Optimal Self with Jeremy Herider

Optimal Self with Jeremy Herider

"The Art of Becoming the Best Version of YOU!" We are going to talk with extraordinary people who are on the journey of living to their "Optimal Self". People who have created amazing lives by simply being the best version of themselves. We will dive deep into their minds to learn the things they do on a daily basis to stay on their path and create optimal results. We are going to share their tools and insights with you so you can implement them into your life and be THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!


October 22, 2021 60 min

RON MATHEWS, CSCS is an internationally renowned fitness expert who has spent the past 20+ years sculpting the physiques of actors, entertainers, producers, executives and athletes alike. Widely considered one of the most sought after trainers in Hollywood, his no-nonsense training techniques have helped hundreds of clients to dramatically transform their bodies for various projects, including film, television, cover shoots, an...

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Let's try a little game. Look for everything around you that is red, now close your eyes and describe everything that was blue.

Most miss what's there because we are so fixated on what we are looking for, we are constantly trying to confirm our biases. We are looking for things to confirm our beliefs. Even the negative about ourselves.

Start looking for what's right.

Start clapping for yourself when you do the right the th...

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October 18, 2021 8 min

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”

- Napoleon Hill

"SELF-SYNERGY" is when your thoughts, words and actions are all in alignment just like Napoleon Hill stated, it all starts in your mind with your thoughts. There are a million and one things you could do. Your only limit is ...

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October 15, 2021 8 min

Milk is spilled on the floor.

You didn't do it.

It's your house.

The person, animal, thing that did it is not around, gone.

What are you going to do about it?

You gonna sit there and sulk.

Let it sit and wait for someone else to clean it.

It lingers, it rots, it spoils, stinks worse every minute its not addressed.

What are you going to do about it?

Where in our life right now is the milk spilled.

Where are we waiting for for someone ...

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October 13, 2021 10 min

Momentum=the quantity of motion of a moving body

People want big results.

People fail because they RUSH to big results.

They expect a result and don't respect the process!

You can't skip to the end.

You must take each individual step.

That's where you learn.

That's where and how you build momentum

Momentum is built with consistent daily action.

You don't fail at a result

You fail at the preparation.

Preparation takes...

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October 11, 2021 12 min

Behaviour change is harder to maintain than Belief change

Belief change is harder to maintain than Identity change

Identity change = Reality change

"True behavior change is Identity change. When you behavior and identity are fully aligned, you are no longer pursuing change. You are simply acting like the type of person you already believe yourself to be" -James Clear

Identity is at the core...

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October 7, 2021 9 min

“There's no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist, we are all equals as human beings. You could be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that's that. I am not talented. I am obsessed.” -Conor McGregor

Achieving a goal has nothing to do with talent.

It's an obsession.

Most people aren't obsessed with their goals because they don't believe they are worthy of ...

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- Stay away from sugar and high calorie drinks

- 16-24oz Water, Hymalayan Sea Salt, 1/2 squeeze of lemon(Smell the lemon)


- Get up and go outside

- Go for a walk, grab a collogue

- Stimulate your mind through movement


- More importantly SCHEDULED sleep

- No phone or screen time 2hr before bed

- Same time every night even weekends, consistency is key

- Avoid excessive Alcohol and Caffeine

Manage your focus time

- 30min on / 5-...

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October 4, 2021 13 min

What are the things you measure or track to stay motivated? -Kyle, Ohio

For me when hear or see the word motivation. I have conditioned myself to think ACTION!!!

It's about effort! I track or look at my effort.

I definitely set goals, but its not about obtaining the goal its about who I become in the process. It's about becoming the person that can obtain that goal. Putting in the effort it takes to get there.

A win without the...

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Guest Bio:

Zander Fryer, best-selling author, internationally renowned speaker, and host of the iTunes top podcast – Sh*t You Don’t Learn In College – is more than just a corporate dropout. After quitting his successful corporate career at age 27, Zander launched his company, High Impact Coaching, to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to build successful businesses while adding value to the world. From ZERO to 6 figures in 3 months a...

