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May 25, 2024 109 mins
From his parents’ attic to 20 million dollars in sales… it’s a true story and Jonathan Price is here to share it! 
His down to earth style has helped him build a significant following on YouTube, boosting his business. 
Get to know more about Johnathan Price at 
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Denten, you're giving back on aglobal scale. Hello all, my entrepreneurs

and business leaders, and welcome tothe Michael Esposito Show, where I interview
titans of industry in order to inform, educate and inspire you to be great.
My guest today is the founder ofdown for Sound Shop. In the
span of just five years, hewent from working out of his parents' attic

to twenty million in sales annually inthe car audio industry, a milestone unheard
of in that sector. Now hehas a thriving YouTube community of fellow base
heads with five hundred thousand subscribers,and coaches others on creating their passion in

business. He went from pumping gasand cutting grass. Please welcome the founder
of down for Sound Shop, JonathanPrice. Hey all, I appreciate the
almighty introductory there, but I'm gladto be here. Man. Yeah,

it's all about the pauses, man, It's all about the long pauses Like
we were talking about before. Absolutely, we had a great pre podcast interview.
Yeah, it was fun and it'scool. You know, when I
first started the show, I stillhave the intake form, and I need
the intake format. It's certain forcertain types of guests. And it's really

great when I get a guest likeyou on where we didn't have an intake
form. We didn't even have abio until a couple of minutes ago,
and You're able to jump on andshare your whole story within a few minutes.
And so I'm like, all right, good, I don't even need
an intake form with you, Jonathan. We're gonna have fun. Man.
Oh, absolutely's get it going.You know, in your intro there it
talks about the YouTube channel and overfive hundred thousand subscribers, and we just

pretty much tailed off right before startingthe show on going through your social media
seeing all the different posts that youmake, and then I commented on the
number of subscribers you have and followersyou have on Facebook because I was shocked.
I was like, you know,you have five hundred thousand subscribers on
YouTube, but then on your Facebookpage, your personal page, that is,

you only have a thousand followers,and I was like, wait a
second, what's going on here?And I really liked the clarity and what
you shared about the transparency is whatI'm trying to say here about your strategy
on social media, and I wouldlove for you to dig into that a
little bit. We're gonna we're gonnajump off with that everyone, because I

thought this was really important and Ithink it's like vital to what's going on
in social media today and kind oflike debunking the myths that happen on social
media that I've definitely fallen victim too. So I would love for us to
just jump into that, and thenof course we're going to get to know
you on a deeper, more personallevel and find out where that Southern twang
comes from. That's right, Imean, I mean, like we were

talking about, I mean, ifyou want to jump into the YouTube following,
personal Facebook following and down for soundFacebook following and kind of separating those
and like how they kind of intermingle, I can go into that really quick.
So my initial thing to was myYouTube following. I didn't really have

any Facebook or any or any Instagramor anything like that. I just really
started my thing on YouTube. Soback in the day, I'm talking like
I'm ninety years old. But backin the day there was there was.
Facebook wasn't even a thing yet.My Space was pretty popular. If people
even know what my faces that arelistening to this, that's kind of showing
my age. But I had amini face account. Yeah, And anyway,

going to before that, we hadcar audio forums or forums online where
people would go and basically share whatpeople share now on Facebook, they would
share on these car audio forums orwebsites where you would go on there,
you would start a thread and you'dpost your pictures of your car audio build
and talk about it and then peoplecould comment it. But it was just

on these different car audio forums.After that, I started like, I
saw a lot of stuff in thatthat I did not like. One of
the biggest things was trolling and bashingnewcomers to car audio. I didn't think
this was okay and it just wasn'tfair to them. They would ask a
simple question and the people that hadbeen on the forum for a long time

was like, you're stupid, You'rean idiot. I can't believe you don't
know that. I'm like, dude, they're just trying to learn, like
you had to learn sometime too,what's up with y'all? Anyway, I
didn't like it. Something I needto start a forum of my own where
there's no trolling or bashing aloud.If you do it the first offense,
you get banned like like there's nolike, so basically zero tolerance of talking

trash to people that just are tryingto learn. So I started that,
but I had to have a namefor it. So we came up with
the name down for Sound, strictlyfor a car audio forum. Initially,
and at this time, I wasgoing to car audio shows with my vehicle.
I with Chevrolet Tahoe as an olderone, but I was very popular
to do car audio builds with.And it has like a lot of subwiffers

and speakers in there, and it'sreally impressive in person at these shows because
it like blows people's hair around.It used to blow the windshield out.
It's so loud. So it's it'son this obnoxious level that gets a lot
of attention. So when I wouldgo to these shows, people would initially
they're like, man, I wouldlove to you need to start recording this
and putting it on YouTube where I'mlike, what's YouTube? So anyway,

I started looking into I'm like,okay, I'll start recording some stuff.
And basically, people were one tosee themselves and others reactions to hearing this
crazy core audio system. And Imean, you know a lot of YouTube
channels or social media pages are justreactions to some event happening, whether it's
whatever it might be. So thatwas huge. Anyway, I was on

the start of YouTube. The reactionvideos, oh absolutely. I mean some
people are still crushing it doing it. They I mean they use a very
broad stroke of the paintbrush to likethey cover so many things. It's just
the reactions to everything pretty much.But anyway, I started, I'm like,
okay, I'll start recording. Istarted putting the videos up and started
getting my first ten followers, twentyfollowers, one hundred followers, and started

getting these subscribers. I'm like,okay, I got something going on,
and I started feeling more confident aboutit. I started trying to edit some
stuff and make my videos look alittle bit better. And then the next
thing, you know, somebody hacksmy YouTube channel. When I got I
think I got to like thirty thousandsubscribers, and somebody hacked my YouTube channel,
deleted all my videos and basically wipeme off the map like I was

nothing. I'm like, I'm neverdoing this again. I've spent so much
time and effort making all these videosand trying to grow this thing for somebody
to just be able to hack itand delete my stuff in the matter of
an hour. So obviously I wasvery upset about that, and I made
that claim that I was never goingto do it again. And until you

know, time always changes, wella lot of times changes people's opinions on
things, and you you cool offand you learn like, okay, maybe
I could give this another trial.But people kept asking me when I because
I kept going to shows but Ijust wasn't videoing, and people were like,
why are you not video I man, all right, we're looks like
we're good to go. Something justhappened to the program, but we're good

to go. So I'm so sorryyou were in the middle of telling us
about the shows. Okay, sojust pick up where I was. Okay,
So, yeah, I was goingto these shows and recording them.
Well I didn't after my YouTube channelgot hacked and deleted, and I wasn't
gonna do it anymore. But themore I went to the shows, people
were asking me about that, Hey, what happened to your videos? Like

I really enjoyed the reactions and stuff, and so I made the decision like,
Okay, I'll start another YouTube channel. I never felt if I used
that one that the safety of itwas going to be legit because it had
been hacked before, something like something'scompromised there. You know, you can
change your passwords and all that stuff. But I just didn't feel safe about

it. So I'm like, I'mgoing to start a new YouTube channel.
So that's when I started The Lifefor the Life of Price. And because
I'm like, it's not always goingto be about car audio, so I
didn't make it. I didn't wantto make it just strictly care audio because
sometimes it's just about traveling or jumpingout of an airplane, going skydiving,
go on scuba diving, like justsometimes life advice whatever. So I'm like,

I'm just gonna name it the Lifefor Price, So whatever it ends
up being that day, it iswhat it is. So I started recording
again, started uploading videos, andthey started taking off from there, and
the more that my YouTube popularity grew. Obviously, I reached my thirty thousand
subscribers that I had gotten deleted atthe time before and blew through that fifty

hundred thousand. I was picking upa lot of traction. The more people
saw me at shows, they wouldlike, hey, do you have an
Instagram account? You have a Facebookaccount or whatever. I'm like, no,
and then again, maybe I needto have this so people can follow
you, keep up with you,and stuff like that. So started those
and since my so YouTube was myfirst thing to get started because we were

posting on the car audio forums,so we didn't have a Facebook page or
an Instagram page or anything like that. We had a forums that we were
posting on under our whatever name wecame up with on there. So that's
why my YouTube channel grew first,and that's why it's the biggest. If
you look at I think our Facebookpage, the down for Sound Stop facebook

page is going to be our second. Yeah. So we have three hundred
and fourteen thousand followers on our businesspage, the down for Sound Shop Facebook
page, so that's our second biggestfollowing there for that reason, because I'm
like, okay, I need tostart a business page since people were wanting
to do or follow me for carAudio. Well, it was shortly after

me having the aha moment that Iwas telling you about earlier, so I
can share that with people. Theway that I got the business started was
the more that I went to theseshows and the bigger my system grew.
People kept asking me over and overwhere do you get your equipment from?
And since I was sponsored by alot of these companies. Most of the
time, when you get a sponsorshipfrom a company, they're doing that in

hopes of you sometime in the futuregiving them a return on their investment.
And that investment is maybe you gettingfree product or discounter product or whatever.
But it's your job to pay themback with advertisement and sharing their products with
people and getting people to buy it. So I would just tell them initially

like, oh, you just goto Sundown Audio or like whatever brands I
was running at the time. Youjust go there and purchase their product to
purchase the product. So they didthat, and then after that happening I
don't know ten times, the finallysomebody asked that at a show. Light
bulb went off my head. I'mlike, man, I could be selling
these people this stuff, but Ididn't know anything about business. I didn't

but the idea, I'm like,man, if I could sell these people
this stuff, like that'd be waybetter than like pumping gas and cutting grass
and like all the stuff that Iwas doing at the current time. Because
I've always been a hard worker andmy dad. That's something my dad always
taught me, like basically, youcan have anything in this life that you
want as long as you're willing towork your ass off for it and you

can accomplish it. So that's allI knew for the longest time was just
work all the time, trading allof my hours for dollars. Like I
didn't know that you could do itthe other way around, or you can
make it where you can make moneywhile you're sleeping, which, by the
way, is the best money youcan ever make in your life. It's
money while you're sleeping. The firsttime that happened, I was like,
man, this is the way.So anyway, I'm like, Okay,

I need to get this figured out. So I'm growing my YouTube channel and
people are wanting and they find outabout I get like a website started,
and I started selling some different productsand so I'm growing these things, I
guess beside each other, but sinceYouTube was my first thing, it's the
biggest one. I started a downfor sound shop Facebook page, so it

started growing alongside the YouTube channel.And then people are like, oh,
do you have a personal Facebook page? I want to follow you like on
there, I want to be friendswith you, and I'm like, okay,
cool, I can do that aswell. So my personal Facebook page
started after I think my business phaser. Maybe they were the same, but
I never told anybody I a personalFacebook page, so that one that's why

it always had the least amount.But I think your Facebook page or your
personal Facebook page friends quantity is cappedat five thousand people, I believe.
So I rapidly got to five thousandpeople because I was just adding everybody and
liked ad ad So I mean alot of them were people that I'd seen

online or maybe at the show's where, but I didn't really know them,
so I was just adding everybody.I got to five thousand, people like,
oh, I'm cool, I havefive thousand people on here, like
I'm famous on the internet. Whatever. So but over time, like we
were talking about, what happened,was it started turning into people weren't engaging
with my post, and I'm like, what's going on? Like, I

have five thousand people. I makea what I feel is a quality post
that could be helping people, andI get like two likes, no comments.
What's going on? So I decidedto make a post about, Hey,
guys, I'm going to be clearingout like my Facebook, my personal
Facebook page if I don't really knowyou or I don't ever see you comment
or whatever, like I'm gonna I'mgonna be removing you, no hard feelings

or can you just take yourself out, like if you don't like when I'm
posting or whatever. So I madethat post and magically it got like twenty
five hundred likes and like hundreds ofcomments. I'm like, what just happened?
How did I go from making thelast ten posts getting five or ten
likes or just minimal amount of engagement, And I say I'm going to clean

my friends list out and it blowsup like crazy, Like I've never seen
this much engagement whatsoever. So thishas been something that I've been more been
actively doing over the past couple ofyears, and it's definitely increased my engagement
with my followers and stuff on Facebook. As I've grown my YouTube channel.

