The Broken Pack™: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss

The Broken Pack™: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss

On this podcast, surviving sibling, psychologist, and thanatologist, Dr. Angela Dean, helps other grieving siblings share their sibling loss stories. This podcast aims to provide an authentic space for surviving siblings to express their grief and help others navigate the complex emotions associated with this profound, often misunderstood loss. The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss delves into the profound and often overlooked topic of sibling loss, offering a platform for surviving siblings to share their personal grief stories. In each episode, listeners are immersed in the real-life experiences of those who have endured the unimaginable loss of a sibling. Through inspiring narratives, honest accounts, and stories of resilience, surviving siblings recount their journeys and offer glimpses of hope in the face of profound grief. By connecting through shared experiences, listeners will find solace and support, discovering a community that understands the unique challenges of sibling loss. The Broken Pack™: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss is a podcast focused on giving bereaved adult survivors of sibling loss a platform to share their stories and be heard, something many sibling loss survivors state they never or rarely have had. This podcast is sponsored by The Broken Pack™, an organization supporting and educating others on adult sibling loss and grief as well as connecting survivors in community. If you would like more information or to share your own adult sibling loss story, please contact me, Dr. Angela Dean, at or go to our website, Please like, subscribe, and share! Please follow us on social media: Facebook: @BrokenPack Instagram: @thebrokenpack TikTok: @the_broken_pack YouTube: @thebrokenpack Sign-up for Wild Grief™, our newsletter: Thank you! Angela M. Dean, PsyD, FT Credits: The Broken Pack™ Podcast is produced by 27 Elephants Media "If Tomorrow Starts Without Me" © ℗ 2023, 2024 Written by Joe Mylward and Brian Dean Performed by Fuji Sounds (feat. MYLWD.) Licensed for use by The Broken Pack™ Now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music & Spotify:


April 9, 2024 51 mins

In this episode of The Broken Pack™: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss , author Steven Petrow joins Dr. Dean to discuss various aspects of sibling loss, grief, and medical aid in dying. He shares his personal experiences with losing his sister, Julie, to a six-year ovarian cancer experience, navigating his responses to her choice, and their perspectives on end-of-life choices. The conversation highlights the importance of privacy, list...

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Grieving the Unexpected: A Sister's Loss and Big Changes after Surviving Sibling Loss Unexpectedly

In this episode, Dr. Angela Dean speaks with Heather Mercer about the sudden loss of her sister, Melissa, to a heart attack shortly after giving birth. Heather shares her journey of navigating profound grief, complex custody battles, and the ripple effects of unexpected loss. They explore how Melissa's passing left ...

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Surviving Sibling Loss & Stigma: Sara / Dan

The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss features Dr. Dean interviewing Sara McCann, who  recounts losing her brother Dan to substance use disorder. In this conversation, Sara unpacks the unique challenges faced by surviving siblings and the stigma surrounding addiction. Prepare to be moved by Sara's raw account and Dr. Dean's expertise as they shed light on s...

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An Oncology Nurse's Journey of Grief and Loss: Navigating Sibling Loss , Knowledge, and Devastation

In this episode, of The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss,  surviving sibling Cally Marzolf-Adams, an oncology nurse shares her difficult sibling loss story of losing her sister, Sarah, to metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Through her conversation with Dr. Dean, Cally shares her profound story of love, lo...

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Your Heart’s Voice: A conversation about Sibling Loss , Intuition, and Living with Loss

In this episode, of The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss,  host Dr. Angela Dean talks to Renée Green Murphy, author and surviving sibling, about losing her brother Robert in a tragic automobile accident. 

  • Renée shares her experiences of grief from sibling loss and honoring Robert through her award-winning children's bo...
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Sibling Loss Decades Later : A Heartfelt Conversation with Eric Grace

Surviving sibling Eric Grace shares his sibling loss experience of losing his brother, Kyle, in a tragic car accident over 25 years ago. Through his story, Dr. Dean and Eric explore the complexities of sibling loss, grief, and the lasting impact on surviving siblings.

Eric and Dr. Dean explore the impact his sibling loss has had on his life, vie...

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Sibling Loss and Organ Donation: A Conversation with Kelly Stiffler

In this episode, Dr. Dean speaks with Kelly Stiffler about losing her younger brother, Josh, from a seizure. Josh was an organ donor and Kelly shares how this loss has affected her and the family.  We also explore how different roles and relationships mean grieving the same person differently, including how she is grieving differently from her sister, Kate...

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Sibling Loss survivor and author, Linzi Meaden, shares What Suicide Left Behind

Linzi shares her story of losing her only sibling, her brother, Stuart, to suicide during the pandemic.  

