Losing 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Calls Out The Show While On Air

By Dave Basner

January 30, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Wheel Of Fortune is no stranger to controversies that enrage fans. Recently, a player lost because she took too long of a pause, while another lost for adding an "a," and a different player lost for accidentally adding the word "and," and she wasn't the only one it happened to. Even Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune has seen issues, like when a contestant didn't pronounce a sound correctly. Meanwhile, the show has also been slammed for confusing puzzles, but even with all the debatable moments, no one appearing on the show has ever said anything about it... until now.

A contestant named Ben Tucker had something happen to him during his show, and he wasn't going to just let it go quietly. It went down during the bonus round, where the L.A. native struggled to solve a puzzle that fell under the category "Fun and Games." The board showed "TA_ _ N _ A _ _ _ C _ _ _ _" so Ben guessed things like "Taunt A Chuck Guy" and "Taunt A Wacky Guy." After time ran out, host Pat Sajak somewhat rudely said, "Oh, that was so unclose." The correct answer was "Taking A Quick Jog."

Pat then said, "Yeah, you just didn't have the letters," but Ben came back, stating, "Well see, I don't consider jogging 'fun and games.'" Pat responded, "Oh, well there ya go." Ben made a face of disbelief then turned to the camera, smiled and gave a thumbs up. Pat seemed to concede, saying, "That wasn't bad."

Even the show's own Instagram seems to agree with Ben, sharing video of the exchange with the caption, "He has a point πŸ€”πŸ˜‚"

Viewers overwhelmingly had Ben's back, writing things like, "Finally! A contestant finally speaks out about the answers not matching the category!" and, "Totally agreed with him! I could not figure out the last word because I was not thinking a jog," and, "He is right, the clue should be 'ACTIVITY' rather than 'FUN & GAMES." Another stated, "Nobody considers that fun and games that’s fitness, come on," and someone else chimed in, "I mean... he's not wrong. Weird puzzle for that category." One other added, "This puzzle absolutely did not fit the category. The category should've been 'What are you doing?'"

Even though Ben didn't get the bonus puzzle right, missing out on $45,000, he still left the show a winner, walking away with over $18,000.

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