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April 21, 2020 52 mins

For their 100th episode, Beth and Peter decide to celebrate by losing power while trying to record an episode then throw in the towel and decide to just take a week off. THEY’VE EARNED IT!

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
I welcome to we know his parenting. I'm Peter McNerney.
I'm Beth Newell. Did you miss us? That was very loud,
loud intro. I know it's episode one hundred baby, we
did it, and you know, you know what what we

decided to do to celebrate our one hundredth episode, um,
we have power out it and then we threw away
all the meat and the dairy in our and we
didn't record an episode and we said it will be delayed.
And then we said to ourselves, hey, you know what
I really want to do for episode one? Not do it?
Just take a week off in the middle of insanity. Yeah,

it was a rough day we had. It was like
we had a busy week. We had Easter, which is
like the biggest thing that's happened here since we've been here,
since we realized we were in a panda So like, yeah,
for people who haven't been listening, we um our school
was canceled, so we went to a vacation home in Massachusetts,

where we now realized we apparently live forever in quarantine.
Which it's fine. It's just taken a lot of adjusting,
so pretty good. So Easter UM came and the kids
were on a sugar high for days like they were
just they got so much chocolate and candy in one day,

because honestly, what else are we going to do? Yeah,
really just eat at all. I mean we did, like
we didn't have some of it that we didn't put
into their baskets. But anyway, they did that. And then
the next morning was when they woke up and dragged
a stool from the basement up to the This was real.
They've got a real teamwork going on. While we are asleep.

They are lifting very large objects, a very tall, heavy stool,
a bar stool up this basement stairs together. They helped
each other to do this. And then they got a
package of oreos from above the fridge and they ate
the whole package first thing in the morning, all but one.
I threw one out in front of them to prove

a point as bad it was to eat that many
cookies in the morning, and they saw me throw it away,
and they looked at me as if I'd just driven
our car off a cliff, like are you insane? I'll say, Like,
as much as they're constantly nuts, I do feel like
quarantine has been a blessing in the sense that we're
laying down the law a lot more and we're just like,

I don't have anywhere to go, you want no TV
for the rest of the weekend. Like we're just like
really laying it down lately. Brinceman sent to his room
a lot, which I think is helping him. I think
he believes it now because it's also a lot of
times when we were home and you sort of do
a halfhearted threat, like if you do this and you
don't stick with it, you know, then your threats mean nothing.

But I've been doing a lot of like keeping it calm.
But I say, if you do that again, and you're
going to your room, And he does it, and he
goes to his room, and it's he's calmed down, and
he's he's like picking his battles more. Yeah, he's yeah,
he's less likely to escalate. I also like we've gotten
so used to sending him to his room now that
like I there are certain circumstances where it like he

would like just punch Maven or something, and I would
be like, not even give him a warning, Like I
was just like, go to your room now, And I
was like, I'm amazed that we're at a point where
he actually does that when I say it, um, and
it was like I was like, I really feel like
we're gaining control over him. Um. Yeah, Well it's also
I mean the thing about it is not just that

he goes to his room, but I think we're also
we're more serious about it and we're less emotional about it,
and so he knows that it's time alone, as opposed
do we're angry at you, right right right, just like
this is what's happening. Don't go. You're gonna stay up
there longer. And then he'll go and he'll stomp. But

they can stop and scream and there's no neighbors. Yeah,
so anyway, Yeah, they can scream all they want that
no one will know. Go ahead, scream, I'll scream. We've
been screaming a lot. Yeah, there's been a lot of
screaming here. Um. So then anyway, after we had the
like three day sugar high or whatever, Tuesday, we Monday, No,
it's Monday, Monday, right before we need to record a podcast,

right after this OREO incident, the same day our power
goes out and during a very impressive wind rain storm. Yeah,
so clearly like a branch or tree fell into a
power line or something, and so we didn't have power
for twenty four hours, um during which is full day. Yeah,

slightly frustrating when you're in the middle of a pandemic
and you're not supposed to be doing like extraneous food
shopping and of um so com Peter died, phone died.
Can't do any work. Yeah, it can't work. Giant tree
splits in half, it falls in the yard. That's not
a big deal. You, I didn't say it was. It

led to something very satisfying. Yeah, but you like you
were like, oh, tree, this is my focus for the
next twenty four hours. Tree, And I was like, hey,
there's a lot going on, like we don't have power,
and like you didn't. You were like, oh, this thing happens.
So now everything's out the window. I can just go
chop wood for Okay. First of all, I cleaned a

tremendous number of sticks out of our yard, put them
into piles. I called the tree guy. Okay, like the
sticks out of the art is also like not the
most urgent. I'm just saying, just tell me what I
needed to do that I didn't do. I'm just saying,
like whenever anything slightly out of the routine happens, you
use it. I reject where this this absolute statement is going.

