Judge Prevents Parents From Naming Child After Their Favorite Toy

By Dave Basner

May 21, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to choosing a name, many parents-to-be pick a moniker that reflects something they love, whether that be a relative who is dear to them, a favorite flower, or even a beloved restaurant. Well one pair of expectant parents ran afoul with their name choice, which reflected a toy they were both fond of. The couple named their son Lego.

In most places, that might just raise a few eyebrows and nothing more serious happens, but the new mom and dad live in Sweden, where strict naming laws allow the government to step in and prevent parents from giving offensive, inappropriate or unsuitable names to their children. That's just what happened in this case - a judge ruled the name was unacceptable.

However, the parents were steadfast in their desire to name their child after the building blocks. They didn't accept the decision and appealed, and it paid off. The Swedish Administrative Court of Appeals overruled the earlier decision and the boy was able to keep his unique name.

In fact, the parents might have even started a trend, though not a hugely popular one. BabyCenter.com now lists Lego as a name and, per their statistics, it is the 9027th most popular boy name this year, with four boys out of every million apparently getting named Lego.

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