VIDEO: Mysterious Time Traveler Enters Shed, Disappears, Leaves Years Older

By Dave Basner

May 23, 2024

A lot of weird things have been caught on security cameras, from potential alien abductions to bizzarre creatures to paranormal activity, but what one man captured on his might take the top spot for the strangest footage ever.

Movement triggered the camera at Alec Schaal's Airbnb in Florida, and it showed a young man on the property going into the shed in the home's yard. Schaal called the police while watching the live feed from the camera, noting that the man never exited the small shed's only door. However, authorities couldn't find him in there, or anywhere on the grounds.

For hours, there were no changes at the shed, no one came in or out, until the next day, when the camera was once again triggered. The man was finally emerging from the shed except he looked very different - he had somehow aged decades.

Alec shared all the footage of what he is referring to as a "time traveler."

Alec swears he hasn't touched the video and that there are no tunnels in the shed. In fact, the story gets even weirder. As viewers investigated who the man could be, one discovered an eerie similarity to a Harvard-trained scientist who studied, get this, time travel.

Alec has been sharing a bunch of other footage, theories, and answers to questions. As yet, plenty of mystery still remains. Check it out on his Instagram.

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