VIDEO: Mom Hears Ghostly 'Help Me' Whispered On Baby Monitor

By Dave Basner

April 2, 2021

Baby monitors and cameras are not only a great way to keep an eye on your child, but to capture precious moments from your little one's life. As one mom was texting a real estate agent about a house she was planning to buy, her daughter walked over to the camera and started waving at it. Seeing it happen and thinking it was adorable, the mom went to check the footage to rewatch her kid's cuteness, but in viewing the clip she found something a lot less cute. In the video, it sounds like someone is whispering "help me."

The mom posted the footage to Reddit, writing. "I heard heavy breathing... and I replayed it again and I swear I could hear someone saying 'help me.'"

Many commenters responded, pointing out that some of these systems can be hacked and that it was likely a creep who was pranking her, but the mom explained that she had two-factor authentication turned on and said, "I would have heard it if they were using the 'speaker' and they would have had to hack my account."

She also reached out to the camera manufacturer, Arlo, who stated that "Arlo cameras are secure and it cannot be hacked. The Arlo system is designed to maintain the highest level of security to keep your videos private and secure in the cloud."

Making matters even more disturbing, later that night, a lightbulb in the mom's room exploded just before she went to bed.

People on Reddit made their minds up and are certain there is an entity of some kind in the room. Among the comments they wrote were, "Shivers down my spine, seems real and sounds like a spirit," and "That gave me the major creeps. Poor Baby going to help! Whatever it is needs to stay away from the baby."

You can read more here.

Photo: Getty Images

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