Baby Name Woman Picked Is So Bad She Gets Ghosted

By Dave Basner

May 3, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to picking a name for a baby, some couples have had one in mind for years, while others wait until they see the baby for the first time to decide what to call their child. Well one woman has known her baby's name since she was in the fifth grade. That's because that year, she lost a bet over it with a friend at school and she refuses to back out of it, even if it costs her a potential relationship, which it just did.

Her name is Emily Forney and she shared her story on Twitter, explaining how she matched with a guy on a dating app and his opening line to her was, "What should we name our first child?" Wanting to start the conversation off as honestly as possible, Emily confessed to him, stating, "I had to tell him that in fifth grade I lost a bet to my best friend Hannah and have to, without question, name my first born child Megatron." The guy did not respond and instead unmatched her.

While her confession to him clearly didn't win him over, it did delight over half a million people, as her tweet has racked up 535-thousand likes as well as hundreds of comments supporting her, including one from rapper Nicki Minaj.

Other comments included, "Best way to weed out the worthless," and, "You're funnier than him and he couldn't take the competition," and, "Unmatched you? Good Lord, the correct action would be to laugh and then ask you out immediately."

In fact, some guys love Emily's response so much they wish they could have a child with her.

You can see more from Emily by following her here.

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