Louis Tomlinson Would Be 'Surprised' If There Was No One Direction Reunion

By Dani Medina

February 25, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Louis Tomlinson is reflecting on the One Direction split almost a decade later.

In a recent interview with The Times UK published this week, the "Written All Over Your Face" singer revealed he was "mortified" when the boy band broke up in 2015. "I was absolutely gutted. I was a bit bitter, I suppose because it just felt like another loss to me. But I've a better understanding of things now, and there's not as much anger. It is what it is," he said.

Tomlinson also shared he had feelings of jealousy toward Harry Styles amid his success. "Well, it's not a surprise is it? We were always aware that Harry fit that mold, and it's been an amazing thing to watch. Envy? At the start maybe, when I was trying to find my feet, but it's never healthy to cross-reference your own success with others is it?" he continued. "These days I'm learning to elevate myself in those moments when I have to. I didn't know how to do that before, but now? Now I know I f------ can."

Now, as all five original members of the group have pursued solo careers, Tomlinson pondered about the possibility of a One Direction reunion. "Getting back together at some point is hard to imagine right now. But I'd be surprised if we lived out our lives and didn't have a moment where we had a reunion, or whatever you want to call it. I'd be up for that," he said.

In the first look of Tomlinson's upcoming documentary, All Of Those Voices, he also shared a glimpse into his recovery after the group disbanded. "I thought for me it was the band or nothing. It was hard for me to imagine myself on my own. I didn't see a way back not even musically, just to do anything," he shared.

All Of Those Voices is set to his movie theaters worldwide on March 22. Watch the trailer below:

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