Watch Lizzo Spit Out Her Drink While Day Drinking With Seth Meyers

By Rebekah Gonzalez

December 14, 2022

Photo: Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Lizzo was the latest guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers' popular segment called "Day Drinking With Seth Meyers." Starting off strong by taking shots from a "shot flute," the two then drank a mix of several wines before Lizzo taught Seth how to "Wag (or Slap) the Bag" while drinking boxed wine. The two got increasingly drunk throughout the 17-minute-long video which ended in a laughing fit you don't want to miss.

To Lizzo's dismay, Seth made a new drink called "Grrls" (after the song on her Grammy-nominated album Special) which included sherry, a margarita, a bloody mary, and Dr. Pepper. "Seth, that tastes like f---ing Heinz ketchup, b---c... it literally tastes like vomit" she hilariously said after taking a sip.

After drinking "Grammies," a mixed drink full of alcohol that "Grandmas would drink" the two were tasked with either telling the truth or taking a shot. In the segment, Lizzo revealed that one of her most denied rider requests was tampons. Seth then asked Lizzo who was more powerful, Beyoncé or Oprah, and of course, Lizzo chose to take a shot. "I don't want the smoke."

The shots from that segment turned into the two leaving a profanity-filled voice message to Seth's dad. Lizzo then had to keep a straight face while Seth told awful "nog-nog" jokes or else she'd have to take egg-nog shots. She eventually broke and winded up taking the shot. For the last few minutes of their day drinking adventure, Seth and Lizzo did one last segment in which they broke up with each other based on random prompts.

As promised in the beginning, a man on set who Lizzo thought looked like actor Paul Rudd with a mask did his face reveal and Lizzo's reaction was priceless. When the man revealed his bushy mustache and beard, Lizzo lost it. "You don't look anything like f---ing Paul Rudd," she said after falling out of her chair. "But you do look really hot like, you are handsome. You look Greecian. Greek god! He's giving me Greek god."

But the fun didn't end there. Lizzo and Seth went into a laughing fit which culminated in Lizzo spitting out her drink and throwing things off the table while the star tried to give her final goodbye to the audience "without sounding drunk."

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