The Real Reason You're Seeing So Many Rubber Ducks On Dashboards Lately

By Dave Basner

May 22, 2024

Photo: Getty Images

While driving around lately, you might have noticed that some cars have a rubber duck on their dashboard, and some have many ducks, all lined up and looking out the windshield. If you've wondered what the deal is with that, the answer is actually pretty simple and it has to do with the type of car you likely saw the rubber fowl in - a Jeep.

After a curious driver questioned Twitter what was going on, they learned that the bath toys are part of a movement among Jeep owners. In the words of one commenter, "If a Jeepster sees another Jeep that they like, they put a duck on it. It's a clubg thing and apparently we aren't in it."

Of course, other commenters had some different thoughts about what the ducks represent, with one suggesting, "I heard it's a swinger signal. Like the pineapple thing."

However, the Jeep owners who chimed in seem to confirm it is an inside joke among drivers of the car make. One stated, "We haven't given any out but we've been given 5 now. I think they like the lift and wheels," and another said, "Some hottie told me she liked my ride and it needed a duck."

Keep your eyes out because if you haven't seen the ducks in a Jeep yet, you definitely will now.

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