Watch This Annoyed Plane Passenger Put Gum, Lollipop & More In Woman's Hair

By Dave Basner

December 3, 2020

While flying these days looks a bit different because of the pandemic, some things with air travel will never change, and one of them is annoying passengers. When most people encounter one - whether it is a person listening to music loudly or someone who has decided to go barefoot - they just ignore them for a few hours until they are off the plane, but for every annoying passenger out there, there is one who isn't going to take their behavior, and a TikTok video going viral shows someone just like that.

The clip was shot from a seat behind a woman who is dealing with the passenger in front of her. That person keeps flipping her long hair over the seatback, covering the woman's screen and royally frustrating her. However, rather than asking the passenger to stop, she deals with it in a different way.

First, she smashes chewed gum into the hair. You'd think that would be enough punishment, but then the woman goes on to trim sections of hair using a nail clipper. Next she sticks a lollipop in it and finally, she dunks a handful into her coffee, only taking a break from her vengeance to let a flight attendant walk by so she wouldn't be caught.

Worst of all, it doesn't even do the trick as the video shows the passenger in front continuing to throw her hair, and all the stuff in it, over the seatback again and again - even after the woman behind her pushes it back over the seat.

It's a pretty epic revenge but is it real? It seems highly unlikely that the long-haired passenger wouldn't feel someone touching her hair, but one commenter explained why that might be, writing, "I believe those are extensions, as she hasn't reacted. If those were real hair, I would have flipped back immediately, coz I know I'll feel if someone has touched the very tip of my hair... but I'm just sensitive I guess... still, if that's extensions, they're still expensive," while another noted, "I have long hair and I don't feel the ends being touched. I guess it depends on sensitivity."

No word on if the woman ever stopped flipping her hair over, or how she reacted when she realized what was in it.

Photo: Getty Images

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