Creepy Security Footage Shows Naked Person Running On All Fours Like Animal

By Dave Basner

September 8, 2021

Photo: Dave Basner

Security cameras are great at deterring crime or catching thieves in the act, but sometimes they capture more, and on occasion, what they film is downright strange. From alien abductions to bizzarre creatures to ghosts, a lot of weird footage has come from the cameras, but one video now going viral might top them all.

The clip shows a naked person "running" on all fours, like an animal, in the middle of the night. The incredible speed at which they move on their hands and legs shows that they have probably spent a lot of time getting from one place to another that way.

Some research shows the video first came out last year as a video insensitively titled "Dog Girl from Tamaulipas." Based on the title, it was likely filmed in Mexico, and while there isn't an explanation for what is going on in it, it is not the first time the girl was seen. In fact, back in 2009, she was reportedly spotted with her mother in Ciudad Madero, Mexico. The protective parent hid her daughter from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors and the media, for fear that she would be mocked.

Many commenters on the video stated how the footage reminds them of a horror film, and some felt the person in the clip was raised by animals, but a couple people actually had something productive to say - they suggested an explanation: that the figure in the clip might have a medical condition called Uner Tan syndrome, which prevents a person from walking on two legs. If that is the case though, it doesn't explain why the girl is naked. Additionally, most people with the condition aren't able to move quickly or smoothly on all fours.

According to one report, the cameras are in place as a precaution in case the girl "escapes." However, they don't explain what, if anything, there is to fear about her.

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