It feels like you use it as an excuse to
just like throw all plants out the window. You're like,
I'm not a dad anymore. I'm a tree chopper. I
don't have responsibilities. I'm just a man who chops fogs. Listen,
I couldn't take my son to school. There's no internet, right,
but like there still is, like childcare and cleaning and
like things in the home that need to continue to happen.

I don't know food preparation. I did all of these things.
I don't know what you're talking about. I thoroughly rejected
the idea that I'm not pulling my weight. Uh. If
you want to pick a day where I did less,
you're probably right. I don't remember. But overall, no way,
I don't think you're doing as much as you think.

I don't think you realize if you wake up in
the morning that I have done all the sweeping and
dishes and stuff either before I went to better before
you will. Oh, yes, I was sweeping every day. You
do not sweep every day any Let's talk about literally
have never seen you sweep because you're asleep. I know
you did it once, but you do not sweep every day.

These floors were filthy when I said, honestly, you have
no idea how much sleepy I did, because I literally
do it right after you have gone to sleep or
before you wake up in the morning. Sounds suspicious, really
every day. I don't do it every day. That's a lie,
but I do it that many many times. Anyway, let's
we'll never know the truth because you start from a
place of lies. Fair Enough, I want to talk about

chopping this tree because it has brought me a tremendous
amount of joy despite whatever of whatever other duties I
have or have not been keeping up on. I get
that you love chopping. The would like and it makes
me feel very manly and productive, and I get it.
I'm just saying, it's like it's the equivalent of me

going for a run, where it's like I'm checking in
with the house and I would be like, hey, guys,
I'm going for a run. I put the kids in
front of TV. You are just like, wood must be chopped.
It's the most important thing in our lives. And I'm
not going to tell anyone where I'm going or what's happening.
I'll just be out with the wood. Are you accusing
me of being the one who disappears without announcing what

they're doing. I have to disappear because everyone is always
on top of me. Okay, so so okay, that's a
stated double standard. That's fine. But I didn't. I'm not like, oh,
I disappeared for a while. By the way, I stopped
into a store where I might have caught coronavirus. I will,
I'll tell you what I get back. Here's the thing.

I have a cough today and I don't feel well,
and the only thing I've been thinking is I better
not have coronavirus because Beth is going to be mad
at me for it. I will receive no sympathy for
having this terrible illness. I don't know why you should.
And so I'm like, I don't want to be sick
only for that reason, just just because I just okay. Like,

it's like when you talked to Brandon, You're like, hey, Brin,
if you're trying to hide it from me, it means
you know you're doing something wrong. You know you're doing
something wrong. I have not done anything wrong. You're you
you You were out the other day after this after
we lost power and he went to get your milk

and half and half, which is fine, but you specifically
didn't communicate with me that you're going to the store
because you're like afraid. Would you like to hear why?
Because I got up early so I could take the
trash to the dump and on the way back, I
was like, oh, it's almost best time to go to work.
I gotta get back. I don't have a lot of time,

but we don't have any milk, and Beth really likes
her half and half. So I stopped at the expensive
grocery store to get one basket load and I got
a bunch of things, and I was like, I was like,
Beth is going to be so mad at the things
I didn't get. I don't have time. I might as
well not go. And I almost didn't go, as I
knew this is going to happen if you're at the

store potentially contracting coronavirus. Is it would it kill you
to call me and be like, I'm running in the
store so that I can be like, Okay, here's two
things that I've been really wanting and we only go
to the store once every two years because we're like
pioneers on the frontier. Can you please get your wife
the one pioneers chap one? Can I have some fiber?

Like we got a fridge full of apples, which you're
allergic to? I realized later. Anyway, I have needs, So
I try to say, a hundred episodes is a real accomplishment.
And uh, and I really love you. What wouldn't be
letter with the episode if we didn't argue about something.

It's sort of part of our thing. It's true, and
we had two weeks. We've had two weeks of stuff too,
not argue on the podcast about it? Does I do
feel it? It's been two weeks and we haven't checked
in because we haven't recorded a podcast. Yeah, but we
also haven't been checking in as much in general lately
because life is such chaos. I will say, you know,

despite all everything we just talked about, we are in.
We are in to a really generally good routine where
the boundaries are clear. We installed locks on the bedroom door. Yeah,
I ordered new door knobs because I was like this.
Our bedroom, as I probably have complained, already, has two entrances,
so it's all extra opportunities for people to like waltz

into my space while I'm trying to work, which when
you have little kids, it's like it's like five times
an hour, so you never actually get like a full
thought going before someone is just hanging on you and
trying to get you to make the mapples and peanut butter. Anyway,
and it's also very hard in the morning I do.
Bran is getting more and more school responsibilities, like his