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Are you convicted or Are you interested?

Most people don't know.. But, There is a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE

Convicted - the state of mind of a person who is sure that what he or she believes.

Interested - having the attention or curiosity

If you are convicted you will find a way.

If you are interested you will find an excuse.

If you simply have interest in something you will find reasons it won't work, reasons to not take action.

When yo...

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September 26, 2021 12 min

The 80/20 Principle or Pareto Principle says 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities.

I believe its even more skewed than that. That most are doing very few things that are leading to the actual life they want. Leading them to "the best version of themselves"

Meaning most of what you do throughout the day is actually a distraction.

Most of what you are doing is taking you farther from your goals or the life you wa...

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Guest Bio:

Evan Stewart is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and venture consultant with a knack for growing people-oriented, profit-rich organizations. A firm believer in leaving individuals and companies better than they were found, his mission is simple: to create a world in which people are inspired by their potential, motivated by their progress, and fulfilled through their life’s work


Show Notes:

-I just started finding problems...

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September 23, 2021 10 min

Do this and your life will change, a message from Jerry Rice.

"Today I will do what others won't so tomorrow I can do what others can't.”

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing the best you can do it!!

If you give it everything, even the small things, 100%, you train yourself to be great! Make your bed, clean the kitchen, sweep the floor, do it the best you can do it.

Train yourself to be great!

One task at a time.


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You don't decide your future.

You decide your HABITS.

Your HABITS decide your future. -FM Alexander

John Madsen said... High performance is when excellence in psychology meets excellence in physiology.

But you must start with your physiology.

"There is nothing more pitiful than a ready and willing mind but an incapable body" -Jim Rohn

If you need a psychology reset challenge your physiology, go move, override your psychology....

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September 19, 2021 9 min

High-performance coach Ben Bergeron has a simple saying:


Event + R = Outcome

The R is the factor. You either React or Respond

There is a major difference.

React = Impulsive, Emotions

Respond= Calculated, Principles

How does the "Best Version of You" handle high-stress situations?

Connect with Jeremy and Optimal Self:

Links: (We LOVE to be tagged in your posts, pl...

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“This conversation had the hair on the back of my neck and arms standing

up and heart-racing multiple times!” - Jeremy

Guest Bio:

MARK HENICK’s TEDx talk about the stranger who saved his life has been

viewed millions of times, and is among the most watched TEDx talks ever. Mark

has appeared in hundreds of television, radio, print and online features about

mental health. As host of both his So-Called Normal podcast, and the Living

Well pod...

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September 15, 2021 15 min

In the critically acclaimed book 𝘊𝘩𝘢𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳, psychologist Ethan Kross explores the silent conversations we have with ourselves. He warns that giving in to negative and disorienting self-talk—what he calls “chatter”—can tank our health, sink our moods, strain our social connections, and cause us to fold under pressure.

Engaged Chatter- is getting stuck in the cycle of negative thin...

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September 13, 2021 14 min

Is it....

The 5am Club

The Miracle Morning

The Nighttime Routine

Meditation, Movement, Afternoon Naps

The One Thing

Sounds confusing, but the answer is.. Yes!

All of those work, Its actually, what you are committed to!

Commitment is a statement of what is!

You can know what you're committed to by the results you are getting.

Not by what you SAY, by what you are DOING

If you want a different result, you must commit to a different behavior.


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September 12, 2021 12 min

Exactly one year ago today, I tried something new.

I was looking for a challenge something to push me mentally.

That morning I was listening to a podcast and the guest was talking about how truly powerful our minds are, that we only tap into a minuscule amount of the true power.

He gave a challenge.

To program your mind, Through intention and commitment.

He said he hasn't used an alarm clock in over a decade, that he programs his mi...

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