You if you get away from youroriginal thing that grew your channel, it
can obviously have negative effects to yourchannel. So my original thing, like
I was saying, was I wasvideoing people getting into my crazy car audio
build. They were going crazy,their hair's blowing all around, their shirts
flapping around, the windshield blows out. So it's all this action and reactions

to people's like experience within my vehicle. So that's what people started following me
for. And my subscribers were justtaking off like crazy and tons of comments,
tons of likes, all them likeeverything everybody wanted. As my business
started to grow after I think I'vehad my YouTube channel for like twelve years,
so I was doing YouTube for many, many years before I even started

down for sound er selling anything.And as you know probably as well,
when you start trying to sell somebodysomething, they're like, get that away
from me. This guy he's justhe only wants me to follow him so
he can sell me something or makemoney off of me. Yeah. So,
because people were getting bombarded with adsall day long now and we all
react to them pretty much the same, like get that away from me,

like like exit out or try tomove on from it anyway. So I
ended up getting my store was growinga decent amount. YouTube channel was growing
fast, and until I started doingproduct, it was doing okay when I

was doing like product unboxings and releasesand stuff like that. But you can
only do so many of them beforeit starts having those negative effects because people
start picking up on like, oh, he's just turned into a salesman,
like he only wants to make moneyoff of us, He's not providing reaction
content anymore. So that over theyears, and I'm sharing this because I

share my wins with people, Ishare my losses with people and my lessons
that I've learned, and a lotof people don't do that. They let
their pride get in the way ofthem being a real individual. But I
want people to learn from my mistakes. And I'm still learning from my mistakes
and then still learning every day.But one of the things that I've learned
is is just that like if youget away from my original thing is the

reaction videos and get more into productto video, is it hurts your engagement.
So whereas I might have half amillion subscribers, or whatever is whenever
I can't remember exactly, and Imight get depending on the videos, I
might get five thousand views, Imight get twenty thousand views, a very

small amount in comparison to what isactually subscribed to me. And that's every
time I say that's really humbling tome to say it, because it's not
a positive thing for me to sayabout myself. But it's something that it's
a lesson that I've learned, andI know now why it's happened. And
although I tried to turn it aroundand make it better, once you scar

somebody or they're like, oh,the last few videos he was just selling
stuff Like I'm not gonna it's clickbaitor whatever. I'm not gonna go and
watch another video, Like I wantto unsubscribe, but I'm not gonna go
watch another video either, So tryto stay. I guess true to your
origin of why you started the channel, if you wanted to keep growing at

a great rate. Obviously it's okayto try different things and try different avenues.
But if you try like some productreviews, and you notice your view
rates going down and people are notas engaging, like okay, turned back
the other way like you're always justin like entrepreneurship, you're always course correcting
and trying to keep it on trackas best as possible. But I also

got into where when I was growingmy business in its fastest years or as
infancy, I didn't have a lotof staff for help, so I was
having to do everything myself. AndI'm like, Okay, YouTube revenue is
making me this much money, butthe business has the potential in making me
this much money. So which oneam I going to devote my time to?

Obviously, the business one is waymore lucrative for me to do that,
and it's going to take care ofmy family and all this stuff.
Even though YouTube is very important becauseit's a social media plan form and we're
able to get our keep ourselves infront of people across the whole world.
But I'm like, I need togenerate revenue. I'm broke. I don't

have any money, so this oneis the smartest way to go for the
time being. So uh here,recently or over the past two I think
it's been two years now, Ihired a full time videographer. I take
him with me to all the showsthat I go to. He shoots all
the content, he edits it.And because even when I did say Okay,

I'm gonna start doing YouTube again moreseriously, I found myself when I
would go to the shows and Ihave this business to run, I would
shoot a bunch of videos and I'mlike, I got to edit that,
oh man, and I would Iwould never edit it, I would never
upload it. And I'm like,Okay, that's that's worthless. You're you're
not even doing anything with it.So I just had to bite the bullet
and get a videographer to take withme and he shoots videos for us and

he does all my YouTube videos andedits and everything like that. So I'm
invested into that and getting more ofthe reaction videos. But again, it's
gaining those people's confidence back in like, Okay, he's I understands he started
a business, he's made it successful, but he's getting back to his roots
of like what we really started followinghim for originally, and a little bit

of obviously new products we release andeverything like that. But it's kind of
learning the balance of sprinkling the productstuff in there a little bit and being
a majority of cool content of reactionvideos. So it's kind of been my
learning lesson of YouTube and getting itstarted and how it's more beneficial to stay

on track with like what you startedwith, and lessons I've learned along the
way that's dinged me. So that'skind of what I've learned so far from
that. Yeah, I mean,there's a ton there to kind of unpack,
and so we will start with withYouTube and the irony in that.
As soon as you started talking aboutyour YouTube channel getting hacked, all of

a sudden, the audio started beingweird and funky on my end here,
and that's why I've been just forour audience listening and watching. That's why
I've been looking to the left here. It's because there's a monitor that shows
me the audio and shares with mewhether we're recording or not. And so
like midway through there, we stoppedrecording, which was scary on my end,
and now it's just being very weirdand functioning very slowly. But I

see the counter going, I seemy volume going, and that's why I'm
looking there. But I wanted tomake sure everybody knows why I'm a little
distracted in this interview here. Butyeah, you know, when we're thinking
about YouTube, I've learned also firsthandexperience that by switching mid stream from sharing
certain types of content and then switchingto different type of content has affected my

YouTube. And then it also,I think is the reason that we see
why like Joe Rogan has Joe RoganPodcast, Like you know your big influencers
who have have multiple channels. It'swhy they have multiple channels because they do
so many different things that if theywere to just put it all in one
YouTube channel, it's it's it's goingto mess them up. Because some people

only follow Joe Rogan for his forhis podcasts, some people only follow him
for his his UFC commentary. Itreally just kind of varies. So you
have to be able to play tothe audience that's important to you. I
am happy that we did start withwith the social media thing because I didn't
realize that social media was really thecatalyst to your business down for sound,
and that's really cool because a lotof times it's the other way around.

It's like I have a I havea business, and I want to learn
how to promote it. And asyou were just talking about, the top
of the funnel is certainly social mediaand marketing and all the rest but and
so so many people like myself,Right, I have a business. I
want to learn how to promote itor I want to promote it. So
let me start a YouTube or asocial media channel and be able to share.
You had the ad the the contraryto that where it grew out of

the forums. It grew out ofof the YouTube following and everything. But
there was a passion there, andI'm interested in this passion for you where
it did start with the tahoe,and so I kind of want to go
back to this tahoe. So youwere working, and I'm interested also in
these part time jobs that you hadof like like landscaping and working filling fuel

and then and then of course thispassion that you had to put more audio
into your your tahoe at the time. So bring us back a little bit
and where you lived and what theenvironment was like in that time. Okay,
that's gonna be kind of linkedy,but I'll do the best of that.
I could only imagine it being lengthies, you know what. So let
me let me tee you up realquick. So why don't you share with

us where you where you originally arefrom? Okay, originally from Greenville,
Mississippi, down south. This countryboy grew up in the fields of Mississippi,
a small town twenty thousand people,and I guess very humble beginning.
Both of my parents. My momwas a nurse for a while, my

dad worked on tug boats as amechanic. So nothing major, just your
standard American family getting started. Andbut the thing that my dad always taught
me getting started was like I wassaying, you can have anything you want
in this lives you're willing to workhard for it and stay consistent. So
I've always taken that to a heart, and that's kind of how I got

started on where I came from,and my mindset along the way was always
that just being willing to do thework and not being scared of it.
Yeah, And so growing up inthat area where you had not too many,
you know, not too many thingsto do in terms of like parties
outside of the parties that you threwyourself, my assumption is that you guys

were throwing parties and a lot ofthe music was coming from the car stereos.
Yeah when we I mean when Iwas so, I always had a
passion for car audio, even whenI got my first vehicle. I was
doing little modifications to the stereo.I didn't know anything about what I was
doing. I was just ordering stufffrom crush Field and I was trying to

install it the best that I could. But I'm surprised I didn't burn the
vehicle down. It was a horribleinstalling, like now now that what I
know. But anyway, yeah,we were always trying to make it a
little bit louder. And when youwould go to we would have like bonfires
in the fields. That's what I'mimagining the movies. Yeah, all just

sitting there like just cutting up andlistening to music and staying out all night,
and that the whole thing that mostpeople do. But in the South
it's more of bonfires and fields andpeople out there like I guess playing in
the mud standard, I don't know, standard, maybe not a standard these
days. I know people have gottena lot softer, like being outdoors.

