New Evidence Shows Penguins Might Actually Be Aliens

By Dave Basner

September 15, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about aliens. Video footage recently came out of Navy pilots encountering UFOs, which led to the release of an intelligence report on their existence. That report revealed that there have indeed been sightings of unidentified flying objects, but the government did not conclude that the aircrafts are extraterrestrial in nature.

However, some researchers now think that not only do aliens exist, but they they might be among us, and you may have even seen some at your local zoo. That's because scientists have discovered evidence that penguins could actually be extraterrestrial beings.

The experts learned that in the penguins poop are traces of a chemical called phosphine. That seems like no big deal, except that the only other place where phosphine exists is 38 million miles away, in the atmosphere of the planet Venus.

Dr. Dave Clements of the Imperial College London, one of the researchers, told The Daily Star, "We've reprocessed the data and we're pretty convinced that the phosphine finding is real, but we don't know what's making it." He went one to describe their challenges, saying, "It’s very hard to measure and study because if you let oxygen in, it destroys it." Dr. Clements added, "We would really like to study the penguin guano to understand the biology, but it's quite hard for astronomers to get a grant proposal to go and play with penguins, so we're trying to navigate through interdisciplinary fields."

One tool that might help the experts is the James Webb space telescope, a joint venture between NASA as well as the European and Canadian space agencies, which will search space for chemical signatures of alien life on other planets. That is expected to launch in December.

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