VIDEO: Nail Technician Slammed For Putting Fake Nails On Dog

By Dave Basner

April 12, 2021

Dog owners love to pamper their pooches. In fact, there are entire spas dedicated to canines where, just like at human spas, the pups can get massaged, styled and cleaned, but one thing that their Homo sapiens best friends do that dogs don't is get fake nails... until now.

Maritza Rubalcava, a nail technician, has gone viral on TikTok for a video where she creates fake nails for her chihuahua, Coco. Apparently, the 25-year-old spends almost an hour perfecting her pooch's nails then gingerly places them on the pup.

The California native explained to the Mirror, "Coco is my baby and one night my husband and I were talking and we thought it would be so cute to make her some tiny fake nails. I just did it for fun and it felt so random but it turned out well. She loves being pampered so she really enjoys the process of me sticking the nails onto her claws with adhesive pads."

Maritza also said, "Coco just models them for pictures because they're obviously really not practical for a dog to wear all of the time. It's just a little bit of bonding time with my dog and I really enjoy it."

However, some viewers definitely did not enjoy it, with a couple even calling it "animal abuse." To them, Maritza claims she only has Coco wear the nails for show and doesn't walk the dog in them. She explained, "I had some people who were so shocked at what I was doing but it's just for fun. I would never actually do anything to harm Coco."

Plenty of people support the nail technician's work. In fact, so many people love it that Maritza is planning to launch a collection of false nails for dogs which she'll sell for $15 but stresses that owners use them only for show.

Maritza, who adopted Coco after the chihuahua was abandoned in a box outside of her mother's shop, is an animal lover. She is going to donate a portion of sales from her dog nail collection to an animal rescue organization as an "ode to Coco."

Stay up to date with Maritza and Coco here.

Photo: Getty Images

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