But my whole childhood was riding bikes, go karts. There's everything outside,
getting dirty, playing in the dirt, like out in the fields all day.
Whether when I started on bikes,got go karts and we ended up
with three wheelers and full wheelers,and but my dad again. How he
taught me the value of a dollargrowing up was he always told me,

I'm not going to buy you anythingone hundred percent. If you want something,
you'll have to pay for half ofit. So however you find out
to do that is kind of onyou. So my mom and dad they
taught me how to cut grass whenI was very young, and I started
like with cutting their hour grass,and then my neighbor was ripping by,
Hey can you cut my grass?Like yeah, and he's like how much

I think? I told him likefive dollars. I was like six years
old. He's like, okay,yeah, you can cut mine. So
by the time I was eight orso, I was cutting the whole everybody's
yard on the street. Because Ididn't know anything about what I was worth
or what I was saving them.People were probably charging them twenty bucks to
cut their grass, and here Iam doing a great job, charging them
five or ten or whatever. Sothey're like, oh, yeah, we'll
get Jonathan to do it. SoI was cutting all this and I was

saving the money, and but Ididn't know what for until I saw the
snow cone truck go. But I'mlike, oh, man, I could
go y like, so I wouldgo out there and buy like fifty dollars
worth of candy, so I'd ringit back in and have it stashed beside
my bed because I didn't like,you know, when you first start making
money, and a lot of peoplewill never get out of this. All
they know is like I made thisto spend this. Like so I'm like,

I didn't know I needed to.You don't know anything about investing when
you're a kid, or the importanceof it or whatever. You just want
to have fun. So anyway,I just got into that. But it
taught me the value of a dollar. And when I wanted my first go
kart and it was five hundred bucks, and he's like, okay, you
have to pay two fifty. SoI'm like cutting all this grass and raking

leaves and doing all this stuff andsaving up the money. So I got
my first go car. I'm like, oh, okay, this this is
kind of how this works. Alittle bit more time goes by and I'm
like, okay, I want adirt bike that's a thousand dollars. Okay,
I need to save it five hundredbucks. Keep working, save it
five hundred bucks, give it todad. Get my dirt bike then just
kept happening over over three wheeler,four wheeler like so, but it taught
me again the value of a dollar, like you had to earn you had

to work for it to get it, not you can't just sit around and
hope for it. So I've alwaysbeen that way, working to earn income.
So as the years progressed and Iwent to college, Man, that's
a we need to have a subjectto about college in itself. Not a

fan uh for the most part anyway, But anyway, if you want to
get back to that, we can. So after college, I get back
in mu spend I don't know,thirty thousand dollars going to a tech college
and finished second of my class andgraduate. They're like, oh, we'll
get your job, no problem.That was a lie. End up not

being able to get a job inanything to do with the field that I
went into, and ended up havingto get a job basically being a mechanic
on tug boats. But my passionis aviation, So I stumbled upon a
job in the aviation industry in myhometown and I ended up starting to do

aircraft maintenance and then I kind ofwent into the private They call them FBOs
where private jets falling flying to Istarted working over there. I was basically
doing everything from pumping gas, cleaningthe toilets, vacuuming, detailing the jets

like or airplanes whatever, like Ididn't care, Like as long as I
was around the airplanes, I lovedit and like I thought it was awesome.
And I'm still in this thing ofobviously I'm making more money if I'm
just spending all of it, likeI'm not saving anything. So that's kind
of like where I was. TheOnly thing that I knew was if I
wanted to, and I always wantedto make more money, but one I
didn't. I didn't you get programmed. You see people that are multi billionaires,

and I want to be like them. I want to have billions of
dollars, but a lot of peopledon't even ask themselves why, and I
don't. At that time, Ididn't know either. I just thought I
wanted to be richer than I wasfor whatever reason. So like, okay,
the only way that I can makemore money is if I work more
hours and or more jobs. Soat one time, before I started this

whole thing with down for Sound,I was again pumping gas at the airport.
I had started my own. Ihad always cut grass over my entire
life because it was a cash thing, so you it was always spare cash
coming in. But again, there'sjust another thing that I was trading hours
for dollars, even though the dollarswere more valuable than me working my full

time job, because I was theone running this. I don't even know
if you'd call it a business,but I guess if I had ten yards
I was cutting a week. Iwas kind of learning a little bit about
business. You have to charge aprice for a product and you get paid
for it and that whole thing.And I was making some more money,
but I still somehow found more timeavailable, and I'm like, I need

to find something else to do tofill this empty time slot. So I
have so I'm like, okay,I can start. I was at work.
I was sometimes washing these planes anddetailing them. But I'm like,
what if I did it for myselfon the side and made more money.
So I started offering detailing services onthe side for these people, well off
people that would be flying out.They're like, hey, we're going to

be gone to wherever for five days. I'm like, oh, you want
me to detail your vehicle while you'regoing to show back up and it's all
night. Oh yeah, yeah,we'll do that one hundred bucks. Back
then, I was like, holycrap, this is amazing. Like a
hundred bucks is nothing to these people. They just so I started the detailing
thing. I was doing that andI always ate it. A restaurant,
a local restaurant called Sherman's, andI'm like, oh, maybe I could

start waiting tables there. Never waitedtables before. But so at one time
I was cutting grass, detailing vehicles, pumping gas, and waiting tables all
at the same time. Like atthe height of my before I had the
realization that you can make money withouteventually you can make it without trading hours
of your life for dollars. Butgetting started before you figure that part out,

the only thing you can really dois is trade hours of your life
for dollars. So and a lotof times people don't ever figure that out.
And it's not mandatory that everybody figuresthat out, because a lot of
people are okay with working thirty hoursa week or forty hours a week and
they don't want to just because Iwant to push the envelope of seeing everything

that I can push this into orgrow this into doesn't mean that's right for
everybody. And I had to becomeunderstanding of that as well. So there's
people out there that are so happybeing greeters at Walmart that they love talking
to people. They love greeting people. It brings them happiness. They don't
need to drive a Bentley or flyingprivate jets or whatever. They just that's

just what brings them happiness. Sowho are we to tell them that that's
not making you happy? They couldbe way happier. I know a ton
of people that make a ton ofmoney and are miserable, like so having
that perspective is huge for me.So moving figuring out once I started my

business, transitioning out of working allthose jobs from like whatever hours five o'clock
in the morning to ten o'clock atnight every day doing all those different things
to make money was a huge thingfor me to get started at my core
of coming from a small town becauseagain, when you're in a small town

as well, nobody's like really pushingpeople to like turn into I guess super
successful people. My mindset at thetime, I was like, man,
if I could get to where I'mmaking at my full time job, making
thirty five thousand dollars a year,I'll really be doing something like that was

my I'm like, man, that'smy goal was to get. If I
could get to forty thousand, I'dlike, I'm killing it. Like and
in that town back then, youwere killing it at forty thousand dollars because
you're you know, what you're surroundedby is that's what you're surrounded by.
People are telling you better be gratefulfor making seven hundred dollars a week,
or like, don't be ungrateful.Like, so they're not telling you,

oh, it's possible to make onethousand dollars a week or ten thousand dollars
a week or whatever. Nobody's sayingthat, so you don't even It doesn't
even register in your head that it'spossible, and it didn't in mind either.
So as I've continued to grow thisthing, a lot of times I
gotta sit back. I'm like,this is so crazy to see the type

of like revenue that we bring in, like fast forwarding to today, I'm
like, if I was to tellmyself that like seven years ago, that
we would be doing some I meanour biggest day, I think we've done
like two hundred and eighty six thousanddollars in a day. So if I
was to tell myself when I waspumping gas at the airport and doing all

these jobs, like one day inthe near future, you're gonna do two
hundred and eighty six thousand dollars ina day, of course, I'd be
like, you're full of shit,man, there's no way, Like you're
like, I'm trying to get toforty thousand dollars. You're telling me I'm
gonna make this much in a dayor whatever. So anyway, I never
heard it. I'd never seen it. So when you never heard or seen
something like that, or somebody tellingyou you can achieve this, or if

I've done this coming from a smalltown, you can do this, you're
handicapped by I hate to say.It doesn't even have to be a small
town mindset. It can be justthe people you're around. You can live
in a town of two million people, but if you're hanging around people that
are cool with making again, it'sokay. If people are cool with this

and they're happy making twenty thous anddollars a year. If you're hanging around
that and like everybody's making twenty thousandand you're like, oh, I'm making
twenty thousand. We're cool, Likethis is good. But as soon as
you see something else that now thatsocial media is out there, and you're
like, dang, this dude's lineon private jets and like buying private jets
and like this these I mean,I bring up aviation again because this is

my like, I love aviation andthis my passion and that's why I love
working at the airport. But untilyou see things like this and you're exposed
to the possibilities, your mind isjust like what it is in that little
circle, what you're used to,what normal is for you. Who are
some of the who are some ofthe people that that you started surrounding yourself

with that started showing you that thiswas possible. So my my boss at
the time, I learned a lotof things from him that at the airport,
right at the aviation. Yeah,I learned a lot of things from
him that mostly things I did notwant to be, what I did not

want to do as I as Igrew, But I did learn it opened
my eyes to some things that whenHe had an airplane for charter, and
he would go pick up people andfly them to places and drop them off
and come back. And I'm like, and these people spent thirty thousand dollars
to get picked up and dropped off, and like we're flying back the airplane

empty and I'm like, what Ihad to spend an entire year to hopefully
make that much and they're just blowingit. So seeing people doing this,
like and and people flying in inprivate jets and stuff like that, it
started like kind of opening my eyesto like, well, the first thing
is you know, you have thatinner hater that you have to beat down.

But you're like, oh, theyhad to have been given this,
they their parents gave them the jet, or like the did they come from
money? Like that whole thing thatso many people say, Like I found
myself thinking that, but and likeall these people were stuck up their pricks
if they're if they have money.The more I work there, the more
I learned that, man, somany of these people in these planes,

they're so down to earth, Likethere are some of the nicest, like
I don't know, assault of theearth type people. They just if if
you didn't see them walk off thatjet. You would just think they're like
this normal person, but they havesomehow gotten to this level of wealth that

uh so, and which is Butyou can't when you're working there, you
can't go, hey, man,what do you what do you do for
a living? Like ball, LikeI asked a couple of people my boss,
like, you don't be getting intopeople's business, but so so you
weren't like that YouTuber that that's outthere today? Yeah, yeah, exactly,
yeah, which is now it's becomingmore I guess accepted for people to

show their lifestyles and be more openabout it. And that's something I've done
since day one, even when Iwas cutting grass every day and living paycheck
to paycheck, Like I've shared myentire journey. And now if people see
me and see me spending some moneyevery now and then and doing something where
they think it's like so crazy overthe top, but they just found out

about me, they're like, oh, this dude thinks he's better than everybody.
Must be nice. I'm like,bro, I've chopped cotton. My
first job was chopping cotton in thefields of Mississippi. Don't tell me.
I don't know, like hard timesor whatever, and I've cut grass,
I've done all these things. Butanyway, that's kind of like the story
of how I got started and Iwas just working everything and that was my

first jobs and it transitioned into thedoing the down for someunthing and sales and
trying to figure that out. Yeah, and you know in there you talked
about people, and uh, Imean it's it's just I think it's very
common of like people wanting to bewealthy, right, and people wanting to
earn a lot of money, anduh, you know, trading that time

for things for objects, for materialand and it's kind of like the way
we're i think conditioned through the marketingthat's out there. But you spoke about
that. Until you know why youwant to earn or what you want to
earn, that money for the doorsaren't going to really open up for you.
Well, you didn't say it thatway, but somewhat that you know,
that's kind of what I got fromit. I'm interested in that thought

process and how you found your yourreason for earning. Yeah, it's man,
if it's so important for you tofigure out why like you want to
or why you think you need tomake more money, because again, like
I know people that make a tonof money and they are miserable, so

would you. But it comes they'remaking a ton of money, they're miserable,
but obviously they're spending every one oftheir hours trying to make more money.
You get in this this hamster wheelof like more and more and more
and more and more, like andbut for what at what expense? A
lot of times it's for the expenseof your health. And I fell into

