Baby's Name Is So Bad New Mom Gets Warned It Will Ruin The Child's Life

By Dave Basner

March 7, 2024

When it comes to choosing a baby's name, new moms and dads have a big decision to make. Many pick a more common name, but others go with something less conventional. Typically, it's those more unique names that some people question or deride, but occasionally, the mainstream monikers are made fun of too, especially if the parents chose a different spelling for them. That's what one mom did and her best friend found the name to be so bad that she flat out told the woman it would ruin the child's life.

That friend, named Addie, shared her story on Reddit, explaining that the new mom, Loreen, had been her bestie for 17 years. After giving birth to a little girl, she and her husband told Addie the baby's name: Ghiuliyette, pronounced "Juliet." Addie stated, "I thought the spelling was a joke, until she told me they are serious."

Shocked, Addie responded, "That spelling of a simple but beautiful name is just going to ruin that little girl's life." She said, "The spelling is just bad. Nothing else can explain it. Why ruin such a beautiful name by including letters that don't belong there?" Loreen got mad and told Addie she was being mean. Addie bit her tongue for a few hours but the next day texted Loreen and "told her that the little girl will try to change her name or at least go by her middle name since it's normal." The middle name is Mahriya.

Loreen had enough and said Addie was "a bad friend" and an "a*****e for making fun of the name." Even though she was meant to be the child's godmother, she was told she'd never see Ghiuliyette again after telling Loreen that "the spelling is just bad." Loreen also called her "the worst friend ever."

Addie apologized but still urged her friend to reconsider. She also asked Reddit if she was a jerk for making the suggestion. Commenters didn't think so, writing things like, "Long term studies have absolutely proved that kids with novelty names/name spelling are way worse at spelling all their lives because they get second guessed all the time," and, "I'll tell you up front that you're right. Kids with f****d up spellings of their names are miserable about 3/4 of the time." One other person chimed in, "Names are the first thing most kids learn to spell, using 'uncommon' spellings that go against basic spelling rules is a recipe for disaster."

No word on if Loreen had a change of heart on either her baby's name, or her friendship with Addie.

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