Frustrated Steve Harvey Calls 'Family Feud' A 'Stupid Game'

By Dave Basner

May 18, 2021

Steve Harvey seems to have a good time hosting Family Feud, but the game show is not always smiles and laughs for the 64-year-old comedian. During his tenure there, he's been trolled, he's been made fun of, he's been scared and he's even walked off the stage. Well Steve has another reason to be disgruntled thanks to a recent episode.

On that show, the Brewers and the Jonas family were asked to name a part they could see Steve playing in a TV miniseries of the Bible. Danielle from the Brewers rang in and said "Jesus." Steve was surprised by her choice, but it was number three on the board, and since the Jonas family's guess of "Adam" wasn't up there at all, the Brewers got to play the round.

The Brewers immediately were hit with two strikes when "Peter" and "David" both weren't up there, but they then guessed "Moses," which was the number one response. It's what happened next that upset Steve. One of the Brewers suggested Steve would be a good "Judas." An offended Steve asks, "What's with 'Judas?'" He then asked if it was on the board, adding, "Please don't let that be up there," but much to his frustration, it was.

Steve then muttered, "This is stupid. This is such a stupid game."

Unfortunately for the host, it got worse for him. When the Jonas family tried to steal the round, the answer they gave was that Steve would play the devil."

Steve was unhappy, saying to the Jonas family, "Look at me. Look at me! The five of y'all stood in a circle and came out with the damn devil. Satan! Jesus, really? Judas was bad enough but Satan though? The dark angel? Satan? Lucifer?" Thankfully for Steve, it wasn't up there, but the remaining answers that were included Pharaoh and "random high priest," which caused Steve to ask, "Who is that?!?!"

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