that as well, so a lotof people, like you said, the
marketing, and we're constantly being bombardedwith like, oh, if there's certain
amounts of money or whatever, it'scertain levels of social status. And you
if you don't make a million dollarsa year, you're not cool, Like
you're not rich, Like you're notso you're not happy. The only thing

you see on social media is people'shighlight reels, of which there's two sides.
I mean, there's a couple ofdifferent ways of looking at that.
Of course, like people are goingto share their highlight reels. Who well,
you do have some people that sharea bunch of negative like things,
are always whining about something. Sothere's that side, and then you have
people like they're only showing perfect pictureswith perfect made up and like if a

certain angle and they won't show anythingelse, and or they only share things
of them they went on vacation,they anyway their highlight reels. So you
have a couple of different ways ofdoing that. But and I see the
ones that are doing only the highlightreels and only the good things that are
happening to them, which if yougo back and look at your memories,

do you want it to be?I understand like you would want to see
good memories of like birthdays or vacationsor good times or whatever. So that's
good and all. But I thinkmy biggest thing is I've been like very
transparent since day one, and alot of people don't. They let they

let their pride and ego get inthe way of them really growing with people.
Because I think the more authentic youare with people, the more they
will want to follow you and supportyou. But when people are like,
oh, this guy, he neverhas a bad day, he makes a
ton of money, just the great, greatest life, he never has a
hardship, like so they're like,oh, I can't I can't relate with

this guy because like I get beatdown all the time on like whatever might
be happening. So the biggest Iguess realization I've had with my business is
and the the thing that's made itgrow the fastest is me realizing that it's
making it less about me and moreabout other people. When I first started

the business, I was really selfish, and I'm like, Okay, if
I do everything myself, I'll doall the part of product ordering, I'll
do the packing, the returns,I'll do everything. And if I do
this for a few years, Ican make a couple of million dollars,
then I can retire. That wasmy mindset. I'm like, basically,
screw everybody else. I just wantto retire. Why like why why did

I want to retire at a coupleof million dollars? Because I had seen
it somewhere online. I'm like,oh, yeah, a couple of million,
you can like you'll be fine,like and then I realized, like
that's after I really thought about it, I'm like, that's okay, I'm
going to be really bored. That'snot going to make me happy. And
I realized that I'd been programmed basicallyby some somebody or something or a collective

of things on social media saying,uh, retire when you're thirty five and
like and be good and you'll behappy. But after I thought about it,
I'm like, that's not what bringsyou happiness. You need to have
purpose, you need to be sothat just when I figured. I met
a twenty two year old the otherday yesterday, actually who said exactly what

you just said? He said,he said, I said, he wants
to he wants to be an entrepreneur. I said, so, what does
that mean to you? And hegoes, I just want to be an
entrepreneur. And I said, votein what field? Like what do you
want to what do you want toget into? And he started getting into
one of one of the fields thatI won't get into right now. And
I said, well why and hegoes, well, because I want to
retire at forty. I don't wantto work till i'm sixty. I want

to make money in my sleep.And I said, all right, so
who even wan on social media?And he started telling me, and I
go, okay, let's let's debunk. Let's debunk some of that, you
know, but yeah, I lovewhere you're going with this. Yeah,
so uh, I started figuring outthat I needed my my business was one.
It was handicapped because it was justme. You can only what's that

saying? Uh, you can?I think I know where you're going with
that with that saying, and you'regonna come up with it as I kind
of help, uh pass it along. But you can only help so many
people by yourself, and then byhaving so many others help help so many
can go a lot further. Basicallylike you, like, you can only
go so far by yourself, buthaving a team, you can go a

lot further. I've also heard anotherreally great saying that there's no any really
great idea needs more than just you, like to be able to see it
through. Yeah, basically if it'sonly you, If it's only you,
it's not big enough exactly. Uh. And that that was my thing.
Like thinking back to them, I'mlike, man, my thinking was so
small, like that was basically it. And I didn't know any better because

you know, until you start expandingyour circle and everything, you just you
think you're killing it and doing agreat job. And anyway, so I
had a realization, like I'm workingone hundred hours a week, my health
is like dwindling away and for whatto hopefully retire, But I'm sacrificing my

health along the way. Okay,I need to start trying to get some
help. And so I started dabblingand getting people to help or hiring people.
But I was really apprehensive about ituntil I had another realization, which
has to do with relationship with yourIt could be your girlfriend or wife or

partner whatever. So I was workingtrying to run this thing, trying to
get it off the ground, getit figured out. And so at least
one hundred hours a week I wasat the office. Like I'd wake up
in the morning, i would leaveat five o'clock. I'd I'd be open
till nine. I'd come home afteror i'd get off I'd stop and get
some fast food and get to thehouse and shovel it down, go to

bed, and wake up the nextday, do it again. You know
this this thing. I mean,I'm sure a thousand people have told the
same story, very similar story.But and when I met Jessica, my
wife. She has a daughter whichI claim her as my daughter now,
Melissa, And which is another thingis it was one of the biggest blessings

in the skies that I needed inmy life that I didn't think I needed.
If we want to talk about that, we can do that too.
But anyway, I come home onenight and she she's like, can we
have a talk And I'm like,yeah, what's up? And and so
I just got finished eating and wegot in bed, and obviously I was
exhausted, and she's like what arewe doing this for? And I'm like,

I'm like, what do you mean? And she's like, I don't
ever see you. I don't like, we don't ever go on a date.
Like if I had a roommate,I would be closer with them than
I am with you, Like you'renot the person that I met and like
that I fell in love with.And I'm like, m yeah, emotional

from it for sure. Yeah yeah. So so I'm like, you know,
the first thing you want to dois be defensive, because I'm like,
I'm trying to provide this life fory'all, want y'all to have like
all the nicest things or whatever,and and I'm just not seeing it because
like my defensive side comes out andI saw I start saying that, and

she's like, you don't get it, Like that's that's not like what we
care about, we care about likespending time with you, like going doing
stuff with you and stuff like that. And I'm like, man, like
it just floored me, and I'mlike, okay, like I gotta get
this figured out. I gotta bethere more for Melissa and Jess and like

I had to like bring them backto the forefront of what I'm doing this
for, not for the money thing. It's for like you need to use
the money to give you get youmore time and freedom with the people and
making memories with them way over anymaterial thing. Also, by the way,

so that was like a very definingmoment for me, her saying that
to me and me like, obviouslyit still impacts me to this day.
It's it's hard to even talk aboutbecause it like it just floored me.
Uh, it really brought me toto the present time of like where I

wasn't what I was doing or thoughtof them. I didn't even know what
I was creating, because you know, you get so tunnel vision sometimes with
your what you're doing, you're sofocused on I gotta be successful. I
got to make a ton of moneyout Like but what at what expense?
At my expense was I was losingmy family, and I didn't even know
it right right, because I justthought I was doing all this stuff that

I had to be monetarily successful.I had to provide like them with all
these things like I would bring Iwould try to like bring roses and little
presents and all this stuff. AndI'm like, oh, yeah, I'm
basically trying to buy their love ortime with me working all the time.
Like, oh, if I justkeep showering them with these little gifts or

whatever, like they should be happy. Yeah, but they'll appreciate it.
And I do want to go therewith you on a Lissa, because I
think that these there's people in ourlives that change, that change the trajectory
of where we're going. And forme, it definitely was my wife.
Like I was on one path whereto your point, it was like,

you know, climb the corporate ladder, make bunch of money and party and
get fancy things. And then Ilearned the family life, which was much
different for me, and it tookme time to adapt to it and to
learn and to appreciate it. Butwhen I finally did, it really changed
everything. And literally just had aconversation with my wife the other day about
how like, you know, shewas like, you know, I don't

know what role I play, Andit was exactly what you were saying here
is that I was spending so muchtime or I am spending so much time
working on my business that she's notseeing me as much, and she's she's
trying. She's having this conversation withme that you kind of had a couple
of years ago of like, youknow, why why are we doing this
kind of thing? And I'm like, you know, it's because I'm trying
to build this family, that thisfoundation for our family. But and to

her point, she's just like,look, you know, I want to
be with you, I want tosee you, I want to you know,
be around you. And what Iwas sharing back to her was it's
because of her that I want todo all of this stuff. So it's
kind of like I got to stillfigure out how to earn in a way
where I'm not trading as much timeto earn, so I need to figure
that out on my end. Butmy point of this, of my side

here is that it's because of mywife. It's because of my kids that
I want to be able to domore. So it's finding that special person,
and for you it was Alyssa.So I'm very interested in how that
changed your life and your trajectory inyour life. Yeah, it was man
like, and I know, likethis is a common thing with guys that

my mindset before I met Jessica wasI'm not I'm not ever going to date
a person with a kid or getin a relationship with that it already has
a kid. I don't have akid, Like I'm not getting into this
because you hear all the horror storiesdrama with it. Sure, yeah,
so I'm like I'm never doing that. And anyway, I get to Uh,

I meet Justin I don't know,she has a kid, and we
start like look like things are progressingor whatever her and I'm like, Okay,
she's cool. I'm coming out toVegas. I listen, try to
meet him hang out like she livedhere in Vegas. And so we meet
up and hang out a couple oftimes, like falling head over heels for
each other, and like you know, the whole thing, like it's just

going. And then I go backto Mississippi and I see her makeup post
like I'm and it like I seethis little girl there and I'm like she's
like Melissa such and such whatever,and I'm like, wait, is that
her? Does she have a kid? I'm like, oh no, no

way, this is good like goingagainst this. So I'm like, man,
do I just ghost her and likefall off the face of the earth
or man. I was in somuch turmoil. I'm like, this is
going against broad code everything that Iever knew. I said I'd never do
this, and like, but there'sso much time at already you went by

and we had like falling so muchin love with each other, and I'm
like, man, it made iteven trickier. Obviously if I found out
two weeks after meeting her, likeit, I mean, I'm glad it
did happen the way that it did. But if I found out in like
two weeks and there wasn't really anyfeeling or whatever, They're like, oh,
okay, well just move on,like don't do that. But so
that was my mindset, don't don'tever be with a woman that already has

a kid. Whatever. So Ifind out that she does have Alyssa,
and I had planned on, likeI'd already planned on coming back. So
I'm in this turmoil with like talkingwith her and Am I gonna tell her
I can't do this? Or amI gonna give it a chance? And
I think about it like long andhard. I'm like, okay, what
do I have to lose? Likewhatever, Okay, let's let's give it

a shot. So I fly backout to Vegas for some event and I
meet up or I'm like, hey, do you want to have lunch awhere?
She's like yeah, but I haveAlyssa And I'm like, okay,
you can bring her or whatever.But and I'll never forget this day,
like we but actually I'd had lunchwith somebody else. But I'm like,
I want to see you. Doyou want to grab some yogurt or whatever?

