Mexica: A History Podcast

Mexica: A History Podcast

Mexica: A History Podcast is a 9-episode, audio narrative about the Conquest of Mexico, historically sourced (from both Indigenous sources and first hand European accounts). with the goal of bringing the rich sights, scents and sounds of the Mexica world to the listener. This podcast takes the listener through the Spanish defeat of Moctezuma and his Aztec allies in a richly sensual narrative.


May 19, 2024 16 mins

In this follow-up episode we explore the rulers of Tenochtitlan, or the tlatoque. From the first tlatoani, Acamapichtli, to the final traditional tlatoani, Cuauhtémoc, we'll explore all nine "Aztec rulers." In this episode Tenochtitlan emerges from the marshes of Lake Texcoco, the first three rulers find themselves subject to King Tezozomoc.

Part 1 - Acamapichtli, the first ruler of Tenochtitlan.


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In Episode 9, Cortes returns to the Valley of Mexico, bringing with him nearly a thousand refreshed Spanish soldiers, and tens of thousands of Tlaxcalan warriors. A brutal siege would grind the Mexica down until their ability to resist was done. This would be the end of Mexica power and culture in the valley.

Part 1 - The March to Texcoco
Cortes returns to the Valley of Mexico and is welcomed by a young prince.

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March 10, 2022 46 mins

In Episode 8, Cortes wears out his welcome in Tenochtitlan and sacrifices Moctezuma in a final attempt at saving his ambition: the greatest city in the New World. The Noche Triste, among the most iconic nights in Mexican history, plays out as the Spanish-Tlaxcala army flees the city.

Part 1 - Cortes Returns to Tenochtitlan
Following the Toxcatl Massacre, which decapitated the Mexica nobility in Cortes' absence, he...

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March 1, 2022 56 mins

In Episode 7, Cortes enters the Mexica capital and is welcomed. But things quickly go bad and violence erupts.

Part 1 - Entering Tenochtitlan
Cortes, his Spanish soldiers and 4 or 5 thousand Tlaxcalan warriors enter Tenochtitlan along the causeway.

Part 2 - Meeting Moctezuma
Moctezuma emerges from the crowd to welcome Cortes to Tenochtitlan.

Part 3 - Guests in the Capital
The Spanish are welco...

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February 22, 2022 36 mins

In Episode 6, Cortes continues his march toward Tenochtitlan with a fateful and violent stop in Cholula.

Part 1 - Cholula

Cortes and his 400 Spanish soldiers enter Cholula while the nearly 10,000-strong Tlaxcala and Totonac armies wait outside the city. Here they commit one of the worst atrocities ever committed in the Conquest of the New World.

Part 2 - Word of the Destruction of Cholula

Word of the incomprehensible destruction of Cho...

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February 15, 2022 39 mins

In Episode 5, Cortes marched inland toward Tenochtitlan and passes through difficult terrain and battles on his way to finding a new and powerful ally.

Part 1 - Departing Cempoala

Cortes and his men depart the Totonac town of Cempoala and head into the lush highlands of the Sierra Madre.

Part 2 - Deserts, Valleys and Volcanoes

The Spanish expedition reaches the desert highlands and the men suffer from hypothermia, dehydration and hunge...

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February 8, 2022 38 mins

In Episode 4, Cortes digs in and settles on the coast. He encounters a new people, the Totonacs, and discovers their conflict with the Aztec Triple Alliance.

Part 1 – The Totonacs

Cortes learns of the Totonacs, who invite him to meet Xicomecoatl, leader of the town of Cempoala. Cortes learns of their subjugation by the Aztecs, and the anger they hold for Moctezuma.

Part 2 – Cempoala

Cortes passes through Cempoala on his way North. The ...

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February 1, 2022 36 mins

Episode Three – Along the Coast
Cortes departs Maya country and heads north, to Triple Alliance (Aztec) territory. A messenger spots the ships, and this begins a year long political dance between Moctezuma and Cortes. Despite Moctezuma's attempts to curtail the Spanish push inland, Cortes discovers divides among the people.

Part 1 – Closing out Business in Potonchan

Following his victory at the Battle of Cintla, Co...

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Cortés, Extremadura and the New World.
In Episode 2, we explore Extremadura Spain, home of some of the most vicious conquistadors where Cortes was raised. The narrative follows Cortes from his childhood in the small town of Medellin to his first lessons in genocide in Cuba through the climactic battles with the Maya.

Part 1 – Extremadura, Home of Conquistadors
Part 2 – Life in the Indies
Part 3 – Tabasco

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January 18, 2022 38 mins

Episode 1 – Moctezuma and the Valley of Mexico.
In Episode 1, we meet the Emperor Moctezuma and learn about some of his habits and beliefs. The Tlatelolco Market comes to life and we walk the streets of Tenochtitlan.
Part 1 – Tlatoani Moctezuma
Part 2 – Tenochtitlan
Part 3 – Politics of the Valley
Part 4 – Blood Debt to the Gods
Part 5 – Prayer and a Messenger from the Coast

Episode 1 Credits

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January 12, 2022 49 secs

Mexica: A History Podcast is an 8-episode, audio narrative about Moctezuma, the Aztec Triple Alliance and the Conquest of Mexico. Historically sourced (from both Indigenous sources and first hand European accounts) with the goal of bringing the rich sights, scents and sounds of the Mexica world to the listener. This podcast takes the listener through the Spanish defeat of Moctezuma, his Mexica people and his Aztec allies in a richl...

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