Watch A Hungry Bear Crash A Wedding As Brave Guests Calmly Keep Eating

By Dave Basner

October 27, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

Weddings are always memorable for the bride and groom, but when something unexpected happens at one, everyone in attendance will remember it for a lifetime.

Among the times that's happened are when the groom's pregnant mistress interrupted the ceremony, when the bride died at the wedding so the groom married her sister, when the groom's mom learned the bride was her daughter and the wedding went on, when a drunk father-in-law kissed the bride at his son's wedding and caused a brawl, when a groom accidentally kicked his bride in the face, when a minister had a strange outburst, and the list goes on.

Well now there is a new one to add - the time a hungry bear crashed a wedding and all the guests just kept on eating like there wasn't a dangerous animal inches away from them. It was all caught on video and shared to TikTok by a guest named Angie.

In the video, you see the bear with his front paws up on a table, searching for food. With nothing to eat there, he comes down, knocks over a chair, and passes the next table, which is full of people calmly chowing away on their catered meals.

Employees at the venue made loud noises that led to the bear leaving.

Obviously, many people had questions about what was going on in the video, namely, how guests could just remain in their seats with a hungry predator approaching them. Angie uploaded a follow-up video where she explained that the venue is in a mountainous area near a forest in Mexico, where they are aware many animals live, including bears. She said when the bear arrived, the staff told them to stay calm and not move. So that's just what they did.


Reply to @diannaingersoll explaining a little bit about the bear at the wedding ❤️ #KFCSecretMenuHacks #fyp #beartok #chipinque

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She went on to say that the bear wasn't an adult, rather it was just a "baby" that was "harmless" and that they all just "wanted to pet it." She explained that had the guests gotten scared and screamed or ran away, it would've upset the animal and caused a dangerous situation.


Reply to @lilbeanb0i more about the bear crashing the wedding! #KFCSecretMenuHacks #SaveIt4TheEndZone #fyp #beartok

♬ original sound - Angie Disa

In the end, it will be a wedding they will never forget.

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