And she's like, yeah, Ihave a listen with me. So
beat up at this place like yogurtlanding, but going there and I'm seeing
a listen for the first time,it's like how old was she? Probably
she's thirteen now, so probably fiveor six something like that, which is
and I'm like, an amazing time. Yeah, And I'm like, man,

like I didn't know that. Ididn't know that I needed that,
and like seeing her for the firsttime and like like hanging out with her
for the first time, Like it'stimes that like I'll never forget, and
it's been one of the biggest changes, like things that I didn't know I

needed in my life. Like it'shands down, like the biggest thing that
I did need in my life tobe the person that I am today.
And like becoming like a dad throughher, like meeting Jess and like her
becoming my daughter has like hands downmade me like the best that I could

be today, along with obviously beingwith Jess, Like it's changed my mindset
and basically, and I obviously haven'tbeen perfect with it, like nobody's perfect,
and I've done a lot of learningand growing over the years. But
again, like I went through thatwhole time where I was working so much,

I wasn't spending enough time with them, and but it's definitely made me
way more grounded than I ever wouldhave been if I would have decided not
to try that out, Because onething that's very dangerous is a bored person
that's making a lot of money andand a guy at that, Like you

see them all over social media.They're blowing money like crazy with all these
different girls, and like not there, I'm never settling down and like that's
I thought that would be a coollife until I found a listen in Jess
and like I realized, like man, like this is what life is about.
Like this is what brings you fulfillment. So she's been like man,

she's taught me so many lessons andagain, maybe the best guy that I
could be because it's kept me groundedand kept me. Every decision that I
make, I think of them,and I'm like, will this hurt them?
Will this make our family better?Will this make them better? I

consider all those things before I makeany decisions, and even even when I'm
out of town on business trips,and like, you can be at these
shows and there'll be scandalous girls there, and you never know what people's intentions
are. There's obviously people out therethat want to see me or calls me
heartache or turmoil or whatever, andlike they'll I don't put it past anybody

trying to set me up with makingme look bad or cause me issues with
my family or whatever. So I'mreally like, I'm really on guard when
I'm away from my family of likepeople that are around in my near proximity,
because I just know, like there'ssome haters out there that would love
to see me hurt in some wayor like or take a picture a certain

way to make it look like whatever. So anyway, well, I think
what you're talking about, and it'ssomething that I remember my grandmother teaching me
when I was a very when Iwas a little Kidably, in definitely a
different context. That you're talking aboutis just not putting yourself in certain situations.
Is that what you start learning,especially as you start gaining popularity,
like what you have you know,I mean, look, you got five

hundred thousand face excuse me YouTube followersand the list goes on in your social
media channel. So you have alot of people who know who you are,
know what kind of life you're livingin terms of lifestyle and earning and
and everything. And so now you'reeven more susceptible, I mean, and
that's why so many famous people haveso many handlers and so many people that
are surrounding them. It's because youhave You're you're vulnerable, and people might

want to take advantage or people mightwant to, as you said, put
put you in a bad light sothat they can have an opportunity with you.
So you have to be very carefulabout your surroundings and and the situations
you put yourself in, is whatit sounds like you're describing there. Yeah,
one hundred percent, which which isI wish I was at that level,
but I'm not yet. Yeah,I mean it'll it'll it'll always come,

like obviously if you never give upany stay consistent like tom like,
just keep it going, it'll turninto the biggest thing you want it to
be. But yes, it's beena that blessing in disguise that I did
not know I needed with her hasjust been tremendous for me and just so
grateful that that did happen. Idid take the chance. So and saying

that I hooked a to somebody thatif you find yourself in that situation,
don't don't let a mindset like whatmine was keep you from the greatest thing
that could be on the other sideof that door. Like it's like I
said, it's been hands down thebiggest thing that I didn't know I needed

in my life. It's made meone hundred percent what I am today and
way more grounded than I would havebeen. And saying that in the lesson
there in wanting to earn more moneyand everything I'm trying to, like I'm
writing notes as well, so becauseI can go out down the rabbit holes
like we were talking about. Butthe material things, as you continue to

make more money and you think youcan fix relationship problems with gifts or or
whatever, it is a lot oftimes, for instance, I didn't know,
like there's a book called the FiveLove Languages, and help me understand
a lot because I didn't. Ididn't know people needed to be loved in

different ways or people felt love indifferent ways. Like some people were material
things, some people were what there'sfive different ones, but I can't remember
all of them. But I realizedthat the I like helping people are random
acts of kindness or whatever. SoI think you think you're it's normal for

you to love your partner in theway that you want to be loved because
that's what makes your your love bucketfull. But just because that makes your
love bucket full doesn't mean that's theirlove language. And they're like, hey,
yeah, I appreciate the you're bringingme flowers all the time, but
that doesn't do it for me.Like, so my wife's thing is a

quality time and me being an entrepreneurand like a go go go type of
person, and quality time can bedoing absolutely nothing but sitting on the couch
beside each other. And I'm like, that's my wife too. I'm like
what kid Like, I mean,we could be watching a show or whatever.
But in my head, I'm liketwiddling my tongues, like I gotta
be like making another deal. Igotta be hustling, you know. But

to her, that that's bringing,that's feeling her love bucket, like is
spending time together being there with herdoing that type of thing and anyway,
So me, it took me learningthat and not and it not being And
I also thought it was giving hergifts like she could care less about material
things, like she's just like thankyou for the flowers, but like that

might just put this much in herlove bucket, like she wants to sit
there watch her favorite show together orlike just just be together that quality time.
So that was a huge book.I definitely would recommend it, and
it definitely made our It took ourrelationship to a whole deeper level of understanding,
like when you truly understand your yourpartner and how they want to be

loved, and you know, likewhen you do do something that you know
is going to feel their love bucket. And it could be something so smart,
like, man, this is easy. Why did it have to be
so difficult before? Like I wasgive, I was bringing her flowers or
food or whatever was those things?Again, they could be okay, like
I mean, it's not like thatthey're not going to be appreciative of them.

But the other that the quality tomething for her is like you're dumping
a whole big bucket of like waterin there instead of like just a little
cup. So I just I justgot into Deepak Chopra. A friend just
put me on to him. Andyou know, I've heard quotes from him
before. Have you ever listened toany of his stuff? Uh huh No.
Yeah, it's very more like themindful type of spiritual type of stuff.

And I just got into him.So I can't speak too much about
his work, but I just gotput onto him. And what he was
talking about is kind of like thewhole giving mentality of like the more you
give, the more you receive.And and in that in the same vein
of what you're talking about, isthat like what he's talking about is like
always give, always give to others. Always give more than you have,
Always give to others. And whatI really liked what he said is that

it doesn't always have to be material, which is like what you're talking about
here is that you can give tosomeone you love, like you're talking about
Jess here. You can give tosomeone you love, you can give to
a stranger, you can give toanybody. And it could just be the
giving of saying, hey, lookyou look great today, or you know,
I'm giving you my blessing and Ihope you have a wonderful day,
or giving them a smile and ahandshake, and you can give things even

if you don't have the material,and it goes any What he was talking
about is that it goes even furtherbecause of the vibration and the positivity that
you're putting out into the universe andthat you're experiencing yourself. So it's really
profound stuff. And it doesn't justmean in terms of like, you know,
I'm listening to this book that hehas and it's speaking about spiritualism and

relating it in business and in life, but it's also like what you're talking
about here in relationships with our lovedones, with our spouses, with the
people we care about, is thatwe can give more than just material,
we can give ourselves. And youknow that's what it sounds like. You
know, she she wants and expectsfrom you, And I think that that's
what most of us do too,right, Like I mean on the other

side of it, like we're guys, right, and you're talking about four
wheelers and motorcycles and those are cooland and I love that too, and
all the different cool stuff that wecan have and toys, but at the
end of the day, we wantto enjoy them with our friends, with
our with the people we care about. We don't want to like if you
were just riding a dirt bike aloan, which I know you probably do,
right. And I play basketball alonetoo because that's my big passion.

You do want to end up goingfor a ride with a friend, right,
You don't want to keep doing italone? Absolutely, So like that
that brings up something for me aswell, people like because on my I
have a vision board that has alist of stuff on there that I repeat

morning and night every day to keepit on the forefront of my mind.
And one of them is I alwayswant to give more and be even more
philanthropic as I continue to grow,I just want that to grow alongside my
my I guess the legacy. Soand as again being totally transparent with my

whole journey, people will see wherenow, Like I mean, I've easily
given away over a million dollars worthof stuff. So when people see the
levels that you're giving, like they'llsay, must be nice, or like
the people that don't really know mustbe nice or I would give like that

too if I could. And I'mlike so now, and I can understand
why they would be like in thatmindset or whatever, I might have thought
that way as well. But I'vealways been a giver. But before I
had any type of money or thingsor whatever, like the only thing that
I could give was my time,like I would again, you don't giving

doesn't have to be material things ormoney or whatever. You can give somebody,
like you said, a compliment,or you can give them a helping
hand, like you can go likeI was going and cutting old ladies yards
for free or weeding their flower bedsfor free, like just to help people.
Because then I'm like, man,this makes me feel good, like
like I love this, Like thisis really fulfilling for me, So it

really I knew that I had aknack for being a giver before I even
started making any type of money.But as I've continued to grow over the
years, and my revenues constantly wentup, and I'm like, man,
I can okay, Like you wereyou just used to give somebody new twenty
dollars or whatever you give the onehundred bucks or whatever it ends up being,

and I end up I'll give themmy mom a brand new Yukon Denali.
I gave my dad a brand newYukon sorry Denali truck last year.
Or I gave my wife an outof RSQ eight. I've given my employees
like so many random different things.Gave my accountant all expense paid vacation,

like just and I don't say thesethings like bragging at all, Like I'm
just it's it's a wild feeling ofwhen you give somebody something that it can
be decently big to you, butto them it's like something that they could
never even imagine. Like seeing thelook on my mom's face when I like

gave her that, or my dad'sface and like seeing him cry like from
uh and not wanting to accept somethinglike that. Because he didn't think he
deserved it, like and I'm like, if anybody deserves this, like it's
you. Like but seeing them thatemotion, that raw emotion from like you
giving somebody something like that that obviouslythey never thought that they would have ever

received. Is man, the feelingis this I can't even put into words.
This is so amazing. And twoother things that my sister, my
youngest sister, she's always had likereally bad teeth. And for she got
married a couple of years ago,and I told her for her, uh,
for her wedding present, I justgave her an envelope and it said

in there like I'm gifting you abrand new smile for your for your wedding
present. And like again, seeingher just like crying tears of joy is
like because when somebody has a badsmile and she's always and she wants she's
always laughing and stuff, but she'salways covering her mouth like this, like

because like they don't want people tosee their or she doesn't want people to
see her teeth. So I toldher, like I'm like, I don't
care what it colls like, goto the local dentist and tell them,
like you want to have all yourteeth fisticks, Like, I'm going to
cover that for you. But seeinglike her just crying like a little girl
basically because she just can't believe likethat she's being a recipient of something like

