Mom-To-Be Unaware Of Disgusting Meaning Of Name She Picked For Her Kid

By Dave Basner

March 21, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Most decisions in life you can make without doing any research, but there are some major choices where it is best to do a little investigating. If you get a tattoo that's in a different language or similar to one on your pet, you should double check that it says what you want it to, or if you are speaking in sign language, you should be sure you know what your gestures mean. More than that though, if you are giving your child an unconventional name, you should definitely ensure that the name doesn't have any other meanings, especially gross ones. Unfortunately, one mom-to-be hasn't done that, and it might cause her child lots of grief.

The expectant mother's co-worker wrote about it on Reddit, explaining how both she and her colleague are pregnant. She said they have very different plans when it comes to parenting, so she is super sensitive when they discuss it. The woman wrote, "She mocks every choice of mine that doesn't match up with hers," like calling her a helicopter parent for reading books on birth and child-rearing, and calling her a "crunchy hippy mom" for wanting to breastfeed.

So when her co-worker revealed the name she plans to call her kid, the woman didn't know how to break it to her that there is a pretty digusting meaning to it. The co-worker wants to name her child "Mackoneum" explaining she "heard a doctor say it about her baby's first moments" and she "liked the sound of it." What the woman didn't seem to grasp is that meconium is, essentially, the baby's first poop.

Trying to be gentle with with issue, the Redditor suggested her co-worker Google the name to see if it had "any cool meanings," but the woman responded that she "wasn't going to and she hated Googling names as it ruins them because there's always someone who doesn't like it."

The Redditor wrote, "I really hope there is someone in her life who will let her know but I know she is very sheltered. I don't feel it's my place to, I feel telling her that's the medical term for baby's first poo will probably be breaching the boundary." She then asked commenters if they thought she should mind her own business, adding, "I feel like maybe if we were better friends it would be okay but as stated our relationship is not very friendly."

Most responses advised the woman say something, with comments including, "I hope you do for the sake of the kid. F*** her, but that kid should not suffer," and, "If she wants to name her fetus after fecal matter after that, then it's on her." No word yet on if the woman said anything to her co-worker or not.

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