Fighting for Connection - Creating a Secure Marriage

Fighting for Connection - Creating a Secure Marriage

Want a close connected and secure relationship? Maybe you feel like something's not quite right in your relationship, even though there are a lot of good things. You and your partner love each other, but there are moments that hurt. It's normal for all relationships to experience conflict or worry. The difference between the couples that remain close and the couples that drift apart is their ability to work through conflict and moments of worry and insecurity within the relationship. Listen in to discover new ways to stay close and connected even through the toughest moments life throws at you.. Learn how to deal with your patterns of conflict and make your connection stronger. Simply listen, learn, make changes, and see positive transformations in your relationship. Brett Nikula is an LMFT and Relationship coach that works with couples that want to stay together, that really care about each other, learn to communicate in a way that reduces the pain in the relationship and increases the connection.


April 15, 2024 10 mins

Have you ever found yourself swallowed by the highs and lows of marriage, feeling like if it's not perfect, you're failing? Let's reshape that narrative together. As your host Brett Nikula, I delve into the concept of moderation within relationships, a theme that may just be the lifeline your partnership needs. This episode isn't just another discussion; it's a revelation that will shift your perspective on...

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When Kelsey and I tied the knot, little did we know that the real work was just beginning. This week on Fighting for Connection, I get help you see how even seemingly stable relationships have their share of turbulence. 

This episode takes you through the heart of what many assume to be 'just another normal marriage'. I peel back the layers to reveal how familiar struggles with insecurities and doubts can quietly...

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April 1, 2024 10 mins

Nestled among Seattle's verdant landscapes, we shared heartfelt stories at a recent couples camp, unraveling the intricate tapestries of marriage and mental health. Our candid conversations revealed how one partner's psychological struggles can ripple through the relationship, highlighting the often-overlooked 'contagious' nature of mental health issues within a union. We navigated the complex dynamics of suppor...

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March 25, 2024 11 mins

Embarking on an exploration of our emotional worlds, I, Brett Nikula, invite you to peer into the depths of the inner child and its profound influence on our relationships. In this episode I dissect the powerful yearnings for acceptance and security that weave through our connections with others. This episode is a candid revelation of how, when these fundamental desires go unfulfilled, our partnerships often bear the brunt, leading...

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March 18, 2024 12 mins

When Kelsey's away, the heart doesn't just grow fonder—it learns. My reflection on the weekends without my wife turned a spotlight on the intricate dance of repair and connection essential for keeping our relationship vibrant. We've all been there, sailing smoothly in love's waters, only to hit the occasional storm of conflict. In our latest chat on the Fighting for Connection podcast, I, Brett Nikula, speak can...

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March 11, 2024 21 mins

Have you ever found yourself hesitating to reach out to someone because a voice inside your head whispered, "You're not good enough"? Our latest episode of Fighting for Connection is a journey through these common shadows of doubt and how they can cast a chill on our relationships. As I recount my own struggle with imposter syndrome and the longing to communicate more effectively, I reveal the universality of these i...

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Struggling to keep up with life demands can feel like an uphill battle, especially when juggling the chaos of a travel-laden career and a growing family. My personal journey has taught me invaluable lessons about the significance of consistency and persistence, not just in the realm of relationships, but through all of life's experience as well. In this heartfelt conversation, I, Brett Nikula, peel back the layers of these twi...

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I so enjoyed this visit. We cried, and laughed, and chatted. And we also recorded. Listen in as Leanne and Derek share an incredible story of Love. We also talk about addiction and how it creates so much pain and havoc. But I couldn't help but walk away with a renewed desire to love more. 

You can learn more about Leanne and her story at or on instagram at https://www.instagr...

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February 19, 2024 14 mins

Have you ever felt adrift in the vast ocean of life's relationships, yearning for a lifeline? Join me, Brett Nicola, as I delve into the profound effects of disconnection on our most cherished bonds in the latest episode of the Fighting for Connection podcast. I share my personal experiences and those of my clients to shine a light on the human need for connection and how it shapes our interactions. Through the metaphor of bei...

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February 12, 2024 22 mins

Embark on an intimate exploration with me, Brett Nicola, as I share the balancing act of nurturing a thriving career alongside a vibrant family life. Picture the heartwarming morning routine of dropping off the little ones at school and the cherished midday breaks spent with my beloved wife. These personal vignettes from my life as a devoted family man and a seasoned relationship coach frame today's episode, where I delve into...

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February 5, 2024 29 mins

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As the Nicola family tree extends its branches with the arrival of Bram Walter Nicola, I, Brett Nicola, invite you into an intimate reflection on the beauty of beginnings and the deep-rooted theories that guide our connections. In the glow of my newborn son's first days, witness the living embodiment of attachment theory as my wife Kelsey instincti...

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January 29, 2024 44 mins

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January 22, 2024 38 mins

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As my wife Kelsey and I eagerly await the arrival of our seventh bundle of joy, I find myself reflecting on the profound connection that's only deepened with each heartbeat. Join me, Brett Nicola, as I take you on a journey through the anticipation, the nerves, and the heartwarming moments that prelude the entrance of a new family member. This episode isn't just about the pitter-patter of ti...

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Today I enjoy a conversation with Tommy and Brenda Geary who run Tommy G Coaching and The Durable Dad Podcast. We discuss how to communicate in a clear way in order to stay close and connected in the face of life challenges and even working together. 

To find more of Tommy and Brenda's work check out

and Follow them on instagram at

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January 8, 2024 34 mins

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Have you ever felt like your emotions were holding the reins, steering you through every twist and turn of life's unpredictable journey? Join us, Brett Nicola, on a heart-to-heart conversation in the latest installment of the Fighting for Connection podcast, where we explore the delicate interplay between our thoughts a...

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January 1, 2024 21 mins

As the calendar flips to a new page, I, Brett Nicola, invite you to join me in harnessing the transformative energy of fresh beginnings. Just like stepping onto the back nine with a renewed sense of purpose, this episode is about channeling that energy into the art of relationship renewal. Together, we'll navigate the undulating terrain of marriage therapy, sharing my personal evolution from focusing on child psychology to the...

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December 25, 2023 35 mins

Embarking on a marriage retreat was a game-changer for my wife, Kelsey, and me—it set the stage for a profound exploration of our relationship through the lens of Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT). As Kelsey prepares for the new chapter of motherhood, we take this podcast as an intimate platform to share the invaluable lessons we've gleaned from understanding the conflict cycle. This episode isn't just a reflection; it&apos...

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Ever felt like you're navigating the stormy sea of parenting with no compass in hand? Our latest episode features certified life coach Alicia Davis, who dedicates herself to guiding moms back to sure ground. She opens up about her deeply personal journey, revealing how she discovered the transformative power of taking radical responsibility for her own life. Her experiences and insights offer a beacon of hope and a treasure tr...

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December 11, 2023 30 mins

Ever found yourself lost or wondering where to go, arguing over directions with your loved one? Been there done that, and I am here to share our experiences with you. Join me as I relive our little moment of confusion on our way home from Mexico, a trip that not only served as a fun getaway, but also a workshop for my relationship coaching. I expose the raw and real aspects of our relationship, offering you an authentic look into c...

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Today we talk about practical tools and ways to create a relationship that is open and how to reveal what is possible in our relationship. 

Aimée Gianni, MS, is a Marriage & Family Therapist and a Master Coach Instructor specializing in Love Relationships. She teaches her clients The Art of Intimate Connection and helps them create strong, loving, joyful relationships and meaningful lives that they love, full of authen...

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