this amazing. And I have threesisters, one of my my so my
second sister. Honestly, she she'sone of the most selfless women that I
know. She's been a foster parentof so many different girls, and I
think that's the most selfless thing thatyou can do, is be a foster
parent. She's she's taking these kidsin that's been in horrible situations, nurtured

them, love them like they're there, that they are there or her own,
and for one day for them tobe taken away and like and she
never gets to see them again.I'm like, man to to put yourself
out there to be on that uh, to know that's going to happen and
still do it to provide love andyou being so selfless to provide that love

for that kid to possibly have abetter life for whether it's six months,
two years, anyway. And she'sjust a single person, like she doesn't
have anybody helping her, so herdoing this all by herself. I'm like,
Okay, I want to bless her. So last year, I'm like,
I'm gonna like for Christmas, wewere there for the holidays. I'm

like, hey, I'm paying Shejust got a new vehicle I think a
year ago or something like that.Hey, I'm going to pay off your
vehicle and I'm gonna pay your rentfor this entire year to make your life
a little bit easier again, justlike just the raw emotion of and and
somebody's brought this up too, They'relike, uh, do you ever see

yourself being selfish and giving for yourown reasons because you want to experience that
that you fork feeling of like howgood it makes you feel. And I'm
like, man, I've never thoughtof it like that. I'm like,
but I'm like, I don't know. Do I give so much because it
makes me feel so good? Likeor is it truly helping? I mean,

obviously it's helping the person, butso it kind of like knock me
off my rocker a little bit.And I'm like, I don't I don't
know how to take that or Idon't know what the right answer is.
But is there anything wrong with that? Yeah? Not I mean not that
I know of like, right,I think is great almost you're still giving,
right, and I mean, youknow people's you know, it's the
truth. It's like I started learningto receive and I and my wife has

a hard time receiving as well,but I helped. I helped her learn
well. And here and to answeryour question, then, is that you're
the receiving end. It's the giveris receiving when they give, and so
by you receiving, you're giving backto them. So that's why it's so
important to also be gracious and receiveand say, you know, thank you,

And I appreciate this because if theperson's willing to give and just put
your I mean, you're in theshoes of a giver. Right, You're
already a giver, so you knowthe feeling after you give, you know
why you're giving, and it's it'snot you're not giving for the selfish reason
initially, right, You're giving becauseyou want to put joy on their face
and in their hearts. Right,that's why you're give and that's what I've
gotten from your stories here. Butyou're also receiving that joy and I can

see that in the way you're speakingabout it right now, and how much
you feel with your feelings right nowwhen you're sharing these stories, is that
you're also receiving. So as asa recipient of something, it is important
to receive it and to say thankyou and to take it. And it
is hard. It is hard,you know. I'll share real quick a

story for me and that I'm hustlingright I got Dent ten, my insurance
company that I'm trying to grow.I'm the main salesperson for it. I
got jam and Monique who are myadmin and my other my inside sales,
and I'm hustling. I'm doing rightnow. I'm doing a county fair.
So since Tuesday today is Friday forour listeners from Tuesday to Sunday, I'm

there till ten o'clock at night andI'm gonna leave here and go there,
right And so I'm doing that.I'm doing this, and I'm doing all
the things I possibly can. I'mmissing different things. And you know,
as a business owner starting out rightnow, i haven't hit that mark where
I'm extremely profitable or even profitable towhere I can start buying myself things right.

So my parents are looking at meand they're watching my social media and
they're seeing me out and about andare going, you lost a ton of
weight. So I lost about thirtypounds. You lost a ton of weight.
None of your clothes is fitting youright. Your suits don't fit you
right. You don't look you don'tlook like the guy that you're trying to
portray. You need a new wardrobe. And I told my mother. I
was like, I just one.I don't have the time, and too,

I can't afford to buy a newwardrobe right now. And so last
weekend I was available on Saturday.My mother said, We're going to Macy's
and I said, no, no, you're going to make me work.
I don't want to go to Macy's, like I'd rather do a podcast,
you know what I mean. Andshe's like, nope, nope, we're
going to Macy's. Your father andI are taking you to Macy's and we're
gonna get you a new suit.And I'm like, all right, fine,
just for a new suit. Well, anyway, they start picking stuff

off the things whatever, start puttingthings on account and I'm like, do
you realize how much you're spending here? Like this? Can't you can't do
that and my mother's like, stopit. You need this, and I
want to I can, I can, and I want to get this for
you. And it was so hardto receive it, you know. It's

so hard, you know, becauseI want to give that to them,
but I'm not in a position todo that quite yet. And they were
so happy to give it to me. They were so excited. And so
yesterday my parents actually helped me atthe fair yesterday because while I'm doing the
fair, I'm also going to networkingevents. So I said, you know,
I got a big chamber mixer comingup and I got to go to

this one. And so my parentssaid, now we'll drive up and by
the way, so I'm in NewYork for you and for our listeners here.
They live in New York City andQueens and I'm upstate New York,
so I'm about two hours away fromthem. They said, no, we'll
come up. We'll work to booth, you go to the mixer. So
I had the pleasure of you know, i'm working to booth. I'm just

wearing my DN ten T shirt.But my parents showed up to the booth.
I went to the bathrooms, Igot changed, I got to put
on that nice new suit that theygot me to go to the mixer,
and my mom saw I love it, and her eyes lit up and she's
like, you look good. Gokill it. That's awesome. I love
it, and I love hearing storieslike that, And it makes all the

sense in the world because I mean, and it's good to hear that,
because I'm when you're saying and itwas so hard for you to be accepting
of it. I'm like, man, people are like, what do you
are my wife or whoever? Whatwould you like for Christmas? Nothing?
Right? I got everything I want, Like, don't don't get me anything,
spend it on somebody else, likejust constantly deflecting everything, like somebody's

trying to give me. But Imean, like you, maybe the biggest
reason is like I don't know howto be an acceptor of things, like
I don't know how. I don'tknow, like it would be weird to
me, or I don't want peopleto waste their money on me, like
give it to somebody that actually needsit or whatever. That's a big thing.

So yeah, the giving thing doesn'thave to be money. And in
saying the stories, are sharing thosestories, I say that because people will
say, oh, I would givelike that too if I could. And
I'm like, so, I actuallymade a post about this on my personal
Facebook page. Like I said,I share my thoughts on there a lot.
Sometimes it is people like it,sometimes people don't, but it is

who I am. I've just alwaysbeen transparent. So I just basically said
on there, if you're not givingten percent of your income away when you're
making five hundred bucks, what doyou think you're gonna do it when you're
making five thousand bucks. You're notgoing to give five hundred dollars away if

when you make five thousand bucks,if you're not giving fifty bucks away when
you're making five hundred bucks, becauseyou're just like, oh I can,
it's more about me, me,me. So I made a post about
that had a lot of mixed reviewsbecause a lot of people just can't see
it, they can't interpret it becausethey're not on the side of being able

to give like that. They justthink And I thought that way as well.
I'm like, oh, when Imake a lot of money, then
I'll be philanthropic, or then I'llstart giving or whatever. And I did
that for a little while. I'mlike, you know, like I can
give along the way, like it'snot like if it if it slows me
down a year or two, likeso be it. Like I have a
whole lifetime ahead of me and ifI do die, like I won't know

about it anyway, Like so whydon't I just help some people along the
way. But now, like Imy wife just made a post about me
yesterday, Like it was a reallyemotional one too. I'm like, because
we want to be valued by ourwives, and I guess it will be
on my Facebook page like yesterday.But anyway, she's like, he's so

generous, he cares about people,and like he's the most giving person I
know. And just talking about differentthings of some things like people bring up,
I don't even remember them anymore.I don't even can think about like
what I've given to people or havedone just in the car audio space and

on our down for sound. Goingback to a business a little bit.
One of the things that I dois when we do come out with a
new products, like whether it's aten dollars product or a two thousand dollars
product, I'll give one away liketo like I'm like, hey, if
you want to enter this giveaway,share this video publicly, can make sure
like the video, comment on thevideo saying you shared it, and make
sure you like my page and you'reentered, no purchase necessary, and so

that and just car audio stuff.I've like, we're approaching like almost a
million dollars worth of stuff that I'vegiven away, and it's like, I
don't even I mean, I knowwhat's out there. I know people will
see it, but I'm like,that's cool to give back to the community
that's given me this life of abundancethat I never in my wildest dreams thought

I could have achieved from this smalltown. Like it's just wild. So
the more we do this, andI'm not a material person, my wife
gets some on to me about that. She's like, you're always wearing these
holy socks and like these worn outshorts and all you wear is down for
sound five dollars t shirts and I'mlike, I don't care. And I
drive a truck with almost four hundredthousand miles on it, just beat up,

but it runs good and has coldair conditioning, Like that's all I
need. I'm not a but butI bought her one hundred and fifty thousand
or SUV but as far as meand maybe it'll change one day, but
right now, Like, I've neverbeen into the materials thing, but what

I have been always a proponent ofis memories experiences creating those because I've read
a lot of books about basically peoplein nursing homes and they're on their deathbeds
and they tell you they share theirregrets with you, and it hit me
like, there they basically a lotof them come to the conclusion of,

Uh, You're not going to belaying there wishing you would have worked that
much that you wish you would haveworked more. You're not going to be
doing that. You're gonna wish youwould have took the trips you would have
wish you would have went, experiencedlife, went and saw your daughter's volleyball
games, like been there for yourfamily. You're gonna wish you would have
done all those things. I'm like, Okay, I need to start implementing

these things. So that was anotherrealization for me. And when I when
I was telling you about the likejust saying, what are we doing this
for? I'm like, Okay,how do I start making changes with this?
I need to I need to startgetting more help, started hiring people,
like, Okay, I need tostart bringing my amount of hours worked
down. So again I was workingtill nine, like, okay, I

need I need to get it toeight. That'll give me a little bit
of time to hopefully see Alyssa.Because when I was working till nine and
then going to get something eat andcoming home, she was already asleep.
There would be days we lived inthe same house and there would be days
of three four days that I wouldn'teven see her. How sad is that?
That's horrible? But I know mystory isn't alone. I know other

people were doing the same thing.I'm like, but it took her saying
that to me to start being waymore proactive and fixing the issue, hiring
more people, getting team members,everything like that. So brought the time
back like that, I would leavethe warehouse to eight o'clock, like,
okay, I gotta do better,bringing back to seven now to do better
six by now, like she actuallyworks for me and she works nine to

four or whatever, so she'll beleaving. I'm like, I'll leave too,
let's go. So but now likeI've implemented these things of like trying
to be there as much with themas much as possible. Every Thursday minimum,
I take a list of the schoolor we have a breakfast date.

