Name New Mom Picks For Baby Is So Strange It Is Literally A Crime

By Dave Basner

March 31, 2022

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Each year, over 140 million babies are born and every one of them is given a name. Many times, those names are ones that have been around for centuries, and sometimes the names are newer but still common. Occasionally though, parents might get creative and try a lesser-used name, or one that they made up. It's a gamble that can pay off with a beautiful, unique moniker, but if it doesn't work out, it can be a lifetime of challenges for their child.

One new mom thought she'd try her hand at a distinctive name for her newborn, but wound up with one so bizarre that it is a crime... literally. She settled on the name Arson, and her sibling turned to Reddit to see if she is wrong in thinking her sister's choice of name is a huge mistake.

In a post, the woman explained that it is her 25-year-old sister's first child and at a recent dinner, she revealed what she plans to name the baby. After a long pause, the sibling blurted out, "Are you being serious?" Her sister got defensive and said, "Yeah, we like the name it's unique," to which the younger sibling replied, "That name sucks and you're naming her after a felony crime." Offended, the mom-to-be and her boyfriend got up and left, then later sent an angry text to her parents accusing them of raising her sister to be "an opinionated brat with no respect." She also was mad her parents didn't stick up for her and her name choice.

The mom suggested the sister apologize but added that the pregnancy has made her sibling hormonal. The sister tried to apologize but her sibling is sending her calls to voicemail and ignoring her texts. She asked Reddit for their opinion and while most people agreed with her, some defended her sister's decision.

Comments included, "That's a terrible name. Someone needed to say something," and, "Parents need a reality check when they're about to ruin their kids' life. I would have reacted the same way. Maybe not the nicest way to say it but naming your kid that isn't the nicest either."

Others pointed out the true meaning of the name, with one person explaining Arson is originally from Arabic and actually means "an attractive person." The commenter stated, "I think it is the typical problem with naming. Words can have different meanings." Another wrote, "I am not native English or Arabic, but I have definitely encountered the name a few times."

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