Brad Paisley Surprises Over 600 Nurses By Crashing A Zoom Meeting

By Lindsey Smith

May 27, 2020

Brad Paisley has been spending his quarantine crashing fans' Zoom hangouts from the comfort of his own home on what he's been calling “The Paisley Pub Crawl.”

Recently, though, he joined a very special group of 600 people who really deserved the surprise: nurses in his hometown!

On Wednesday (May 27) Vanderbilt Health uploaded a video of the country titan showing support for local nurses in Tennessee during the virtual Vanderbilt 2020 State of Nursing address last week.

As you'll see in the video, Paisley interrupts a speaker saying, “hang on, hang on. Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on. Haven't these nurses been through enough Jay that you don't have to put them through this presentation right now? I'm here to save these nurses!"

Once the nurses realized it wasn't just a random person rudely crashing their important meeting, smiles spread across their faces as Paisley talked. 

During his surprise "visit,” Paisley showed gratitude to the 600 nurses who were on the Zoom call and thanked them for all that they've been doing.

“I’ve always had this feeling of reassurance that Vanderbilt is in our town. I don’t think many cities our size have something this fine-tuned and, I guess, exquisite,” he said. 

One of his precious dogs also made an appearance in the video while chatting to a nurse who was talking about an assistance dog. “He has no training, none at all,” he joked. “He can sit and shake, that's about it!”

After chatting with the healthcare workers, Paisley treated them all to a private acoustic performance of his newest single, “No I in Beer.”

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Brad Paisley

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