Phone Repairman Finds $200 And A Note Pleading For Help Hidden In iPhone

By Dave Basner

April 14, 2021

When cell phone repair shops open up the devices brought to them, they probably see a range of things, from water damage to pet fur to old crumbs, but what one repairman discovered inside an iPhone he was fixing is something he never expected, and he shared video of it on TikTok.

He opened the phone, which was clearly broken with colored lines across the cracked screen, and inside he found two folded hundred dollar bills along with a handwritten plea for help. The note reads, "Please don't fix my phone! My wife is gonna kill me. Keep the $200 for you. Thanks."

He captioned the video, "Guys, don't drink too much on Saturday nights" and hashtagged it #cheater and #cheatonher.

WARNING: The music playing in the TikTok video has explicit lyrics.


Guys don’t drink too much in Saturday’s nights🤣🤣🤣🤣 #cheater #fyp #phonerepair #cheatonher #foryoupage #screenrepair

♬ if its up then its yonce - Jurk

There is no word on what the repairman did from there, but commenters on the video had plenty of suggestions. One person said, "Take the money, fix it, make more money when you show the wife the note." Another wrote, "Nah fix that phone, they deserve what's coming." Someone else chimed in, "Expose him." Then there were the people on the guy's side, citing "bro code" and writing things like, "You should fix it, and wipe all the bad stuff off and give it back," and "Simply fix it and restart it so the customer can get his phone and his [wife] won't notice anything."

You can see other strange encounters the phone repair guy has experienced by following him on TikTok here.

Photo: Getty Images

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