Have You Heard This Common Misconception About Texas?

By Ginny Reese

May 6, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

The United States is a rather large and diverse country. In fact, it's so big that most Americans haven't even visited every state, which causes people to form preconceived notions about a place without ever having been there.

Can you guess what the most common misconception about our state? Stacker compiled a list of the biggest common misconceptions about each state. The website states, "To gain a better understanding of common misconceptions about the 50 states and begin debunking them, Stacker surveyed our readers and used a variety of historic and cultural sources to identify misconceptions about every state in the country."

The most common misconception about Texas is that most Texans live on ranches. People who haven't visited the Lone Star State may not know about its many urban areas. Stacker explains:

"This stereotype ignores the fact that Texans are a lot more urban than you might think. Most of the population is centered in its four large metro areas (Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio), And, according to the Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research, 87% of all of Texas’ population growth in 2015 occurred in those centers. The data revealed that between 2013 and 2014, the population of metro Houston, for instance, increased by 156,000 people."

Click here to check out the full list of common misconceptions.

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