Jungkook Shares Creative Tribute To BTS ARMY

By Rebekah Gonzalez

June 13, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Every year on June 13th, BTS celebrate their anniversary with loads of "festa" content including photos, videos, and new music. Jungkook took to Instagram on the special day to show his fans, known as the BTS ARMY, some major love. The K-pop group is also fresh off releasing their new anthology album Proof.

In his latest post to Instagram, the band member posted a photo of "BTS ARMY Forever" written in large letters in the sand on the shore of a beautiful beach. The sweet photo has gained over 7 million likes since being posted. Last week, Jungkook revealed that he accidentally deleted all of his Instagram posts. "I don't think it's too bad that I just erased it all," he explained during a V Live chat on June 7th. "I didn't know you could archive pictures, I just wanted to make it look nicer."

Jungook didn't stop the celebrations there. He also dropped a heartfelt new song called "My You' with a music video dedicated to the ARMY. “All these lights are colored in by you,” Jungkook sings on the acoustic track. “All these times are precious due to you / Four seasons have passed with you / Four scents were left cause of you.”

In a note to fans accompanying the song translated by fans per NME, Jungkook said:

"When I think of you all, sometimes the emotions I feel are so overwhelming that I often wonder what would happen if all of this disappears or if this is all a dream,” Jungkook wrote to fans in a note accompanying the release, per fan translations. “I’ve had this thought. So I wrote a song based on these thoughts, and I thought the mood of the song could be too depressing so I tried to fill the lyrics with pretty words. It’s a song only for you and I hope this song will make me who made this song and all of you who will listen to this song become more hopeful, make each us shine and be a strength.”
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