Bizarre Video Shows Flock Of Birds Mysteriously Get Dumped Out Of The Sky

By Dave Basner

February 15, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Most people see birds every day and think nothing of it. A pigeon is no big deal to city dwellers, those who live by the beach are used to sea gulls, and suburban and rural residents get to see all types of species throughout the year. However, what happened this week in Mexico was a shock not just to locals, but to anyone who saw the video of what occurred.

In the northern city of Chihuahua, a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds migrating south from Canada seemed to be dumped out of the sky. Security footage shows the strange incident and authorities are baffled at what caused it. In the video, everything seems fine as a few birds fly over a peaceful neighborhood, but then it's like someone turns on a faucet that pours out hundreds of birds.

According to El Heraldo de Chihuahua, many of the creatures unfortunately didn't survive, and when residents came across them, they called the police, who still aren't sure about the cause of death. A local vet suggested toxic fumes from a nearby heater could've been the culprit, but also thought it might have been an electrical arc from a power line.

Another possibility is just an error by the birds. Often times, flocks will fly in a murmuration, changing direction together as if in a choreographed dance. The birds might have miscalculated where the ground was, or had to quickly turn to escape a predator, causing them all to come crashing down.

Commenters on the video had theories too. One person wrote, "Strong possibility that the deaths were caused by the inability of the birds further back in the swarm to see the ground approaching. Basically a multi car pile up but birds instead of cars," while another said, "Microbursts of air can knock jumbo jets out of the air on approach to a runway. Why not a flock of birds." A third joked, "Maybe there was some bread on the street and they were all racing to get it."

The investigation is ongoing.

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