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June 3, 2023 27 mins

Doug Kaufman of KnowTheCause.com fame returned from Vietnam on death’s door. 

Once he finally learned what caused his problem, he became an avid crusader for people to look at this invisible threat as a hidden link to countless other conditions. 

Even if no doctor has gone here with you, you should consider doing so... as it could save your life. Because this threat has been dubbed, “The Great Pretender.” And conventional d...

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It is true that what you can’t see CAN hurt you. 

Listen to Doug Kaufman of KnowTheCause.com fame, and his story about how he was afflicted with a risky life-threatening infection when he came home from Vietnam... and how awful it was.

This set him on a life-long search for wellness that’s followed him all of his days... as he’s investigated the unseen enemy he’s written about for most of his life. 

Parasites and fungus...

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We wanted to share one of our favourite past episodes! Why do some people seem to get a "free pass" to live unhealthy... and others do everything right and still succumb to disease? 

Listen to this week’s podcast and find out how to tame your “naughty” genes so you can live life more fully. 

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We wanted to share one of our favourite past episodes!

 Discover why you are the way you are... and change your life today by activating your happy genes. Find out how best to work with the deck of cards you’ve been dealt genetically. 

It all started when our guest, Dr. Dunn, asked why her father who smoked and drank died of lung cancer at 55, while her step-dad did the same things and lived 30 years longer. 

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It matters not what the food item is, according to our podcast guest, Keith Bishop, former pharmacist and clinical nutritionist for decades. Violate this rule, and you could be unwittingly setting yourself up for cancer or Alzheimer’s. 

So whatever you’re preparing – meat, vegetables, cake, bread, French fries or whatever – be sure to follow Keith Bishop’s important rule, for your health’s sake. 

You’ll also discover the nu...

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Join us for a podcast with retired pharmacist, and clinical nutritionist with a private practice for 24 years. His mother died of glioblastoma brain cancer and his dad died from Alzheimer’s, spurring a lifelong research project into those 2 conditions. 

Listen in to discover what happened when they took a cancer nucleus with all its defective genome and transplanted it into a healthy cytoplasm. And what happened when they took ...

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This is just one of the key things learned by the loving dad of a childhood cancer patient while exploring what he could do to facilitate his son’s journey to wellness outside of the hospital setting, outside the oncology group. 

It’s vitally important – especially given the metabolic model of cancer. 

Plus, you’ll learn the three foods you should avoid if you want to enjoy health and wellness... the “healthy food” you shou...

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What would you do if you were in this man’s shoes? His life changes forever the night his 5-year-old son showed him his pink pee. Diagnosis: Stage 4. Worst news ever. 

Discover how Logan Duvall navigated this bombshell diagnosis, how he implemented simple lifestyle changes and virtually unknown (inexpensive) adjunct therapies in an effort to save his son’s life, and the pivotal words of a health food store owner that forever ch...

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Join us for today’s revealing discussion with Dr. Joseph Purita – orthopedic surgeon, stem cell key opinion leader, and now formulator extraordinaire for UltraBotanica. 

Discover the critical role of this key “cell bouncer,” the therapy that might remind you of the Hindenburg (though it’s perfectly safe), the intravenous blue dye that supports your mitochondria, and so much more. 

This half hour is jam-packed with so many w...

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Today’s guest was an early pioneer into regenerative medicine. He took some slings and arrows for it 18 years ago. Guess what these same critics are saying now? 

Dr. Joseph Purita discusses what senescent cells are, why you don’t want too many of them, and how to unload the extras. He stresses that addressing senescence is a prerequisite to other treatments such as stem cell therapy. Also, the one little problem usually ignored...

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Guest Kyle Drew describes his Big Pharma sales experience as his Judas moments. Yet he also became a considerable curcumin skeptic. Why?  


Discover the strange parallels between the world of Big Pharma and the world of natural health... and how Drew lost money by refusing to play the Judas game any longer. A continuation of our conversation last week, where he tells of his Big Pharma sales experiences and training.  


Don’t miss any...

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He considered medical school but rejected the plan because he didn’t want to practice conventional medicine. Yet he found himself in a pharmaceutical rep job out of college. Imagine how that went for him...

It certainly gave him an insider’s look at the industry! Get the inside scoop yourself, from guest Kyle Drew, co-host of the “Know the Cause” radio broadcast for 15 years, host of his own show, Super Health, and a nutritioni...

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Our Ultra Life Today interview today features Joe Tippens and his amazing journey from conventional cancer treatment at M.D. Anderson, being sent home to die due to vast metastases, and finally discovering a unique way to use an off-label drug to save his life. 

He tells the story of how he kicked cancer’s butt. And helped thousands of others around the world to write their own success stories. Discover how he went from, “Get y...

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Joe Tippens’ cancer recovery story quickly spread to 96 countries. You won’t believe the phone call he recently got from China... and the nickname assigned to his protocol over there. Apparently, it’s quite a term of endearment. 

From small cell lung cancer and a PET scan lit up like a Christmas tree in 2016... to no evidence of disease sustained all these years later, Joe Tippens is a living testament to the idea you can heal....

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Your mouth talks. It talks to your gut, which talks to your brain. Are you giving it the right inputs for health, wellbeing, and a life centered on living out your dreams? 

Podcast guest, Dr. Debbie Ozment, DDS, says that what happens in the mouth impacts disease, disability, and death. And this is not merely your lifespan. It’s a disease-free high-quality LIFE!

Discover Dr. Ozment’s strategies for great health so you can t...

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What’s a dentist like Dr. Debbie Ozment doing in Anti-Aging Medicine? Only looking at the forgotten orifice – the missing link to optimal health. Chances are if your mouth is a mess, so is your health. Dr. Ozment looks for the root causes that start at the entrance to your gut. 

Get fascinating and informative insights into how to improve your health by addressing your mouth in ways most dentists and doctors never do. Even Hipp...

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Go behind the scenes with podcast guest, Ed Fletcher, a long-time supplier of herbs to the supplement industry. 

Gain from his insider knowledge of how to evaluate supplements... how to narrow the seven on the shelf to the one best... which herbal companies have the best reputation... and the three unbeatable herbs to keep around for wintertime use.

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February 4, 2023 29 mins

Our podcast guest, board certified cardiologist and functional medicine M.D., Dr. Royce Bargas, discusses ways to prevent cardiovascular disease... even if your LDL is 180! 

Dr. Bargas has tools in her functional medicine toolkit to address problems that affect your heart. And she’d rather see you before you have disease. Because as she says, “It’s easier to prevent something than to prevent the second something.”

Discover ...

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Discover why doctors and patients are becoming so disillusioned with medicine in the money-driven model of modern healthcare. 

Today’s podcast guest, Dr. Royce Bargas, an integrative cardiologist, talks about how the rules are made by hospitals, Big Pharma, and the government. 

And you’ll be shocked to learn how the standard-of-care guidelines are determined!

Fortunately, there’s a way to sidestep the problems presented...

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Your microbiome is one of the primary players in mood, dementia, DNA expression, your immune system, and more. Your gut bacterial cells outnumber your human cells by hundreds-fold, and outnumber your genetics by at least 10-fold.

Does taking certain actions create a healthier microbiome? Yes! 

And today’s UltraLife Today guest, Dr. Deanna Windham, discusses them in today’s podcast. Find out how to make your microbiome work ...

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