Get A $1,100 Stimulus Check If You Had A Baby In 2020

By Dave Basner

March 8, 2021

This weekend, the Senate passed the latest relief bill, which includes a third stimulus check, this one in the amount of $1,400, that will go out to any American making less than $80,000 or couples making under $160,000. In addition, eligible recipients will also get $1,400 for any dependents. That's especially great news for parents who need to pay for the expenses of having kids while struggling financially during the pandemic. However, for anyone who became a first-time parent in 2020 or added to their family with another baby last year, the $1,400 stimulus isn't the only direct payment that will have coming their way - there's another $1,100 available to them.

Since the first stimulus check offered $500 per dependent and the second gave out $600 for each dependent, any eligible parents of babies born in 2020 are entitled to that, however since the IRS based the how much money each person got in their stimulus check on 2019 tax returns, which were filed before the 2020 babies were born, the parents of newborns didn't see any of that money. Now, when they submit their 2020 tax returns, they will wind up with that $1,100 in stimulus that they were owed.

It's especially important for those parents to file their taxes quickly because when the relief package gets signed into law, which will likely happen this week, unless the IRS has those parents' 2020 tax returns, they will once again use the 2019 tax returns to decide how much to send to families, so if parents had a baby in 2020 and haven't filed their 2020 taxes by the time President Biden signs the relief package, they might miss out on an extra $1,400 for their newborn.

As for how to get the $1,100 they missed out on, they'll have to claim it through a Recover Rebate Credit on their return. Meanwhile, if you don't get your taxes to the IRS in time for the third stimulus check, you'll have to wait until you file your 2021 taxes to get it.

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