'Jeopardy' Fans Angry Over Something Mayim Bialik's Keeps Saying

By Dave Basner

February 14, 2022

Photo: Sony/Jeopardy!

Alex Trebek hosted Jeopardy for 37 seasons, from 1984 until his tragic passing in 2020. After he died, there was a big change to the show as someone new had to take on the hosting duties. Change can be tough for some fans, and has been.

First, Executive Producer Michael Richards had been selected, but very soon after, stepped down due to previous controversial comments he made. Since then, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik have been sharing the responsibilities, and while many fans appreciate the job they are doing, some have taken issue with a change Mayim has instituted on the classic game show.

Any viewer knows that the game is split into three rounds, the Jeopardy round, Double Jeopardy and Final Jeopardy. Well Bialik has started to call that first round "Single Jeopardy," and it isn't going over so well. Many fans have expressed their opinions on Twitter.

With all the uproar, one Jeopardy fan account has come to Bialik's defense, pointing out that it's not something that she is doing, rather she is just following her script.

Others agreed and one even found a picture of the "script," but it didn't help matters.

Commenters pointed out how Alex's script said "Single Jeopardy" too, yet he didn't call the round that. Some fans didn't care either way and just wanted it to stop.

Check out what Mayim calls the first round of the show while she hosts the Jeopardy College Tournament Tuesday through Friday this week.

As for the long term, Bialik and Jennings are signed on to host the show through July. No word yet on who will take the reins after that.

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