Kim Petras Reveals The Strange 'Mix Of Things' That Inspired Her New Album

By Rebekah Gonzalez

December 1, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Kim Petras' new album is "all over the place" and she's really excited about it. Fresh off becoming the first openly transgender woman to be nominated for a Grammy award for her song "Unholy" with Sam Smith, Petras sat down with iHeartRadio's Emily Curl for an exclusive interview.

"It's just such a thing that I didn't think would happen," Petras said of the history-making nomination. "Growing up I was definitely like, 'I wonder if I can do a lot of the things that my idols do... because I'm trans. Is that gonna limit me from how far I can go?'" She went on, "That stuff definetly ran through my head so it's just cool to have broken that little ceiling that was there before and now its open."

The pop star also recalled what it was like performing "Unholy" for the first time with Sam at the 2022 iHeartRadio Musical Festival back in September. "It was so much fun," Petras said. "It was a huge venue and so many people. It was crazy and the song was so special to me. Performing with Sam is always the most fun and I get to kind of just come in for my part and party with Sam so it's like the best time. And you never forget the first performance of a song. It's so special."

When asked what themes she's exploring on her new album, Petras revealed, "I'm super into Greek mythology at this moment. I'm super into rockstars, I'm really into a lot of Hollywood stories of people who didn't make it and what they did after and that kind of darkness of Hollywood."

She continued, "It's an interesting mix of things. It's also kind of Berlin. There's definitely the Berlin kind of the Berghain moments that go a little harder sonically and some more techno in this round too but it's all over the place. It's really kind of the essence of me."

Petras went on to mention her scrapped debut album and why she felt it didn't feel right to release. "I really pushed myself [with the new album]," she said. There's a scrapped album before this one, which I will forever love but just didn't feel like the right thing for me to do anymore."

Her most recent single "If Jesus Was A Rockstar" is "the perfect first look" at the new album, according to Petras, and she thinks "people are going to be very surprised by it which I love. I always want to do stuff that people don't expect from me just because all my favorite artists have."

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