest and greatest system, or a way to get qualified leads, or the new social media algorithm…it’s your perspective. 

It’s where you spend the majority of your time in your mind. 

Perspective is the amount of time you spend...

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Episode 19 Are you jumping the gun on your close, or stalling out?

How is your closing ratio?

Are you reaching out to people, filling your pipeline, being postured as we covered last week and the week before in episodes 17 & 18?

Yet, people are STILL not going your way? They’re still not joining or buying from you.

Then it’s time to check your positioning.

What I mean by this is, what position is your prospe...

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Posture: What is is and Why is it so important to have when building your network marketing business?


What is posture and why is it so important to have when building your network marketing business?

Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval. 

Most people lack posture, especially when faced with negativity, or push back.

Having posture when building your network marketing...

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4 ways you can fill your pipeline and never run out of people to talk to about your products and or opportunity

Episode #17

Pipeline is Network Marketing 101.

Without a full pipeline, you don’t and won’t have a business. Our business is a people business, therefore, we have to have “people” to talk to, but where do we find these people?

Well my friend, it’s easier than you may think.

I’ll let you in on a secret, if you don’t have people...

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The Daily Gratitude Challenge

(5 Steps to a Happier Life)

We are told to give thanks, be grateful, especially this time of year.

It sometimes can seem easier said than done. When you are a single parent with a job you hate. No time to spend with your own children. Feeling the single parent guilt. Barely making ends meet, or not making ends meet. (Pancakes and Mac n cheese were my dinner go to’s for a brief period o...

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7 Tips That Will Help You Get More Traffic, Engagement & Leads from Facebook 

Did you know that Facebook now has over 2.6 billion monthly active users? That's a lot of people! If you're building a network marketing business, heck, any business, that means there's a lot of potential customers on there just waiting to find you. However, if you have been posting on Facebook for the past year, you have probably noticed...

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    3 strategies to maximize your energy and productivity as well as the top 4 tips on how to manage your calendar.

    #1. Plan your Ideal Week - This will be your framework

    This is essentially your perfect week, if everything goes smoothly, there aren’t any distractions, or wrenches thrown in and the stars are aligned

    This will give you the blueprint, foundation or framework of what your ideal week would lo...

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