Broom Mysteriously Floating In Sky Stuns Onlookers

By Dave Basner

November 12, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Delivery drivers have a pretty stressful life. Along with needing to make all the stops along their route and get dozens of packages to their rightful owners, they deal with a variety of unexpected challenges, from rude customers to pesky insects to finding themselves in the middle of relationship drama. However, what one deliver driver recently saw caused him to be delayed because he couldn't stop staring at the bizarre scene in front of him. It was a broom floating in midair.

The man, named Lucca, posted video of the floating sweeper on TikTok, saying, "Out making deliveries and what is this? There's a floating broom." He gets out of his truck to get a better shot of what he is seeing and notes, "There's no wire, there's nothing it's connected to. What is that? Seriously? And it's moving too."

He captioned the video "Witchcraft?"

While many commenters accused Lucca of editing the footage, others took a more comical approach to the clip, with many referencing Harry Potter. One person wrote, "Harry sitting there under his invisibility cloak," another said, "I swear if Hogwarts is actually real and I didn't get my acceptance letter imma be angry," and a third commented, "That's just a Nimbus 2000." A different commenter joked, "Uh, sorry, my mother-in-law must be in town," and one more stated, "Don't wake it up, it's sweeping."

As for what it actually was, Lucca has no clue. However, he posted a follow-up video revealing that another video exists of the broom from a different angle, taken by his co-worker.


Reply to Update on the floating broom. 🧹💨 Original video on my page. #fypシ #update #conspiracytiktok

♬ original sound - Lucca

Of course, when he tried to get that second video, he learned it had oddly been deleted. He does claim to have texts from his co-worker about the broom though, and he shared those.


HE DELETED HIS VIDEO!!!??? 😭😭 IT WAS A FLOATINF BROOM PEOPLE! #fypシ #themysteriousfloatingbroomoftiktok

♬ original sound - Lucca

He posted another video, stating he had nothing to do with the floating broom and still has no idea what it was or how it existed.


@Zack nguyen Guys, I’ve done everything I can. 😳 How are we going to find out? #fypシ #themysteriousfloatingbroomoftiktok #Nashville

♬ original sound - Lucca

And in a final video, Lucca returned to the location where he saw the broom to show it is no longer there and that there was no green screen involved.


Reply to @nosebleed415 …. Went back to the spot of the floating broom sighting 😳😞🤢 #fypシ #themysteriousfloatingbroomoftiktok

♬ original sound - Lucca

Stay up to date to see if Lucca has anything more to say by following him here.

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