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The JeffEffect

I help companies craft messages and get their stories straight. And I have a formal education in communications studies, human behavior, and economics. But the things that set me apart are my experience, intense curiosity, intellectual courage, and genuine compassion for people. Turns out, that combo makes me a bit of a rebel ... a real Intellectual Gangsta on the Internet. That’s the show. I'm Jeff. We'll talk about interesting things and — most importantly — we're going to think outside-the-box ... so FAR outside-the-box that some folks inside-the-box will freak-out. That's where intellectual courage comes in. But that's also what makes it fun. Maybe you're a gangsta too. Listen for a few shows and find out.


December 14, 2020 25 mins

Everyone is talking about “The Big Reset.” Supposedly, the forces that be want the pandemic to break down all lot of the old ways of the world … thus opening up the opportunity to foist upon humanity a new vision. The only problem with all of that is that things just don’t break like you want them to.

What I’m hoping you’ll get out of this is two things:

First, whenever you hear someone talk about “The Great Reset” and how The Year o...

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Where Your Dad Used to Sit

An open letter essay on the small pubs and public houses across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland are more important than you know .... along with their brother bars and taverns in the US.

The government folks have no stake in the game, because they just don't understand. For them, the age of COVID — The Year of the Mask — is just another opportunity for political posturing. But yo...

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September 20, 2020 60 mins
Going Broke With The Jones' — Episode 018
Podcast Notes and Outline.
Jones Act Intro Pre-recorded by Jeff as a Monologue

Have You Ever Split a Cab or an Uber with a friend? If the Jones Act applied to Uber drivers, this would be illegal

Reasons we economists suck — the dismal science

  • What the heck is cabotage? 
  • Market Distortions
  • The Devil Lives at the Margins — “Concentrated Benefits” & “Diffuse Costs”

  • Merchant Marine Act of 1920 ...

    Mark as Played

    Here is a rough outline of the topics in the podcast along with helpful links. 

    B2B, B2C, & D2C Pricing and Subscription Modeling to Maximize Revenue Growth

    The ProfitWell Model

  • Financial Plugin for data analysis
  • 20% of the market

  • Basic Philosophies

    3 Levers of Revenue Growth

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Monetization

  • Aspects

  • Positioning
  • Packaging
  • Pricing

  • Interesting Topics

    Price Differentiation

    Raising AND Lowering

    Detailed Segmentat...

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    July 21, 2020 43 mins

    The best ideas in the world are the ones that EVERYONE agrees on. But what’s crazy is that even those universally accepted ideas are things that we still struggle with. Why can’t we let go of the stuff that’s holding us back? Why can’t we even see it sometimes?

    It all started with a guy selling cheese. Welcome to The JeffEffect.

    Here are the links and references I mention in the show:

    Gary Vee on Golden Handcuffs, this is a short vide...

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    Tenino WA Prints It's Own Money Made of Wood

    - The town of Tenino, Washington, made international headlines by printing its own currency — real money made of wood — during the Great Depression. When COVID-19 struck causing more economic harm to his town, Mayor Wayne Fournier and the City Council decided to take their economic future in hand and do it again.

    International Media and the world are taking notice of small-town Tenino...

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    June 11, 2020 61 mins

    Is Bitcoin "money?" Is Cryptocurrency even legal? Is it safe? What about Facebook Libra? There are more questions than answers it seems. But if you are suffering from Bitcoin FOMO, are a die-hard Crypto-warrior, or just want to understand what all the fuss is about ....

    .... Welcome to the JeffEffect.

    Want more inside info?

    Check out Episode 009 on Inflation & Deflation.

    Also, Episode 004 is called "The Mystery of Money...

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    Joe Rogan just signed a multi-year content licensing deal with Spotify worth 9-figures. This is the biggest Podcast deal so far, BY FAR. Does this deal make sense? Why is it worth so much to Spotify? Is this another Howard Stern boondoggle? Jeff answers all these questions and shows how it already is a HUGE win for Spotify, and a big loser for Apple.

    Welcome to the JeffEffect.

