Videos Of 'UFO' On Truck Near Area 51 With Police Escort Shared On TikTok

By Dave Basner

February 23, 2022

In 1947, the military responded to a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico to recover debris from what they said was a weather balloon. As we all know, many people think that what actually happened was an extraterrestrial craft crashed and the aftermath of the incident was covered up by the government. Since then, there have been many conspiracies about aliens, their technology and UFOs, and many of those center on Area 51, the secret Air Force base in the Nevada desert where crashed UFOs are believed to be housed.

Well a recent video is feeding into some of those conspiracies since it seems to show a truck making its way through the California desert, not far from Area 51, carrying some strange cargo. The large semi has a special trailer that acts as a sling, supporting what resembles a very large disc covered with a tarp. Adding to the mystery - the truck has a police escort.

The scene was caught on camera and shared on TikTok. The person who filmed it noted that he asked the California Highway Patrol what the semi was carrying and they told him it was "a big rock."

He then filmed more of the truck driving through the desert.

Note: There is loud music in this video

Next, the TikToker found someone else's video of an incident that happened a few days before he filmed the truck. That footage was of a large military response at a fire near a mountain. The person recording said they were told it was, of all things, a weather balloon that went down, but the TikToker stated that they watched an "asteroid looking thing collide into the side of the mountain." They also asked in the video why the military would show up at a weather balloon crash site.

That mountain where this "weather balloon" crash happened shows up again in the video of the truck, which drives past it, showing that whatever is on the semi could be connected to the incident from days earlier.

WARNING: There is profanity in this video.

Of course, because Area 51 is where the Air Force tests out experimental aircraft, another possibility is that one of their top secret planes is what crashed, and they didn't want any military secrets getting out, so they said it was a weather balloon and/or a big rock and secretly, or not-so-secretly, cleaned it all up and moved it someplace more secure.

On the other hand, perhaps it was alien technology being brought somewhere to be reverse engineered. Either way, we will likely never know what it truly was.

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