'Worst Two Minute Stretch In Wheel Of Fortune History' Has Viewers Shocked

By Dave Basner

March 2, 2022

There have been times on Wheel Of Fortune where a contestant struggles to get the correct answer to a puzzle, and there have been some pretty tricky puzzles to solve, but what happened on the iconic game show on Tuesday has everyone shaking their heads. What looked like a very simple solve was too much for all three contestants.

The board showed "ANOTHER FEATHER _N YO_R _A_." Just about every viewer knew the answer was "Another feather in your cap." Yet over two minutes passed as each contestant tried to answer it only to either get it wrong, guess a letter not in it, or lose their turn with a bad spin.

It started when a player named Laura thought the right response was "Another feather in your hat." When she found out she was wrong, it seemed to throw her off. The next contestant, Christopher, spun and asked for a "G" in the puzzle, which of course, there wasn't. Thomas then spun but wound up on "Bankrupt." That meant Laura had another shot at it, but this time she guessed, "Another feather in your lap." Wrong again so it moved to Christopher, who spun and this time asked for a "D." Thomas once again missed his chance by landing on "Lose A Turn." So Laura got another opportunity to solve, but first she spun and asked for a "P." Once the letter went up on the board, Laura, with some uncertainty, said the answer was "Another feather in your map." Christopher spun and landed on bankrupt. Thomas spun again and finally got a chance to guess a letter, choosing "C" and, finally, correctly solving the puzzle.

Someone on Twitter posted video of it, captioning it, "This might have been the worst two minute stretch in Wheel of Fortune history."

Many others expressed their opinions on Twitter too:

Christopher was the contestant who wound up winning the game, taking home nearly $19,000 and a trip to St. Lucia.

If you think you can win on Wheel, you can apply to be a contestant here.

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