the things his teacher are standing is more of a
full school day, and that's all my responsibility pretty much,
and I do it. But it is very hard now
to get the checklist done and engage Maven, and so
I try really how to give Maven things to do,
and then Bryn has to do all this stuff and
then I turned my I turned my back, and Maven's gone,

you have to give me even more of a project
like you have. Yeah, she needs like like you can
literally just say like, oh, you should draw a zoo,
and then she's like it just has to be something
she cares about. Yeah, sometimes I'm I do it's very successful,
and there's other times she doesn't. She knows that I'm
trying to do something and she rejects. She has has

to be multiple times this week when I'm like, you're
supposed to be with daddy now, and she goes daddy
school is just for Brin that I heard that, and
it really broke my heart because I was trying and
I want to. I wanna just pay attention to her.
But you can teach them both the same lesson and
just give her an easier version. Oh, I do. That's

mostly what I do, and it's very successful. It's just
the only time you're aware of aware of it is
and she's gotten bored and slipped past me and she's like, you,
I don't have a father. He's Brian's father, just just
Brin's teacher. But now that there's locks on the door,
I think I'm less stressed that she's going to slip

away from me. Yeah, it's I mean, I was. It's
already been sort of a in a way, a good
challenge of not having the locks, because we had to
really emphasize to them that it's like mommy work time
and you don't get to go in there. But I'm
very glad we have the locks now. We did it
in the right order. Yeah, So the locks are a
backup system. Yeah, it's good. Although I realized now I

I'm like, I need socks. I guess I have to
wait till one or I can break in. You need
to like store up your errands to come in here.
I did think about. I was like, that's probably exactly
what Beth wants, which is I have to really think
about if I actually need that thing. Yeah. Well that's
the other thing is I'll tell you, over the last
few weeks, I think that really puts me over the edge,

and it really it makes it hard nut snap is
like the kids will come in here five times an
hour for three hours. I have like a half hour left.
I'm like finally, like I've snuck away some alone time
or whatever, and I finally feel like peaceful for one second.
And then you walk in like you've just finished something
up and you're like, well, here's what's going on in
my life. I just had this call and this person

who said this and that, and I'm like, it's not
that I don't care, it's just that I am going
to scream if I don't get some time where no
one is talking to me. Um um. So yeah, that's fair,
I will say. I get interrupted more than anybody. That's
not true. It is true. It's just that Okay. First

of all, we have a second floor of this house
that the kids never go up to, that I can't
go up to because I'm very allergic. Let me finished.
Second of all, that's not true at all. I don't
have a By the afternoon, all the rules go out
the window, and I have to be in different places,
and so I don't. I do feel one when I'm
not complaining because I'm not like you, it doesn't bother

me as much. But I have you constantly get worked
one while they're right in the same room as yet.
But I know that's what I'm saying. But I have noticed,
like after a few weeks, I do have these moments
where I I don't know I'm simultaneously one. I realized
I feel like I haven't been alone um in a

way that when I'm at home, I have all this time.
When I'm commuting, when i'm walking, I go for a
walk to the train, I walk with that I'm on
the train alone where I have this solitude, but it's
very active I'm moving. I have none of that here
until I'm suddenly alone because I put the kids to bed,
and you guys are on zoom calls or something, and

then I feel intensely alone. And it has been a
weird experience because I'm not I'm I've realized I'm pretty
introverted in that, like I don't need people, but I've
I don't know if I talked about this, but it's
been two weeks, but I can't. A couple of nights
I came up and you and Ali were on zoom
calls with a bunch of people, and I got so sad. Yeah,

you told us that you're very affected by it. And
then and the night you said it, my sister and
I were both having zoom calls with like our friends
from high school. So I was like, well, why don't
you just set up a call with your friends from
high school, which you then did, and then you got
so excited and happy to talk to them. Well, there's

we talked about this. So my my to my closest
friends high school. We're both named Peter. We had an
zoom zoom chat, which was great to catch up, but
we talked a little bit about this. The three of
us like this Midwest mentality where we have a lot
of guilt about making anything about us, which might seem

crazy knowing me, because all I want is attention, but
there's so much guilt attached to it. And the idea
that well, I'm going to reach out to my friends
that I have not kept in super close contact with
now that there's a pandemic feels bizarrely selfish, and I
was like, well, it's not. They're not going to think
it's genuinely think it's weird, genuine loaded selfish, and of course,

like we all feel the same way right now, so
of course people want to connect and it's fine, but
I had a lot of anxiety about just asking my
friends to talk. I feel like high school friends is
a good like a low bar for you to work
up the courage to ask people to talk like. But

it was also great. I have very interesting, smart, thoughtful friends.
Uh who boy. And it was a moment where we're
like we all had to put our kids to bed,
and I was like, oh my god, we are such adults.
When is a doctor and a lawyer and a that
works for a bank and an actor, and like there
are all of these things. Yes, they're they're like such professionals.

