TikTok Video Reveals Shocking Way Some Hotels Are Lying To You

By Dave Basner

February 11, 2022

There are many options out there when it comes to where to stay when you're away from home, so to set themselves apart, some hotels include a free breakfast. The kinds of foods offered at those meals vary, but you can pretty much guarantee some kind of cereal will be there. Many hotels offer a variety of name brand cereals, but a new TikTok video has shed some light on that, and people who've watched it have been left shook.

It was posted by a user named @khammer123 who works at a hotel that serves breakfasts. In it, he shows the cereal options offered to guests where he works - Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes and Raisin Bran. However, he then films himself walking into an employees only storage area and shows large bags of generic cereals called Fruit Whirls, Sugar Frosted Flakes and Hospitality Raisin Bran. Essentially, the hotel is passing off the generic cereals as the name-brand ones. He wrote on the clip, "The hotel be lying to everyone."


A little inside information for you #fyp #hotel

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Some commenters found it shocking, others thought it was funny. Many discussed how the cereals taste the same so it doesn't make a difference, but a few people stated things like, "That's actually scary if the ingredients are different and you have allergies." However, others said the off-brand cereals have essentially the same ingredients as the name brands. Some angry commenters even threatened to sue over false advertising.

The TikToker who uploaded it was also asked for the inside scoop on the waffles that get served at hotels. While his location doesn't offer them, they do have pancakes, and he shared a video of the cool pancake machine they use.


Reply to @ldadventures no waffles sadly 🧇 #fyp #hotel #cooking #pancakes

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You can see more from him here.

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