VIDEO: Cheating Man Thinks He's Meeting Woman But It's Girlfriend & Her Dad

By Dave Basner

April 7, 2021

When her boyfriend started acting differently, a woman named Jade suspected he might be cheating on her. He hardly spoke with her, slept on the couch, and she would see him texting the same number often - one she later discovered belonged to his ex.

To find out once and for all if he was unfaithful, she got her friend Hayley to text him, flirt with him and set up a meeting with him at a hotel. He took the bait and booked a room, but instead of Hayley showing up at the door, Jade came, and she brought her dad with her. When Jade's boyfriend opened the door, he was confronted by the pair, who explained, "There is no Hayley. You f***ed up." Jade promptly broke up with him and her dad sternly told him "You don't go back to the house."

Best of all, Jade filmed the whole thing and shared it.

*WARNING: This video contains harsh language*

Commenters were very impressed with Jade's pop, writing things like, "Honestly your dad was being way more respectful and nice than he could have been. Kudos to him," "My dad would've hit him the second the door opened lmfaoo," and, "I wish I had a relationship like that with my dad."

Jade has given more details and updates about the story and introduced her dad in other videos on her TikTok page, which you can check out here.

Photo: Getty Images

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