I thought you were talking to two for I was,
I was, um he said a doctor lar bang was
that works for a big actor? Okay anyway, um um anyway,
Peter and Peter. Great to talk to you. Yeah, you
were like I could feel like through the wall that

you were like radiating joy. You were like so happy
to talk to them. Um it was great. Well now
I'm uncomfortable. No, it was just nice to see you
like make the effort to see a social thing and
it was like, see, I didn't. I didn't not believe you.

But my social life tends to be just the people
I'm working with. I do things with people, I build things,
I work with them, and those where most of my
relationships are built around that. But I don't have that
right now. So it is a weird thing to reach
out to people just to just to be with them. Yeah.

I find like there's something about quarantine where I am
just so tired and have so little energy for like
social media and people right now. So like if I
have like one or two Zoom calls a week, just
like friends, and that's like that feels like all I
can manage right now. It's just like too much. Yeah,

I think there's been a lot, a lot of people
have been doing sort of a little too much reaching
out where like this is so great, we're all connecting.
We have to do this every week. And then you
quickly are like, oh, you know what, it was good
to catch up with this group. But I'm good for yeah,
I think it also like again, just like depends a
lot on whether you have like kids or roommates or

what's going on right. My entire acting class from college,
almost my characting class, had a zoom reunion and it
was I was like, do I want to do that?
I'd like all those people, but and I did it
and it was wonderful, and I was like, oh my god,
it is so cool to have this group of people together.
And there's this mediate little overreaction of like, we have

to do this every week. My mind, I'm like, I
don't think we're going to do that. Um. And it's okay,
m um. If you're a me acic class and you're
listening to this, I love you. Our kids just started
screaming and now it's time for Do you knows who

literally just farted on my lap? I would say because
I was the only persons out of his lab. Mhmm.
The powerful reason deduction has uh successfully identified the farter
Bryn McNerney, Welcome to the podcast. How are you doing
at that's a little bad. You're doing a little bad.

Can you tell us why you're doing a little bad?
Because you had to call me? Did come here? Oh?
I took you away from something fun you were doing.
I was gonna watch TV, but you didn't have to
say yes. But you did say yes, yeah, because I
had to. What are you watching, Brian? Which episode? I

don't know what was happening in the episode? I don't know, So, Brian,
what has happened since we've been staying here at this house?
What are your most fun activities? Oh? That's wait? What
did you say? What are your favorite things to do
here at this house? Showing on the shrink, watch TV,

joined some lemonade. That's what I'm doing right now. Those
are good? Those are good options. You like my homemade
lemonade Hibiscus day? Yeah? What do we have for dinner tonight?
You're sausage Campy sausagees Campy, a dish that we've invented
since we've been living in this house. Yeah, it's pretty

good brand. What do you miss from home? The couch
the bedroom. Um, how about your friends? Yeah, Maven, what
did you miss from home? And you know I missed
the mush as my friend. Well, we're gonna let Maven

says the toys. She said, the toys. Who do you
miss the most of your friends? Brand Luca? Yeah, he's
your best friend. He's like my best friend forever. Yeah?
What do um should we call him? Okay, well maybe
we can. What did you say? He's brands BF. It's

a secret and it's also not a secret secret, but
it's not just it's what we call an open secret
in the industry. Is that you and Lucas are best
friends forever? Well you mean bff. Yeah, that's right, and
that's what it really actually meant. What why is Lucas

your best friend? Because he made me laugh a good
reason and he has like all the bent and toys
and he lets me play with them. That's cool, right, Yeah,
because we're not special too. They're not special to him,

but they're special to you. No, No, they're they're not
special to anybody. Brent, Will you tell us a joke?
What did the baby corn sage of the mommy corn?
What where's popcorn? Ha? Ha, that's a good one, Maven,

can you tell a joke? Maven? What did you make
today with me? I think she's going to say lemonade
or plato because I don't know plato? Plato? And what
color is it green? I think? I mean it really

is green? Right now? It really is green? All right?
Brittany Mayvin, can we ask you? You know this podcast
that Mommy and Daddy do? Do you know that this
is the one hundredth episode? Wow, it's crazy. What do
you know about this podcast? And is boring? Maven? What

do you know about this podcasts? What do you think
this podcast is about? Questions? Do you think there's a
general topics? It's about questions and jokes? Said? I think
it's about story virus? Is this the story parts podcast? Brint? Well, now,

because you know there's not lead Rachel or Meggan, You're right,
there's missing some story parts. So do you know what
this podcast is called? I don't know. You know that
it's about parenting? Well? Well is it? It is? Sort of?
It's sort of this it's sort of about you. Okay,

what is this about a king? Um? Well, we've been
doing this for two years now, and we talked about
what it's like to raise two crazy kids. That's a
griss cough. Um, what do you what do you think
about the fact that there's secretly been a podcast about

