Woman Confronts Cheating Boyfriend At Tattoo Parlor, Gets Epic Revenge

By Dave Basner

June 4, 2021

There are many ways to get back at someone who has cheated on you. In the past, jilted lovers have played incriminating videos at weddings, plastered the neighborhood with posters about the cheater, shared texts online, and even caused a flight to be diverted. Now comes the story of one woman who made sure her ex-boyfriend will forever remember what he did to her.

Their tale was told, acted out actually, by their tattoo artist, Jamie Lo. He shared a video on TikTok that described how the pair came to his shop for matching tattoos so they'd always remember of the love they shared. The man was "super nervous" since it was his first tattoo, but because it was an homage to "the love of his life," he was ready to get it. After he got the ink, he said it was "better than he ever thought it would be."

However, when it came time for his girlfriend to get hers, she said she wasn't getting one, explaining, "I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend, so I thought it would be nice to give him a permanent reminder of this moment, and of me, for the rest of his life."

In a follow-up video, Jamie explained what happened after it all went down, saying that the boyfriend ran after the woman, begging her to take him back, but she broke up with him right there. Jamie said he consoled the man, but also had to then ask him to pay for the tattoo.

No word on if the man kept the tat or had it altered.

Photo: Getty Images

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