I put that in like right whenI was starting to bring the hours back
and like, Okay, I'm notgonna be there on Thursday mornings. I'm
going to take her to breakfast.So we go to Starbucks, we do
our little thing, and then Itake her to school drop her off.
We've done that every Thursday for yearsnow and that's like our time. And
I share that again on social mediaand people are like, man, I've
seen her grow up over the years. It's so cool that y'all have this
relationship. And I'm like, man, again, she's the biggest blessing to

me. I never knew I needed, and like getting to spend that time
with her and her to open upto me and tell her whatever a hardship
she's having at the time or whatevershe's celebrating, like I just and I
also had to become I was takingher initially and I was always on my
phone and I saw something about somebodysaying you needed to be as present as

possible with people that mean the mostof you, and I'm like, hit,
me. So I'm like, Okay, when I take a list of
to breakfast, I'm leaving my phonein my pocket. I'm not pointing it
out like I'm like, I'm onehundred percent engaged with her, and that's
what I need to be. Andso anyway, I'm always trying to perfect
things and learn over time. Butthat's one of the things that I learned

that I've been doing for her.But as far as gifts and everything,
once, I mean another reason whyI'm not big on the material things so
much. And I know it canlook a certain way because we do have
like everything that we need and wehave a beautiful home that we just bought
last year and it's totally renovated andwe made it what we want, and

she has a nice vehicle when wedon't, we just have what we need.
But I'm like, the things thatmatter the most are the memories that
we get to make and the tripsthat we get to go on. And
and I know when I'm on mydeathbed and I tell my wife this,
she's like, you bring up yourdeathbed a lot. I'm like, because
I want to be president with it, because i want to make sure I'm

taking advantage of the time that Ihave now and I'm not being complacent.
And the next thing, you know, because I worked for many of years
and I never went on vacation,I never went anywhere like so anyway,
and even when when I met herand we was in those hard times of
me getting the business going, Iwasn't doing anything. I wasn't going anywhere,
we weren't experiencing anything. So nowthat I've hired a bunch of people,

have a big team, well nota huge team, I think we're
like fifteen or eighteen people now,but enough to where I cannot be here
in the business run fine like withoutme being here. So that's bought me
that that time that people they theywant to get from starting a business.
They wanted to get to where we'llrun itself and then they can go and

doing it trips or whatever. SoI told her, I'm like, I
feel like I'm I'm playing catch upnow because this year, man, we've
went so many places and done somany things, and like we'll be on
a trip and it'll be coming toan end. I'm like, can we
go next? Listen, Like,what are we gonna do nextly? So
She's like I know, like it'slike it almost comes becomes an addiction in
a way, but like a whata great and what a great addiction to

have of creating more memories, likeyou want to go experience these different things.
So this and her and Alysta haveboth said, and this makes me
feel really good too, like thishas been the best that we've ever had
in our entire lives. Like theywhen they told me that, I'm like,
man, that's amazing to hear somebodymake that that strong of a statement.

It just that made me feel soamazing as well. So anyway,
I did write this down. Thisis another thing you were talking about.
We want to have the the ATVsand the the yachts and the planes and
like just depending on how much youwant to grow it or whatever. That's
one of the things that I realized. I took my wife to Miami then

Saint Martin for a couple of dayslast month, and I'm not gonna do
She loves boats. She loves boats, her she has a she has a
passion for boats. I have apassion for airplanes. So like I'm like,
okay, I'm I'm gonna charter ayacht while we're down there for a
day just to do something nice andI know she'll enjoy it. So we

get to the place and they're like, mister and missus price and I'm like
yes, sir, and like,okay, right this way, and we're
walking down there, she sees theboats. She's like, oh my gosh,
like and they're like, do youhave anybody else coming? And then
they're like and we say no,and they look at each other and they're
like, oh okay. It's likethis huge boat for just the two of

us. And that's that's why.While it was really cool and we love
the experience, the whole time wewere out there, like, man,
we wish our friends were here withus, like to experience this. So
I learned from that and I'm like, I'm gonna do something cool for We
had an event coming up for mybusiness. But like a lot of our
business friends, we have really goodrelationships with and we do we co mingle

business and pleasure at the same time. Like a lot of these events,
we have a good time. Anyway, we took a private jet over to
Notxville, Tennessee for this event,but I knew all of my friends were
going to be there, so Isurprised them. I told them all,
like, hey, everybody be atScotty's house this morning at an eleven eighty

or whatever, and loaded them allup on the private jet, flew them
to a dustin Florida and had ayacht down there, and we did it
again for with all of our friends. And I'm like, and it was
the great Everybody's like, this isthe greatest day I've had this year,
Like this is amazing. And hearingthem say that and seeing everybody having such
a good time, like my myfulfillment bucket was like just running over.

I'm like, man, this isso awesome, Like I love this.
And it was so many first experiencesfor people being on a private jet or
and also being on a private yachtand going somewhere just to do it for
the day, and being back atthe house that night, and like that.
Everybody's people are still they're still talkingabout it. They can't believe it
happened. But I'm like, man, what a story. That's going to

be a story that we tell forthe rest of our lives. I'm one
hundred percent confident in that. Andthe when there are people, uh some
other business guys in the groups arelike, I don't know how we're going
to top that. Man, that'syou set the bar pretty high last year.
So but I'm like, we coulddo that like once a year.
It's not that big of a dealfor all of us to get together,
and the bonding that happened while wewere there in the great time is just

awesome. So look forward to that. But yeah, sharing experiences with others
is the very fulfilling. It's thebig it's the biggest thing. Uh,
you know, So outside of creatingthis great following that you have on social
media and then building this the soundbusiness that you have, you also help
people learn how to create this wealthin their life. And I'm interested if

you can share a little bit aboutthat with with our audience. Yeah,
I mean that's the biggest thing.Is like, as you're you initially think
you want to make a lot ofmoney for yourself, I think, but
it's the thing that's brought me alot of fulfillment as well, and is
seeing like hiring more people for providingjobs for more people, and uh,

creating seeing them become successful alongside meand achieve something else that brings me a
ton of happiness, is right,They'll buy a new vehicle. Hey JB,
come on here, look at mynew car. I couldn't have done
this without working with you, man, Like I feel like I got a
new car. I'm like, man, that's amazing. Like they're so happy
they got their dream car or whatever. Hey JP, I wanted to show

you a picture of my new housethat I got, Like, I couldn't
have done this without working with you, Like, man, what an amazing
feeling. But so seeing them achievetheir dreams and goals alongside me, I'm
like, that's this amazing and it'smore important than just making it more about
other people than myself has been thething that's growing my business the most,

and like so many different areas.But whether it's more about the customers,
more about my employees, more aboutour friends, Like being able to join
us on those those cool memory makingtrips brought me a ton of joy,
So that's a big thing to Idon't know. I guess it's just my

way of doing things, kidding,probably isn't for everybody. Is that a
formalized coaching program that you do oris this more of just kind of like
you just speak with people as likea mentor uh not? I mean we're
working on that because like I alsoknow that. And I didn't want to
do this at first because I feltlike it was kind of douicy to charge

people for time with me. Butthe more times that I've like people message
me and like oh I got abusiness question, like okay, cool,
and they helped them out, spendhours, days whatever like helping them like
hopefully helping them with whatever question thatthey have, and like like Okay,
you need to implement this, blahblah blah. Then like months go by

and like like I wonder how they'redoing. I shoot them a message.
Oh I didn't decide to do it. I just I'm like, bro,
man, like you know what's timeyou costed me and you just wasted it.
But they're there. The reason whyis because it didn't cost them anything.
They didn't have anything, any skinin the game. Basically, so
if you don't if you don't haveto pay for something you didn't have to

trade hours of your life to getit, the value of it isn't ever
going to be as much as ifyou did have to trade some of your
hard earned dollars for it. Sowe're coming out with a program that people
can buy like I probably do,like a monthly get together where people can
join in and the different levels ofwhat they pay for get some different amounts

of access to me for obvious reasons. I give. It's a cheaper price
that they'll be able to like getin and like watch what other people to
ask or whatever if you pay anotheranyway, we're working on that, but
it's again I'm still on the fenceabout it. I don't like to charge
people for advice, but I getit from so many people wasting so much

of my time, Like there hasto be something there where they have to
have some skin in the game,sort of a bit of a credibility,
the barrier of entry kind of thing, right right, Yeah, I mean,
and it makes sense, you know, you have to you have to
offer some sort of like point ofentry. And and I think what you
get to, like what I've learnedto when mentor worrying or helping is uh,

you know they're coming to you withquestions, but then really it's they're
there. I don't know, it'sfunny. It's like, I don't know
if you've experienced this where they askyou a question and then you start helping,
trying to help them through your experienceor through your knowledge, and then
they're kind of like pushing it allaway and they're going, no, no,
no, this is how And I'mlike, well, why did you
ask me? Whereas if if ifthey're if you're they're paying you, it's

a much different situation because if they'repaying you, they're now they're like really
bought into the whole idea or whatyou're sharing with them one hundred percent.
But so so you're doing, youknow, you do all this awesome stuff,
and you talked about experiences, soI mean a little bit off of
the topics that we've been talking about, but kind of intertwined in. I'm

interested in, like your most excitingexperience that you've had. I know,
you just talked about the yacht withyour with your friends, but but what
was what's something that that you've hadwith Jess and with Alissa that you guys
have done and that you're just likeor even if it was like you skydiving
you mentioned in your YouTube videos,like what was one of the things where
you were just like, oh mygoodness, I can't believe I'm doing this
right now. Again, I've hada big thing for aviation, and I've

it's been on my vision board forever since I got started to have my
own airplane. And I know oneday I will and it's becoming closer and
closer. But so this year I'vebeen trying on some different airplanes, like
chartering some different jets and stuff likethat, and I surprised them. One

thing was like last year our veryfirst private jet ever chartered. We like,
I took them back to Mississippi forthe Christmas holidays, but they didn't
have any idea. Like my wifelike she hates like Spirit and Allegiant.
I mean, I fly on themall the like all the time. I'm
flying on them next week. Anyway, as long as it's a NonStop flight,