you going on for two years. I think it's taking
away my favorite things that they can do. Are you
trying to say that you want to go watch TV?
Well yeah, alright, Well let's first say goodbye to Maven.
May be anything you want to say it everyone, you'll

just say bye, okay, all right, goodbye, brand Say goodbye
brand bye. All right, there he goes. Don't get tangled
in the cord. Oh gosh, she's tangled in the court.
Don't fall down. Alright, goodbye, goodbye, mabn. Big hug for mommy,
Big kiss for mommy, Big hug from Brin, and kiss

for mommy. Or at least Brandon gave me a hug too.
Maven could care less? Oh here comes maybe yeah one one, wow,
thank you. Close the door behind you please. Well we
did it very little. We taught our kids to close

the door behind them. That's a real victory. And now
it's time for we knows what they're working on, slash
watching slash doing This is about school and television. Well,
you're just jamming those topics together. Yeah, just jamming them
together screen We know screen time, he knows what they're learning.
Um So, Brand had a zoom call with his teacher today,

his first that I've been a part of, maybe his first.
I did a zoom call a mom created independently, and
I'm sure both of them were as okay, yeah, okay.
So because he his teacher asked who had done zoom before,
and he was like, I have, And I was like, hot,
does he know what zoom is? Um? But it was
kind of a disaster. The teacher's Internet connection was not great,

and it was just a lot of not muted kids.
And this is my favorite, right. It was like this
one kid that we know from our building, um nearby,
who's like really cute. He was like when he first
was sitting there and all the parents had clearly dragged
their kids, their kinder earners to be in front of
the computer and do this, he was like, everyone's staring

at me. I don't like it. It was like the
keyest thing. Um B was initially very upset by the
idea he did a zoom call earlier with this whole class.
It was just a bunch of kids screaming at each other,
and he was so shy and would Yeah, he was
pretty shy with us too. I had to let him

sit in my lap so that he would participate, and
then he got a little better. But then like I
was trying to mute us because no one else was muted,
and it's like, you know, likes to chaotic. But then
he would get asked something and he would try to respond,
and like he would be muted and they wouldn't hear him,
and then I would like I meet him, but then
like his teacher would be like, Brian, did you want
to say something? And then this other girl in his

class name Bryn would start answering. It was just like
such a disaster. Um, so yeah, now you know, it
was like to go to school with uh for peters
of my well, it was wunny too. I think the
teacher was just probably nervous about doing her first zoom
that I mean, like I have, Um, my aunt is
a teacher and it's hard for her and a lot

of her like colleagues who are like boomers, who haven't
had to do this kind of technology in their like
careers and now they're just trying to adapt and it's
already not an easy thing to lead a group of
people on a video chat, but if you haven't been
doing it like at all, it's confusing. So like Brin's
teacher was like, I just feel like she sort of

like didn't like she I don't know, she her connection
was bad, so she wasn't like hearing everything that's happening,
and she didn't I don't know. She was like telling
a story, but she didn't realize that. Like I think
the pages were like completely blurred out for most the
kids and it wasn't like centered on the screen, and
like it's just like very a new skill. Yeah, she's

been learning a lot quickly, and I will um, she's
been great. Her lesson plans have gotten a lot clearer,
She's found online resources that are actually good. Yeah, it's
just so funny watching people adapt to jobs that are
not at all what their job description was, you know
what I mean. Like, it's just I want to help

her because I'm like, these are all this is all
stuff I know how to do, this, all stuff I'm
good at. But I'm also like it's not my problem.
I'm just the more she asks for things to actually
be turned in, the more I'm like you're doing your job.
But honestly, that's work for me. I just find I

find the points where where is she going to see this?
And then anything she's not going to see, I play
it by ear. I'm like, what is important? Because also
a lot of the stuff that Bryn now has to
do on the checklist, some of them are great. He
needs the reps other things. He's a head, and I'm like,

he doesn't need to practice counting. He doesn't need to
practice what two numbers make ten. He's nailed this. But
he loves the game, so he spends fifteen minutes a
day doing math that he gets perfect because he just
likes being right. I'm like, God, I wish we could
skip ahead on that. I mean, that's why when I'm working,

when I'm doing like vaguely learning activities with them, Like
today they wanted to pretend they were at school, and
Bryn got this like pre K workbook that we have
with like basic spelling stuff, and so him and Mayven
we're like pretending to be at school, and so it
was really easy stuff. But there's always ways you can
throw them off and be like, but how do you

spell orange? And then they kind of like panic, and
they try to like yes, based on what's on the page,
and like they're figuring it out. I feel like it's
like they're still learning, even though they're doing it in
their own weird like cheater way, you know, Like it's
just Brenda does not like to guess it's spelling. I

