Hiker Thinks They Found Proof Of Bigfoot In California

By Dave Basner

March 11, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

For decades, there have been sightings of a strange man-like creature that lives in wooded areas. While there have been some sightings of the oversized primate, more often what is found are footprints - big ones. They're so big that the being is widely known as Bigfoot. However, even with all the trail cameras and drones out there, no one has ever captured on film what would be considered a genuine sighting of one of the beasts, but "evidence" of their existence does keep coming up.

The latest "proof" comes from Big Sur, California, where a hiker spotted a very large footprint. They took a picture of it next to their own foot for perspective and shared it on Reddit's r/Bigfoot page, where commenters discussed if they felt the print belonged to a Sasquatch or if it was nothing.

Photo: Reddit/Habanereo

There were plenty of believers. One person wrote, "This is the first imprint I have seen that isn't clearly a bear. Good find!" while another stated, "I wish the print was more fresh but this really does look more like a Bigfoot track," and a third chimed in, "What a solid print." Someone else added, "Definitely Sasquatch. The upper foot impression is relative to the lower width and diameter of the depth. I'd reach out to the local BFRSO [Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization] in your area ASAP."

Of course there were skeptics as well. One said, "Looks just like a washed-out boot print," and another wrote, "Def a regular old footprint. Nothing else." But even the non-believers weren't sure. A different commenter said, "It doesn't look crazy large compared to your foot, at least length-wise, which makes me lean towards human. It is oddly wide though, and there's no tread I can see. The ground doesn't look too conducive for capturing fine details, but you'd still expect some evidence of tread somewhere in the track."

You can see the post here.

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