Big Boy Reflects On The Moment When He Announced The Death Of Tupac Shakur

By Tony M. Centeno

August 3, 2023

Big Boy
Photo: iHeartRadio

Big Boy has witnessed a lot of wild moments in Hip-Hop history, but there's always one that he'll never forget.

On Wednesday night, August 2, the host of Big Boy's Neighborhood on Real 92.3 appeared on the iHeartRadio Living Black! 2023 block party in Los Angeles. During his segment, he reflected on his role in Hip-Hop before and after he dominated the airwaves with his radio show. After reflecting on his time as a bodyguard for the California-based rap group The Pharcyde, Big Boy shared the story of the somber moment when he had to report about the death of Tupac Shakur.

"I have a few impactful moments but the one that was the most impactful that I get a lot of people still come back to me and say 'I remember that show' was announcing to Los Angeles that Tupac Shakur... that he died."

Big Boy recalled the absence of social media and outlets like TMZ in a time when people didn't instantly know things the second its announced. The veteran radio host rehashed the moments when he arrived at the station and heard the rumors that 'Pac passed away due to the injuries he suffered during a shooting in Las Vegas. After making some calls, he got the confirmation and had to go live with the news.

"I remember getting on the mic and it wasn't a prepared speech," Big Boy explained. "It wasn't like I knew what I was going to say because it took me by surprise but I still had to be the one to turn on that mic and say so. Immediately after I said 2Pac passed, all the phone lines lit up."

Big Boy's reflection comes shorty after Big Boy acted as the host for 'Pac's ceremony for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It also amid the revival of 2Pac's murder investigation. Nevada police recently executed a search warrant on the home of Duane "Keefe D" Davis' home and collected numerous items. Keefe D is said to have been in the car when the shooter opened fire on 'Pac in 1996.

If you missed any of the action during this year’s iHeartRadio Living Black! Watch it again via iHeartRadio’s YouTube and Facebook pages from now through August 8th.

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