Creepy 'River Troll' Photographed In Mississippi

By Dave Basner

April 5, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

There are upwards of two million species of animals on Earth, so it is very possible there are creatures out there that humans haven't yet discovered. We hear about many of them - the Loch Ness Monster, the chupacabra, Bigfoot and more, but there are other unknown animals out there as well that are seen and just given a label because people are unsure of what they saw. That's the case with something that was spotted on the coast of Mississippi. A small human-like being was photographed there and the person who took the picture is speaking out about the disturbing image and the creature in it, which he is calling a "river troll."

The witness sent the picture to and explained that it was taken six years ago from the river houseboat their family owned. They were on the dock looking across the water and because the tide was low, they could see into the woods. They watched as something bent down to drink from the river.

The witness had binoculars and through them saw something that was "pinkish tan with bulging eyes, funny looking ears, two arms and two legs, and what appeared to be horns coming out of its head." They added that it had a "short, round body" and they "would swear it was like a troll." They noted it was "devil ugly." They then took the picture with their phone.

The post went on to say,

"Now, living on a houseboat, you see a lot of creepy stuff in the swamp. Also, there would always be trees or logs laying across the ditches of our 1000 foot driveway in the middle of the swamp, as if something put them there to cross the deep parts. You couldn't walk up or down with out that eerie feeling of being watched. And it wasn't just me. Anyone who came out our way felt it. You would also hear what sounded like monkeys.
One time, something threw a rock and hit my friend. I still own that property and the houseboats, but none of my grown kids will even go out there anymore. I don't show the picture to other people anymore. I don't have to prove anything, but I'm sharing with you.
I feel as if maybe I am the lucky one to have been in contact with several creatures in this world. And some twice. Yes, it's blurry and, yeah, it's hard to make out, but you can clearly see its reflection in the water as it's drinking."

There is no official word on what is in the picture but you can see zoomed in versions of the photo here.

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