made him write a thing where he couldn't ask for
help on spelling, and it was like I was torturing him. Yeah,
it makes me understand why you don't normally teach three
year olds to read, because Maven, it's like such a
three year old reaction where she'll see something and she'll
be like, it says tortoise, and I'm like, no, it
says turtle. But I can understand why you would think that,

and she's like, no, it says tortoise. Turtles have flippers,
and like she just like digs and heels and like
you're like, yeah, this is not like an age of
a person who is like willing to listen. Brenda, although
compared to everything else, he was shockingly willing to be
corrected when it came to reading. He was into it

for some reason. She'll get better, She's like, I think
she's actually learning a lot just through osmosis of being
next to him. But as you don't say, she pays
attention to a lot of Britain's school work. Yeah, she's
starting to really like sound things out and stuff. She's
not I get that she's like probably ahead of the curve,
but it knows all her letters, all her sounds. She
does fight me on a lot of lies that she means.

There is one online so Britain started doing this site
called Lalilo. It's like phonics and reading and spelling, and
it's by far the best site that the teacher has
sent us Ah where she like says a word and
he goes, here's a bunch of words which Ryan words

rhyme with that word and then they just repackage it
in a lot of ways and goes, here's the word
with part of it missing. Which letter is missing? And
it's broken down. It's it's not just letters, it's like
br or. It will be like br bro does the
following word have bro? It's like toothbrush Ah, And I
can see Brin really thinking and that's that's by far

the best site. Yeah. Yeah, I can definitely tell Mayban
and is starting to pick up on that stuff. Too.
So you wanted to talk about a movie that we
watched with bread, did you not? Um? Yeah, I mean
it's been a while now since we skipped a week,
but we watched ET with the kids, which was surprisingly

held their attention because they don't watch a lot of
live action movies. Yeah, but I think they're one. They're
older and too, they're very excited when all of us
sit down together, yeah, to watch a movie. And I
gotta say, we don't. I haven't done that in so long,
when you sit down with a bunch of people and
watch a movie. And I realized that that's when it

used to be one of my favorite things in the world,
and it is again now that Brendan Mayvin can actually focus.
It's nice. It's just that usually when they're watching something
long form, I'm like, well, here's my chance to escape
and do something I want to do, or clean up
the whole house, you know. So, but it is nice
when we do it, and ET was good. There's like

a lot you don't remember about that movie if you
haven't seen it in many years. It's one of those
things where I remembered almost every frame of it except
for well two things. One I think we talked about
this where we did not remember at all the very,
very beginning of the movie. And I think so many
movies of our childhood you never saw the beginning because

it was just always on TV, and so when you
flip the channels, it's so rare that it would be
the very beginning. And so the first twenty minutes of
every movie from nine to two thousand, I feel like
the very beginnings are highly neglected. I simultaneously remember every

single frame of that movie. I feel like when we
were growing up in movies, like they editing of these
was harder before digital. So there's like the exposition of
most not early nineties, late eighties movies would be like
a montage, like just a musical montage of like cars driving,

this is the town. We're slowly bringing you to the location.
Like it's just like a lot of slow set up.
But it's so but the et does a good job
of it. All those adults you never see their faces.
You're welcome JJ Abrams for your entire career. You're welcome

being the aesthetic of that movie. I was just trying
to take a hard, hard stance at J. J Abrams,
and I don't actually care that pepping off your creation
e G. Yeah, yeah, I'm a e T. Didn't you
know you're married to Steven Spielberg. Oh, I see, I
get it now. Anyway, anyway, anything else? No, I thought

you're looking at something on your phone as like, yeah,
my notes of what what happened. It's hard to keep
track of what happened because I live in a blur.
We we live in a duck blur. These days, we
have a um new fun parenting technique where we tell
the kids that they look like a blur like Sonic
the Hedgehog if they run fast enough around the house,

and then we just send them outside to run around
the house once or twice. This is the greatest thing
about our lives compared to our normal lives, which is
you say, hey, go run around the house. Is something
we've never been able to say. Yeah, it's so great,
and they like so it's so funny. When we first
told them to do it, and Brn was running past
the house and they both think they're so fast, and

Bryn kept smiling at me and my sister as he
was running because he's so proud. But then he kept
falling over because he wasn't watching where he's going, and
they're both just so happy. They're like, I'm the fastest person.
I think they just love their independence as it gets warmer. Well,
she also got a new pair of sneakers, where she

said these are my going for a run sneaker. Um.
Very cool. This next segment is called would you knows?

