Fans Meet Justin Bieber At Coffee Shop & Hilariously Fumble The Interaction

By Dani Medina

October 4, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

What do you do if you run into Justin Bieber at a coffee shop?

Two fans had the glorious opportunity as the "Ghost" singer and his wife Hailey Bieber were out and about in Detroit this week, but totally fumbled the bag. Maddison Lynn shared the anxiety-ridden experience on TikTok on Monday (October 3) and it has since gone viral, with nearly 700,000 views. "We just met JB and effed up so bad," she wrote in the video.

It all went down at Madcap Coffee on Farmer Street in Detroit. Maddison said her and her friend were the only two people inside the cafe when Justin walked in. "He literally spoke to us. You wanna know what he said to us? To our faces, right to our faces. He asked us if we were in line," Maddison said in the video. "And what did we do? We said no. And we froze, nothing more!"

Maddison said not talking to Justin was the "biggest regret of her life" — and we don't blame her.


Now we just feel bad we didnt talk we were so nervy 😩😩😩 welcome to detroit JB & HB

♬ original sound - Maddison lynn

In a follow up video, Maddison explained the nerves behind it all. "You guys have to understand s--- like that does not happen in Detroit. Like you're just casually in your favorite coffee shop and a celebrity or someone that you admire comes up and starts chatting with you. Like, it just doesn't happen." She added she was so caught off guard by the whole experience.


We honeslty just felt bad that we didnt acknowledge or say something casual while WE WERE THE ONLY ONES THERE ya know

♬ original sound - Maddison lynn

The Biebers were in Detroit this week for the 2022 Forbes Under 30 Summit, which Hailey spoke at to discuss "how she's harnessed her passion, platform and social media might to create a mission-driven beauty and wellness powerhouse." Her appearance at the summit comes days after she starred in a candid interview with Call Her Daddy's Alex Cooper, where they discussed Selena Gomez, her mental health and her relationship with her husband.

Justin, on the other hand, has recently suspended his "Justice Tour" for mental and physical health reasons after previously being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome earlier this year.

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