UFO Spotted In Old Photo From Space Taken By Apollo Astronaut In 1960s

By Dave Basner

February 9, 2022

Photo: NASA

There seem to be more and more UFO sightings lately, but spotting unidentified flying objects isn't a new thing. While stories of people seeing strange things in the sky go back centuries, the UFO fascination really picked up in the late 40s and early 50s as tensions over the Cold War and the Korean War were at a high. Although many people claimed to have seen UFOs back then, it was during a time when no one had a cameraphone in their pocket that could photograph or record the crafts. However, that doesn't mean they weren't captured on camera. In fact, one was just discovered in a photograph taken by one of NASA's own astronauts during an early Apollo mission spacewalk in the 1960s.

The picture, which was taken thousands of miles away from Earth, shows the planet from space. At the time, it just looked like land with lots of clouds above it, but it turns out there was more to it than that.

Photo: NASA

Recently, a YouTuber zoomed in on something he noticed in the pic and shared the surprising results. The small black speck he saw, when enlarged, takes the shape of a triangular shaped craft, one he says has been seen before. He stated it's, "Almost like [the UFO is] orbiting the Earth along with the astronauts who's (sic) likely when snapping this photo had no idea that this mysterious black, triangular was [there]."

Commenters are convinced, with one writing, "Incredible! That photo taken from space all those years back catching that triangle is solid proof for me."

Similar triangular objects have been photographed from the space station and during other shuttle missions. Some believe the crafts to be secret military space exploration vehicles, while others think they are extraterrestrial in origin. Of course, it could also just be space debris.

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