Zori present each other with parenting hypotheticals. This one comes
to us from Eric. Eric says, Hey, Beth and Peter,
I feel like it's been a while since you have
tackled day wacky would you know hypothetical, so I thought
i'd throw one out there. You're right, Eric, it has
been too long, Okay. So here it is. One day
you're exploring your house in Massachusetts when you find an

old door you have never seen before. Did this happened
to me yesterday? Go ahead, you go inside, and suddenly
you are in a dark hallway. A spirit appears and
offers you a choice. You can head back the way
you came and your life continues as it is now,
or you can head forward towards another door. Once you

cross through it, you and the rest of the family
will be transported back a hundred and fifty years to
eighteen seventy, where you will have to live for six months.
The essentials of shelter, clothing, a job just for Peter, etcetera.
It's eight seventy, that's fair will be provided. Once the

six months are up, you will be transported back to
April and it will be like the pandemic never happened,
to be clear for everyone, and your current stay in
Massachusetts will was just for spring break. Do you choose
to live in the eighteen seventies to wipe away the pandemic?
If so, do you just keep your heads down and

make on take on the standard rolls of breadwinner for
Peter and running the house for best? Are you trying
to entroduce some twenty century ideas into society? How do
you raise the kids without modern conveniences? I hope you
continue to stay healthy and safe in these crazy times.
Wow this so at first, before you here in the

twist of how it saves everyone from the pandemic, I
was like very not psyched about going to this time period.
I don't like, they don't think I would farewell there.
I don't think I would enjoy uh the amount of
labor um. But so we I started watching on someone's

recommendation this um show on Amazon Prime called Pioneer Quest,
which is a document Canadian docu reality show of these
people who have to live on like a western pioneer farm,
and if you haven't seen the PBS shows of this ilk,

I highly recommend um. I think it's like Colonial House
and Pioneer House or something like that. But anyway, it's
really fun to watch, but it looks like a really
horrible way to live, and I don't think I see now.
I had a different reaction because you're the one. You'd

just be chopping wood. That's your fantasy, and I have
to like render dear fat into like three like for
three days, so that it could be like the basis
of like a potato soup that we have. Like I'm
just like I'm saying, like, it's just my answer was,

before I heard the twist that it would save everybody,
I was like, maybe I want to do this, and
then I was like, gonna be a lot of work,
So I would definitely do it. When to save the world,
I guess I would probably do it to save the world.
And also like I would at the end of it

that it's like sort of feels running a marathon where
you'd be able to tell people you did it, and
it's like seems like a good idea when you're planning it,
like you're like, yeah, i'll have a baby, I can
do labor um and then you to like live it
is like hell on Earth. But then you're like, well
it would be a disaster for well, well, well you
know what I think we're thinking of the TV show

because in this hypothetical he says that I have a job.
I know, but there's still we're probably like washing clothes
by hand and ship like this. It's also what job
we're in this area in the seventies, which means it's
bad enough when you wander off for a few hours.
Now when I have a dishwasher and a washing machine,

can you imagine the like what that life is like?
I do you know what would change what brinnan Maven
would be on their own? Do you know what I mean?
Like we would feed that, I would be like wash
this um, put them to work. We would feed them,
but we would stop caring like what they're putting in
their mouths. I don't know, because we also probably have

to take them the church and it's like a four
hour service and we have to keep them quiet somehow,
or everyone thinks from the devil, going to church for
four hours and doing nothing is probably a vacation. I
feel like growing up in Massachusetts has given me a
very sobering look at what early settler life was like.
I was like, I feel like it was constantly brought

up in my education, like the realities of how bad
things aren't. Like you're taking a field trip to like
a little cabin and they're like, this was the richest
man's house doing the same thing, but every summer going
to checking out Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower Recreation and
they'd be like, look, how crappy this boat is. It's beautiful.

Everyone died except those who were unlucky enough to not.
I'm just saying I could barely be like a madman wife,
let alone. Here's the thing. I think, once we got
in there and found a routine, I think I would
like it. You mean the routine where you go to
work and I figure out everything else. Okay, you know

when you like go to like a are you trying
to what is my job? Because you can't tell me
if we're pioneers. No, no one's having an easy time.
Nobody gets a free ride. We're pioneers where we didn't
say what state we're in, right while the door was
in Massachusetts. So I mean eighteen seventy, I just I
still don't think in eighteen seventy is great anywhere by

our living standards, by our current living excitors. I mean,
just look at how we're handling quarantine. I Um, we're like,
we need to make simple syrup for cocktails. Like we're not, like,
we're not cut out for this kind of reality where
you can't go to the liquor store on a whim.
We would not be drinking liquor. We would be chopping

a lot more, would uh. Yeah. But again, locations like
being in a being in Boston in eighteen seventy is
wildly different, I know, but it depends a lot on
your job. There's like one person who has a good
in the whole country. Probably everyone else is just working
their asses off, like eighty hours a week. And that
person's name is rough and that's not who you are, buddy. Sorry,