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    Jeff began his podcast journey just a few months ago. Turns out it's a lot of work ... and it CAN be a lot of fun and it CAN be profitable. So why do people and busiensses start podcasts?

    Jeff interview Mark Asquith — CEO of podcast host and the to guys talk about all of it.

    Welcome to the JeffEffect.

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    We are all getting barraged on TV, in Social Media, in our Email ... EVERYWHERE ... by syrupy ads from brands telling us that "We are in this, together." What a load of crap.

    In this episode, Jeff grabs the mic and vents about this annoying trend and describes how this kind of opportunistic marketing might be well-intentioned, but can actually hurt your brand. It'a ore of a rant, actually.

    Welcome to the JeffEffect.

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    If you listened to Episode 007 and Episode 009, you MIGHT be thinking that "Conservative Market Economics Jeff" has been abducted by aliens and replaced by a government-loving Keynesian fan-boy.

    NOT True!

    Climb off that ledge and give this episode a listen because there is a method to Jeff's seeming madness. Welcome to the JeffEffect.

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    This is the Episode I promised you!

    As the illness part of the coronavirus COVID-19 starts to come under control, you are about to hear the media talking head personalities breathlessly pontificate about what economic harm comes next. One thing is for certain — they will try to have it BOTH ways. They will have TONS of experts on this or that. Some will say we're in for a recession. Others will say there is a coming inflation ca...

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    On Monday, April 20th, 2020, the news media exploded with breathless announcements and crazy click-bait headlines — Oil was selling for LESS than zero. In fact, at one point it was reported that the "price" of oil was selling from negative $37 per barrel.

    Can you imagine it?

    Turns out, it just wasn;t true. Never was. But a bunch of speculators lost their shorts BETTING in the futures market. Let's see If Jeff can explain.

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    Holy crap boys and girls, it's raining cash! The Federal Reserve and Treasury are making money out of thin air to help us survive this darn COVID-19 crisis. All of you have questions. "Will this cause inflation?" "How can you just print money?" "If we CAN just print money, then why do we need taxes at all?"

    Well, the answers all revolve around Macro Economics and the Money Supply. I'm not saying I agr...

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    April 13, 2020 36 mins

    I had no intention of making this podcast. But, in the current crisis I know a lot of people who are laid off, fired, furloughed ... call it what ever you want. They do not have a job. I've been there. You need to act now in real, practical ways to cut expenses and generate some cash. Here are a few real, honest, practical tips.

    You can do this.

    Mark as Played

    I am one of the best people on the planet to help you understand employment and unemployment right now ... at this particular point in history. I have been here before AND I have the education to back it up. All thos enumbers that the media is throwing at you? 99% of is BS guessing from talking head no-nothings. Seriously. If you want to try to understand where we are now, where we may be going, how all that matters, and what YOU s...

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    April 8, 2020 46 mins

    You think you know everything about that money in your pocket or in the bank? You probably don't know as much as you think you do.

    Jeff's getting a TON of questions on how the current COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis will impact all of us ... not just from a health perspective, but socially, financially, and economically. But we can't talk about things like fiscal stimulus, bailouts, inflation, and the job market until we un...

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    I have worked on my own, remote, for more than five years now. The first year was kinda rough. Some customers and friends gave me advice here and there, but the rest I had to figure out on my own.

    You are not alone. But you have to keep your head straight. Here's how I did it to keep myself productive and sane during year 1 of working from home.

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    April 4, 2020 11 mins

    I know ... the world is full of news with viral headlines (literally) blaring and screaming at us from all around. But Bill Withers dies yesterday and it would be a terrible thing if we didn't stop for a moment and tip our hat to a man who shaped the soundtrack of our lives in a meaningful way.

    I thinks it's worth ten minutes of our time, don't you?

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    April 3, 2020 21 mins

    The world is ful of people with advanced degrees, tons of experience, and lots of specialized knowledge. Most of them want to be helpful. But unfortunately, a lot of the time they are horribly tragically wrong.

    You need something more to make good decisions in the chaos. Here's a story to make the point.

    Mark as Played

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