Man Caught On Doorbell Cam Insulting Girlfriend's Dad, Instantly Regrets It

By Dave Basner

July 28, 2021

Photo: Dave Basner

Most people in a relationship know that it is usually very important for your partner's parents to like you, so you are always on your best behavior around them, but as one man learned, you should behave yourself when they aren't around too.

The guy was on the phone with a friend when he arrived at his girlfriend's dad's house. As he approached the door, he could be heard telling his buddy, "Alright, well, yeah, I gotta go meet this d***head so..." At that point, he looked up and made direct eye contact with the doorbell camera that was pointed right at him and picking up every word he was saying. Realizing his epic mistake, his face dropped and the man could only grumble, "Ugh, god d***it," and move out of the shot.

However, the damage was done and soon after, the man uploaded to TikTok with the caption, "When you realize her dad has a doorbell cam."

Commenters had a lot to say about the clip. One wrote, "OMG, you 'd be single SO fast if this were me. Luckily my guy has respect." Another stated, "My dad would greet him by pumping his shotgun." Someone else said, "I hope you just turned around and went home because that was it for dad, I can promise you that."

There's no word on what happened next or what the guy's current relationship status is, but keep an eye out for updates by following him here.

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