Steve Harvey Can't Hold Back After 'Family Feud' Contestant's Awful Answer

By Dave Basner

June 2, 2021

While hosting Family Feud, Steve Harvey has been witness to many kinds of responses from the show's contestants. In the past, their answers have made fun of him, scared him, trolled him, and upset him so much he walked off the stage. Well on a recent episode, the 64-year-old comedian heard probably one of the worst answers ever during his tenure and he made it clear to everyone watching just how terrible a response it was.

It happened as the Clark Family and the Latham Family went head to head. They were asked, "Name a kind of bird you'd hate to find out your relatives were serving for Thanksgiving dinner." Monica from the Clark family said "geese," which wasn't on the board, then Taylor from the Lathams responded "pigeon," which was the number one answer.

The Lathams chose to play and it was clear Steve was already in a sour mood since as he walked over to the Lathams, he made fun of the Clark family for huddling up to think of a response for if they got a chance to steal the round. Steve said to them, "Get in a huddle over there, y'all don't know these answers." The audience laughed and Steve went on, "Well you don't! You had a chance and... y'all don't know you don't know the answers. Geese? People have geese for Thanksgiving!"

Steve then turned back to the Lathams and asked Donald for his guess. He answered "cardinals." His family applauded the choice but Steve's face said it all, and if it didn't, his opinion of the response was clear by him breaking down in hysterics. Not surprisingly, it wasn't on the board. Steve then stated, “You hardly ever see ‘em now, it’s a little red bird, cardinal, but when you see it, Donald's going to shoot it.”

Steve then couldn't get through reading the question to Donald's relative, Justin, without laughing some more at how absurd an answer "cardinal" was. He then thanked Donald saying, "I needed that."

While the Lathams got one other answer on the board with "crow," they took on two more strikes since "vulture" and "ostrich" weren't up there. The Clarks did wind up stealing the round with "parrot," but the Lathams won the game, continuing their winning streak. During their five days on the show, they wound up taking home over $20,000.

Photo: Getty Images

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