um somebody please google was Rutherford B. Hayes president in
eighteen seventy. He might have been, Um boy, the answer, Eric,
this is a great question. We'll do it, Eric for
the sake of the country, but we're not going to
like it. I'm going to say that I might accidentally
like it. Yeah, you probably would. You probably be like

an old timey bank tellerant. You keep a pen pencil
behind your ear all day. Would be such a nice
handcrafted pencil that cost me half a month salary. You
have little tiny spectacles that you love to put on
and off. They just clipped to the end of my nose.
I've got a visor with my hat, but no no

top of my hand, and I'm like, Peter, it's time
to come home. I have eight children, and I'd be like,
I can't hear you because you're miles away and we
don't have a telephone. Um, I don't love it. That's
what I'm gonna say. I think that, um, it's possible,

given the right circumstances, that I could love it, assuming
we don't get sick and you get to continue to
be a man yep, um, that we could be really satisfied.
I think at the end of the six months there's
a version of where we're like, well, we'll never do
that again. But that again, we'll definitely never do that
again even if we had the choice, but it would

be really satisfying. It would be really satisfying to end
that experience and to have a whole new set of
life skills. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, I
don't know if I would ever use any of them though,
we don't know. Eric, You've got to be more specific.
What is my job? What is my social situation? Oh

that I'm confident in my answer. Well, he did ask specifically,
would you try to inject more twenty one century gender
roles into society or just think so because it's just
like a tiny dose of like my opinion would be
they'd be like heresy, Like they would just like I
would get found out very quickly. Yeah, well it's I mean,

it's a big difference between like sixteen seventy and no.
But they still like if I was like, what do
you think about if a woman could vote, they would
be like, your wife needs to go to jail or
the nut factory. Hello, Like let me put this woman
in the like dump. You're right, I mean there were
plenty of women saying women should vote in but yeah,

they were. They were that times, like unquote angry feminists
who were like those guys are nuts. They were like
getting beaten, like they weren't like like women. Like if
women were like I don't like housework, I don't like
managing the servants, they'd be like, let's just you know,
sent her up state to like play sanatorium, sanatorium, Like

just get her out of here. She's not right. There's
something not right about her. So you would stick to
your gender roles, I think. So I want to feel
it out a little bit before I get myself like
who knows what? Um. The big question is what would
Brennan Maven say to the people they meet. And we'd
be like, great, we got the weird kids. They're like,

do you play games on your phone? But what our
kids would not blend in? Our kids are already in quarantine,
just getting so weird, Like they're like, I mean they
were already weird kids, but now it's just like seven weird.
I hope everyone else's kids are getting weird. Uh, I

hope that everyone's kids are getting a little bit weird,
a little bit weird. Try to keep uf um. Boy, gosh,
you know what, it's a hundredth episode and I want
to take uh the end of this episode two to
say what I'm grateful for. You know what I'm grateful for,
Beth what our listeners? Yes, me too. It's hard being

a parent. And uh, you guys listen to us blab
on and on and on. Thanks for listening to us
blob on and all of you and argue you have
all of your own arguments and all of your own
victories and and uh defeats and joys and stresses and
uh we you're the best. And you're doing great even

when you really suck it up, you're doing all right,
especially now. We're all doing great. Are you kids alive? Great?
You're doing great. Nailed it? Um um. You know who
else I want to thank for a hundred episodes? Who?
Mates of State? You don't know? We don't say it.
We should say it every episode. Our theme song my

Mates of State. You got a watch on dated a
live Instagram were just them and their three girls sang
songs and one of them is like too and just
so upset that everyone's ignoring her while the rest of
them have just a beautiful blend of voices. Is so heartwarming.
Check out Mates of State, the greatest band in the world,

the greatest. I'm also thankful for check Bryant from Stuff
you should know, a movie crush who is the reason
we have this show. Yeah, thanks Chuck, thanks for helping
us put this out there and together. You know who else?
I want to thank my husband Peter mcnurry. I just
I was waiting to make sure. Yeah, link going through

the mall and your Rolodex of husbands. I'd like to
thank my wife, Beth Noel, who is the best wife
I've ever had or could possibly want. Um. You drive
me crazy, um and do you you make me better? Likewise,

this has been another episode of We Knows Parenting. If
you would like to send us an email UM to
tell us that you're worried about us because we didn't
have an episode last week, you wouldn't be alone. We
got a few of those this week, and I would
like to thank that people that wrote in to say
they were worried about us because we didn't release an episode.
Thanks for being worried about us, but we're fine. We're fine. Uh.

You can email us and we knows pot at gmail
dot com or give us a call at three four
seven three eight four seven three. Find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,
and we knows Pod and rate review, give us the
rate and review. Subscribe, Subscribe by now. Check out Peter

occasionally on Swear Parts Radio by Beth's book. There's no manual,
it's still great and we'll see you for episode hundred one. Bye,

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