I'm cool with going there on whateverairline. So but every time that
I take her with me own oneof the budget airlines, something happens where
it turns into like this horrible experienceis delayed, they cancel the flight,
like this whole thing. So she'slike, this is like the trailer park
of the skies or like. Soanyway, coming up to the trip to

go back to the Mississippi to seemy parents, so she's like, oh,
what airline or wire we flying orwhatever. I'm like, oh,
spirit, whatever one you hated themost at the time. So we're we're
leaving or we're getting ready in themorning, and I'm like, oh,
the flight got delayed, and likeI keep like playing with her emotion.
Yeah, she has no idea,so I keep pushing it back. She's

like, I swear, well,I don't know why you always like get
these cheap airlines or whatever. SoI'm like, Okay, they say it's
some time, so I need tolike head that way. So I get
in the car. We're going downthe hill to and it comes to this
point in the road where you eitherturn right to go to the Harry Reet
or the main airport, or goleft to go to the private airport.
And I turn left and she's like, you're going the wrong way, you

know, like we're gonna be latewhatever. And I'm like, no,
we're going the right way. Andwe pull up at the private airport and
she's like what are we doing here? Then? Anyway, we walk in
and the pilots there he's like misterand missus price. I'm like, yes,
sir, and uh He's like,oh, right this way, and
we walk down the jets like rightthere at my other front door, and
she's like what, this is somuch excitement And we get on there and

like and I also asked them whattheir and their favorite like I don't know,
it was like a month in advance. I asked them what their favorite
breakfast foods were and I had themhad I had them on the plane,
so they got their favorite breakfast.So anyway, we took off and we
were eating our favorite breakfasts on theplane and it was like a really cool
experience. So that was like thatwas a thing that they couldn't believe that

was happening, and I couldn't eitherbecause it was my very first time like
being on like a private jet charter. Yeah. Yeah, we we had
a really good time this year.And it also made me understand the how
jet can buy you time back,because that's basically what it is, is
like a modern day time machine ina way, because a lot of my

travels are to the East Coast andfrom Vegas. I mean you're looking at
like Mississippi being twenty four hours,Florida being thirty four hours if you're driving,
and that's if you don't stop.So it makes a lot of things
accessible for you that normally wouldn't be. But so we had an event in
Biloxi, Mississippi, which is abouta five hour drive from where my parents

live in Mississippi. So we wentto the event for a couple of days,
and my dad was getting baptized ona Sunday. We took off out
of there after the show on Sunday, made it there for his baptism,
which we would have not been ableto do both of those if we didn't
have the plane because it's a fivehour drive. So that the thing ended

at four o'clock and we had todrive five hours, we wouldn't have got
there untill nine o'clock had best,so it made that possible. And also
I was surprised my oldest sister andmy middle aged sister, Audrey and Honesty
and their kids with we were planningon going to Disney World in Florida.
So I'm like I told them likethe week before. Uh well, I

actually had a dream on a planewhen I was going back to Vegas,
like commercial plane. I fell asleepand I had like this little dreamlight that
I told Jess when I landed,Like you know, I had this crazy
dream that when I was on theplane that when we were leaving to go
to Disney World. Uh, forsome reason, Audrey and Honesty and her
kids were out there to see usoff or whatever. And I walked in

and we all walked on the plane, and when I got on there,
I'm like, you know, weshould just offer to see if they wanted
to go with us, and wealready have everything paid for and and this
was in my dream, and uh, and she's like, yeah, that's
a great idea. Go ask them. And I'm like, well, they're
probably gonna say no because they don'thave any clothes or anything. So anyway,
I walk up, I'm like,hey, if y'all want to join
us, y'all can go with us. And they're like what, Like,

y'all can go if you want toand they're like, well, we don't
have any clothes. And I'm like, hey, it's spontaneous. You want
to go, just park your carsand go. And anyway, in my
dream, they just got on theplane. We took off and went to
Florida. And so I told Jessabout the dream and she's like, you
should ask them, and I'm likeokay, So I asked them and again
they they work normal jobs and I'mlike this a week before, They're probably

not going to be able to makethis happen. So anyway, they ended
up working it out and they theymade it where they could go, and
we had the best time, evenwith it being so hot in Florida.
Like the time that we went,it was so awesome, Like being able
to take everybody down there again,sharing those experiences and making those memories was
just well, we couldn't believe itwas happening. It was just such an

awesome time for those four or fivedays that we were down there. So
it's it's incredible on how much you'reable to give back to your family and
I mean and of course the peoplearound you, your employees and your community.
It's it speaks to the whole giversgain and speaks to the more you
give, the more you receive andseeing uh, you know, what you're
accomplishing in the sound industry, whatyou're accomplishing on social and and of course

what you're doing and how you're changingthe lives of the people around you.
Uh you know, I think wewe talk about philanthropy and we only think
about it in the non for profitsense, but it's also given back to
the people that we love and thatwe care about. And I see that
with you, you do a tremendousamount in terms of that. As we
can, you know, start wrappingup the show a little bit. I

like to also, you know,learn what do you What's what's the code
you live by? What's what's amantra that you that you see or speak
every day that you live by.I'm interested in that And they called me
off, Gordon, Uh, that'sall right, And if you have more
than one, that that's cool too. I mean, I like a It's
not one that I live by anymore, but it's something that I definitely learned

from. Uh. I used tolive by the saying you can sleep when
you're dead, and I just Ididn't know that I was rap So I
was sleeping like three or four hoursa night, and I didn't know that
sleep is one of the single mostimportant things that you can do to better
your health. So that that wassaying that I ended up being totally wrong

about. Now I'm trying to getas much on the opposite side of that,
like get as much sleep as possibleif I feel like taking an out
go take an out, like justlisten to your body. But I mean,
my dad's saying is a very importantone. I think, like you
can and I'll just share that youcan have anything in this life that you
want and as long as you're willingto work your ass off for it,
and that doesn't always have to betrading hours for dollars. You can work

really hard for a very short amountof time and accomplish a lot of things.
And I mean just and I thinkthat's why I've inspired so many people,
is because they see what I've beenable to do and accomplish in what
people coin as a very short amountof time. And I can understand that
as well, because I thought ifI was able to become a single one

million are before I died, Ithought that would be an amazing thing and
I thought that would be a lifetimegoal and it was on my vision board.
I'm like, Okay, if Ican get to a million, like
I'll be successful or whatever. Uh. And I've constantly changed my vision board
and UH and updated it over theyears as everything. I would definitely suggest

people having a vision board, liketo keep whatever it is you're wanting to
achieve first and foremost on your mind, like I have mine on my mirror.
U. It has a list ofthings that I mean, the first,
the very first one, I wantto be the best husband I can
be to Jessica and dad to Alyssa. That's number one, and since like
I'm really wanting to get into ajet soon. Like the third one is

like I will on a Falcon jetand there's a certain type of jet.
I love the way it looks andperforms and everything like that. So that's
on there. But I'll be morephilanthropic. I'll do more than three hundred
thousand dollars revenue on a day.I read all these things, so it
just reading that before I mean yourbefore your day starts, and also before
you go to bed. It's justconstantly being on my mind. And everything

I've put on my vision board,I've achieved all of them. So and
some of them I thought, likewhen I was first starting my vision board,
I put this after I did likethe million things. I'm like,
I'm gonna shoot for the moon andput ten million on there, and I'm
like, hopefully one day that'll happen. And then a few years later,
I'm like, I'm talking to myaccountant. She's like, you know,
you're like anyway, I'm like,that's crazy. But it's saying that every

single day, keeping it on mymind and keeping consistent with like your hard
work and everything. It's it's allalways came true. So I also have
to be selective of what I doput on there, because some things you
think you want or need and youyou don't. So that's trying to be

as selective as possible. And therewas but as I don't know of a
actual saying, but I mean whatyou've just shared is amazing and very profound
in that it's what your father taughtyou when you were very young, and
you talked about it in the topof our show about the hard work and
how you were trading you know,time for money and what that taught you

and where you are today and doingthe reverse of that. And also the
sleep thing. I love that too. You know you bring that up.
I've heard that before too, right, like you sleep when you're dead.
But it's so important for our listenersto realize and so many already do how
important sleep is. I mean,like you said, you know, you
had that dream with your family,and you know, without sleeping, you

wouldn't have had that dream to beable to give that to your family.
And there's just so much and there'sso much that happens from a from a
neurological and a biological standpoint in termsof our sleep of how it actually sharpens
the saw for us to be ableto perform and do more. With everything
that you're doing, I know,I know you got your followers already,
but how can our listeners find you? Where can they find you and how

can they reach out to you ifthey need help? Yeah, so down
for a sound shop on Facebook andInstagram. Then I have, like I
said, the Life of Price ismy YouTube channel. That's my biggest following.
I have that on YouTube and alsoa Facebook page under the Life of
Price. But the thing I personallypost the most on and on the more

personal level, Like I was tellingyou, being as transparent as possible,
it's gonna be my name, JonathanPrice. It's a Facebook forward slash Jonathan
Price. I think I sent thatto you, so then we're to check
that out. But yeah, Ijust share as much stuffs as I can
on there to help people out.A lot of them is tips and tricks
on stuff that I've learned over timeto just I don't know, like make

it available easier for people that itmight I might have had to get through
a mentor I might have had topay a lot of money for or find
out the hard way or whatever.So yeah, those I'll share those things
for absolutely nothing. Yeah, andthe only thing you ask for is engagement.
And I think that that's fair andI think that's a great lesson for

all of us here is that youknow, if you're following somebody and they're
giving you value, engage with them, drop alike, you know, drop
a comment, just engage with them. I mean, you know, myself
included, I feel the same waysometimes. You know, people say,
you know, I'll see them inpublic and they're like, oh, I
love what you're putting out there,and I'm like, I never even knew
you saw the stuff that I putout there, because you've never commented or
liked any of it, so Ididn't even know that you saw it.

And so in the same respect,I can't even give you the recognition because
I like to recognize the people thatcomment are like, I can't even give
you the recognition and say, hey, thanks, thanks for liking my video.
I appreciate that, you know,because we do right you like you
appreciate We work this hard on puttingout valuable comment not just for ourselves,
but also because we want to knowthat what we're doing is actually impacting the

life of somebody else. And so, you know, we were talking about
receiving before, you know, receivinga like, receiving a comment helps us
realize, yeah, we're doing theright thing, we're on the right track.
And so if you're following the lifeof Price, if you're if you're
getting value out of what he's puttingout there, comment like it, let
him know that it's valuable to you. I want to thank you so much
for coming on today. I wantto thank you for sharing all your stories

and and getting deep with us today. And you know, you did go
down some rabbit holes that I reallyappreciate because we would have never gotten there
if you didn't really if you weren'treally passionate about some of those things.
I thank you for doing that today. Yeah, my pleasure, and I
know a couple of them were reallyemotional for me, But that's just how
much how much of a pivotal momentit was in my life when those happened

to me. If you ever wantto do like a part two or something.
I mean, like I said,like the whole college thing, A
two cents on that. There's abunch of other stuff that I have like
to offer people out there. ButI know we only have so much time,
you and I at the time,so just let me know in the
future if I could come and helpmore people for sure. Man. Yeah,
I mean, I'm very happy tohave you on, and you know,

I can't wait to speak with youoffline about getting me out of the
hustle gig. Because part of thereason why we're wrapping up this episode everyone
is because I got another one comingin the door. That's awesome, man,
I love it so but thanks forcoming on today. Appreciate it,
man, Thank you for having me. Thank you for listening to The Michael
Esposito Show. For show notes,video clips, and more episodes, go

to Michael Esposito Inc. Dot combackslash podcast. Thank you again to our
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giving back on a global scale.This episode was produced by Uncle Mike at
the iHeart Studios in Poughkeepsie. Specialthanks to Rodrian for the opportunity and my
team at Michael Esposito INNK
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