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Sara A. Carter is an award-winning investigative reporter who is taking back the story. Each week, Carter shares her unique perspective as a mom, a wife to a wounded war hero, and a reporter who’s told stories from the darkest corners of the world. Join her as she takes you on a journey taking listeners inside exclusive stories and interviews you won’t hear anywhere else. This is where the story begins.


April 11, 2024 29 mins
Do you want high school boys playing sports against your daughter? What do you think about your daughter having to play against grown men if she plays sports in college?

It's just reality that male athletes are usually bigger, stronger, and faster than women. It's basic biology. Forcing women to compete in those situations often places them at much greater risk for injuries. And allowing men on women's teams also robs some women of ...
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If the Biden administration were deliberately trying to encourage more terrorism and trying to discourage freedom-loving allies, would it act much differently than it is right now?

After the October 7 Hamas invasion of Israel, Biden vowed to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel, but as the media started parroting Hamas talking points and memory-holing the terrorist attacks, Biden has become increasingly adversarial towards Israel.

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Do you still believe the justice system in America works the way our founders intended? Do you still trust courts to make decisions based on the facts in evidence or do you expect politically motivated verdicts?

The idea of Lady Justice blindfolded and weighing the evidence on her scales is eroding before our eyes. In city after city, violent criminals are allowed back on the streets to terrorize, assault, and rob innocent neighbors...
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There is a war on the truth. It's happening every day in our media, from our politicians, and even in your local schools. Where do you go when you need to know the truth?

We can't trust the government. It's been lying to us for a long time, but in just the past few years it has actively worked to suppress free speech. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security colluded with social media to remove some posts and reduce visibilit...
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Why is President Biden abandoning our most faithful ally in the Middle East?  

It's been less than six months since Hamas invaded Israel, killed approximately 1,200 people, injured many others, and committed unspeakable sexual crimes against women and girls. Hundreds of hostages were taken, and far too many of them remain in the clutches of evil. Immediately after the atrocities, President Biden said the right things.

He condemned Ha...
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When did the government start siding with the bad guys? And how is the coddling of criminals in blue cities and states impacting life in your neighborhood?

The purpose of government is to protect our God-given liberties and to keep law and order. But in so many parts of the country, the political left now openly sides with criminals.
Police are demonized, lawmakers are passing legislation ending cash bail, and George Soros-backed pro...
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Are you tired of politicians labeling you in an effort to win you to their side or paint you as an enemy? Wouldn't it be nice to restore some unity to the United States of America?
Democrats and their leftist allies in the media are constantly trying to divide us. They use race, sex, economic class, and more to drive wedges in every corner of our society. To them you are either an oppressor or you are among the oppressed.

That's not ...
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Have you ever been attacked in your own home? Have you ever been powerless to stop people you love from being killed in front of you?

And if you led the nation where this happened, how strong would your resolve be to destroy those responsible for those atrocities?

Last week, Sara was in Israel with a group of Christian pastors and other leaders to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The goal was to show their steadfa...
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It's bad enough that the Biden administration refuses to secure our border and is allowing millions of people into the U.S. despite knowing almost nothing about most of them. We see the impact in big cities and small towns across the nation. Do you see it where you live?
Well, apparently Biden is not content only to welcome millions of illegals coming by foot. He's also flying hundreds of thousands of them into the country - at leas...
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Sara is in Israel and she wants you to know why she is there and what she plans to share from the Holy Land.

Throughout this week, Sara will visit the sites of unspeakable Hamas attacks against kibbutzes in October that left more than 1,400 Israelis dead, many others injured, hundreds taken as hostages, and still more forever scarred by brutal rape, sexual assault, and the vicious murders of family and friends.

Sara is joined today a...
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What is the president's most important job? What do you think it should be?

He literally swears an oath to uphold the Constitution, which is designed in part to "provide for the common defense." Millions of Americans expect the president and his administration, first and foremost, to protect our nation and its people.

According to retired U.S. Army Brig. General Anthony Tata, President Biden and top aides like Secretary of State Anto...
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Our borders are broken. The crisis has gotten far worse over the past three years and the impact - sometimes deadly - is felt throughout the nation. Has it hit your community or maybe your own home?

And if things don't change soon, the lives of many more Americans will be in danger. That's the message Sara received from National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto while she was reporting on the border invasion in Ariz...
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Have you ever received that phone call? The one where your life is suddenly and forever changed because someone you love has died or been permanently disabled?

Many spouses and children of service members and first responders know exactly what that's like.

So does Sara. in 2011, her husband called her to tell her he had been "nicked up" fighting in Afghanistan. But Sara knew it was likely much worse than that, and it was. Her husban...
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It's hard enough to hear about how our government allows millions of people to pour across our borders illegally. It's far more painful when the failed policies lead to a heinous murder in your town, on your campus, or even in your family.

The parents of Laken Riley are living their worst possible nightmare because federal officials allowed her killer to go free after he came here illegally and then set him free again after abusing...
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How confident are you that American leaders make careful decisions when deciding to intervene in international conflicts or that they have clear, achievable objectives when they do get involved? And which global threat do you think would be easiest for the U.S. to address?

Today, Sara and retired U.S. Army Green Beret Dr. Tobias Vogt break down our leaders' failures to make strong, consistent policies and give our troops clear expec...
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Is your daughter wondering whether to play girls sports because boys are allowed to play with them? Or maybe they've given up trying because boys who "identify" as girls have major physical advantages over them or they do not want to share a locker room with them.
Sara's 11-year-old daughter is involved in gymnastics, cross country, and tennis. and she is already worried about what her athletic future will look like if boys are ope...
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February 15, 2024 48 mins
America's southern border is a mess. The Biden administration's dereliction leaves every state and every neighborhood at greater risk of crime and suffering losses from the deadly poisons trafficked into the U.S.

But what if I told you another U.S. border is under serious threat - not from millions of unvetted migrants but from a dictator who loves to rattle his saber and has a history of invading his neighbors?

In recent weeks, we'...
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When Governor Abbott stood up to President Biden and his open-border policies, did you wonder if what the governor was doing was legal? After all, the courts always side with the federal government over states when it comes to border security, right?


On an exciting Sara Carter Show, law professor and Warrior Defense Project Director Dr. Jeffrey F. Addicott breaks down the legality of Greg Abbott's humiliation of the Biden adm...
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Who do you want to come to your rescue if you call the police? Do you want the very best qualified officers responding to your emergency or is it more important for your police department to hire based on diversity?

Of course, you want the most competent people for that job. And the same goes for federal law enforcement at the FBI.
However, recent reports show that standards are being relaxed at the bureau so that people who cannot p...
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It's been obvious for three years that President Biden has no intention of securing our borders and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is still the one implementing Biden's surrender on national security. And now we have the smoking gun proving Mayorkas ordered the border patrol to stop doing its job.

Today, Sara welcomes retired U.S. Customs and Border Protection Joel Maldonado. Maldonado left CBP because he could not c...
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