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Jillian’s Sibling Loss Story: Unresolved Issues, Family Conflict, and the Loss of a Sibling to Suicide

In this episode, of The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss, surviving sibling Jillian Prouse, a mother and a teacher, shared her personal journey of grief and loss, highlighting the weight of unspoken words, the impact of suicide, and the need for support. Jillian discusses losing her brother, Brandon to suicide less than a...

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Kassy’s Sibling Loss Story: Untimely, Unexpected, and Heartbreaking Circumstances

In this episode, Dr. Dean speaks with Kassy Bowes about losing her younger sister, Rheanna, due to abdominal sepsis as a complication from a medical intervention. Listen as Kassy shares how losing her 19-year-old sister , Rheanna, shattered her world, challenged her beliefs in the afterlife, and how finding connection with Rheanna has helped ...

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Sibling Loss Due to Brain Cancer:  Chris's Anticipatory Grief, Continuing Bonds, and Legacy-Building 

In this episode, of The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss,  Dr. Dean speaks with surviving sibling Dr. Chris Ban, an oral surgeon and Jeopardy champion, who opens up about the anticipatory grief of and profound grief after losing his brother Michael to astrocytoma.

Listen a...
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Sibling Loss and Organ Donation: A Conversation with Katie Kuehn

In this episode, Dr. Angela Dean explores sibling loss and organ donation with Katie Kuehn, who lost her brother Josh to a seizure. Josh was an organ donor, and Katie shares how his decision to give life to others has impacted her family and the importance of organ donation. She also vulnerably shares the impact that his gift of life to others has made upon h...

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Coping with Sibling Loss: A Journey of Grief and Transformation with Stefanie Joseph

In this episode of The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss,  surviving sibling, Stefanie Joseph, shares her sibling loss experience of losing her sister Jen to bacterial meningitis during the pandemic. She shares how difficult losing her sister was and how her grief has influenced her work as a business coach and grief support speci...

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The Invisible Threads of  Sibling Loss and Surviving Siblings: A Conversation with Dr. Dawn DiRaimondo

In this episode of The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss, a podcast, psychologist Dr. DiRaimondo shares her personal experience with sibling loss with our host, psychologist and thanatologist, Dr. Angela Dean. Together the psychologists, both sibling loss survivors explore and share insights for surviving sibling...

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Sibling Loss and Running with Grief: Jen's Grief Marathon

In this episode, surviving sibling, Jen, shares her transformative journey of grief and advocacy following the suicide loss of her brother and her inspiring process to run marathons to honor his memory and others who have died by suicide. She is a mental health advocate, marathoner, and writer. Jen also is currently serving on the Massachusetts chapter of the b...

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Judy’sTwice Experienced Sibling Loss: Her Delayed Grief and Celebration of Sisters

In this episode our guest, author & two time sibling loss survivor, Judy Lipson recounts her journey of delayed grieving after losing both of her sisters at young ages.  

Jane has been a surviving sibling since young adulthood losing both of her siblings, her sisters, Jane and Margie. Jane died in a motor vehicle accident and M...

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Surviving Sibling Loss and the Impact on Identity

In this episode our guest, surviving sibling,  Elly shares with Dr. Dean about losing her life person, her sister, Laura, a talented musician. They explore how Laura’s death impacted her,  setting boundaries and navigating therapy in the UK.  Elly shares the changes in dynamics within the circles of family, friends and workplace  as well as how misunderstood sibling loss co...

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Julie’s Experience of Surviving Sibling Loss and Continuing Bonds with Anne

In this episode, Julie shares the story of losing her sister, Anne, to suicide and how she is learning to live after such a devastating loss. Julie also shares a story of how meeting a stranger at the right time helped move her forward and a heartwarming story about how she felt connected to Anne after her death.

  • Julie’s sibling loss  grief has ...
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Unexpected Heartbreak: Eddie's Journey of Sibling Loss and Grieving

n this episode of The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss, a podcast, two mental health practitioners, Eddie Cruz and Dr. Angela Dean  explore  sibling loss, mental health approaches to grief, and challenges in grieving when family dynamics and opinions collide.

Eddie shares his personal experience of losing his brother, Richard, to a...

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Twins Estranged: Navigating Sibling Loss, Reconnection, and Love in Grief 

In this episode of The Broken Pack: Stories of Adult Sibling Loss, a podcast, surviving sibling Brandi and Dr. Angela Dean  explore the complexity of   sibling loss, estrangement, mental health struggles, spirituality, and family dynamics through Brandi's personal story of losing her twin brother Brandon following his death from an overdose.


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